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Ukraine, New Insights, & List Update Classes
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Hello Everyone!

This Spring has brought many changes around the world, and who would have thought that we would move from Covid 19 concerns to safety concerns for the people of Ukraine, and the safety of everyone around the world.

“…having the Russian people and their leadership function to the mutual benefit of all….”

Ukraine is on the minds of many, and in several recent List Update classes, we have discussed this topic extensively. Suffice it to say, that with global concerns, it is challenging to know what to do. I have used my List for global concerns often in the past, but I know from experience that this does take personal energy.

Often group or individual visualizations are also effective, and if done carefully, they don’t deplete one’s energies. Group visualizations over the internet, however, done in the way I was taught, are not viable. I have been visualizing on my own, and if you have attended the Visualizations class taught by Jann, Joe and myself, you might want to visualize too. Remember the safety components, however, when dealing with global events.

I did have on my List for several weeks that the Zalinsky family was,

“…safe and secure at all times….” (I named them individually.)

Once aide started coming in, however, I took them off my List. I was just too tired.

Presently, I have this on my List:

“…having the Russian people and their leadership function to the mutual benefit of all….”

Interesting that soon after adding this statement to my List, one of the oligarchs denounced the war.
Opening Paragraph Late 70's Resized
To The Mutual Benefit Of All: A New Understanding
Thank you to my friend and List Alumni who took one of Jann Timmreck's first List Classes in the Rogue Valley, in the late 70's, for letting me take a picture of her well yellowed Opening Paragraph!

Joe Timmreck and I have been talking about this statement extensively in the background. I learned another very interesting and new concept from Joe. Essentially, the Opening Paragraph of the List creates balance in all things asked for. In terms of a global community then, or in any other community and in individuals' lives, with using this governing principal, conflicts are minimized: because everyone involved is benefitting. Also, positive benefits then multiply exponentially, and a more and more positive world, individual lives and community is created.
List Update Classes, Past
I was delighted to work with List Alumni, in person and through Zoom classes these last four Saturdays. I am missing them this Saturday morning! Everyone worked on their Lists as needed, and for the Zoom Class, I shared a NEW outline for “How to Update Your List!” I developed this new outline with help from many longtime List Alumni from both classes. Thank you! For people newer to the List, this new outline is very helpful. The steps for updating your List are now much clearer in this new outline, and I would like to share them with everyone who wishes to have them. So, I am scheduling two more List Update classes soon, one in person, and one through Zoom, and you are very welcome to attend. Please email me if you would like copies of either document, especially if you cannot attend either event.
List Update Classes, Future
Here in the Rogue Valley we will be gathering again at the Phoenix Library on Saturday, May 21, from 10 am - 4:30 pm, for our next List Update Class. For those of you who live in the area, you are invited! As before, the fee is by donation. “Zooming,” I will be hosting a Zoom List Update Class on Sat., Jun 4, from 10 AM – Noon, PST.
List Update Classes Content
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Individual Assistance
For either List Update classes, please bring your Lists, whatever the size, and any questions you have. The New List Update instructions can be shared with you, attending or not, as well as the helpful Essential List, which I often hand out at List Update Classes.

The Essential List covers wording samples for areas of one’s life that can be addressed using a general focus, which can be highly effective, and often even more effective than very specific wordings. This set of wordings is helpful to share at List Update events because it reminds you of what areas you can address and are possibly missing on your List. This set of List wordings is also going to be in the new version of the List book.

In either List Update Class, there is individual work time, and especially in the in-person gathering. Sometimes attendees quietly work on their Lists, and everyone is welcome to come and go at their convenience.

Always, you can choose between, reviewing your List, adding new I Wants, removing List items, taking the time to do a Good/Bad Technique, in an area that is blocked on your Lists, asking a question about a wording, or even taking the time to classifying your List, if needed. This is what I intend to do with my own List on the 21st. During the recent in-person session, I went through my List and took off many List items that had already come to pass.
If you would like a private Zoom session, please contact me. I would love to catch up, and I would love to help out! Life is busy, but much can be gained by keeping your List current and updated! Remember, too, that problems can be solved using your List. Sometimes you just need a little help thinking about how to write a List statement to address them. –Always try to think of the positive opposite words for whatever challenges are happening.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing you if you can make it to our next List Update Classes!

Yours very gratefully, &
With Love,
Marnie Hancock
Marnie @ Crater Lake
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