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Mercury Retrograde Dates
May 10 to June 2, 2022, starting this Tuesday! If you are interested, click and read on!
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List Update Classes Soon!
Keep the flow moving in your life by updating your List!

We are meeting in person at the Phoenix Library on Saturday, May 14, from 9 am to 12:30 pm, and Sat., May 21, from 10 am - 4:30 pm, for our next List Update Classes.

I will also be hosting a Zoom List Update Class on Sat., Jun 4, from 10 AM – Noon, PST. All are welcome! The fee is by donation. I will send out meeting links and passwords several days beforehand.

Come and go at your convenience! For the Zoom class, though, please arrive at the 10 AM start time.
Marnie at Lithia Creek
For either List Update classes, please bring your Lists and any questions you have.

The new List Update Instructions will be available, as well as the helpful Essential List.

As always, you can choose between:
  • asking a question about a wording or a worry (see the next section below)
  • reviewing your List
  • adding new I Wants & I Ams
  • removing List items
  • taking the time to classify, analyze and edit your List, or
  • doing a Good/Bad Technique, in an area that is extensive or blocked on your List.
"List Tips!" Ukraine & Worry
Ukraine & Global Wordings

In my last post, I had mentioned taking off and adding several global wordings about Ukraine. The newly added wording was,

“…having the Russian people and their leadership function to the mutual benefit of all….”

While I think they were wonderful, I must admit that I removed the latest one from my List. Once again, I found it was taking too much of my energy. But I was gladly reminded by a List Alumni that even though the statement had been removed, the energy of the intent was still in existence.

Worry & The List

Also, talking with Joe Timmreck, as we further edit the new List book, I asked him about the dynamics of worry. I really didn't understand how the List helped to eliminate worry, even though I knew from experience that putting a statement on my List about something I was worrying about really helped. Immediately, Joe answered, "Worry is a function of the conscious mind." The secret to stopping worry, he answered, is simply to put a resolving statement on your List and saying your Color and Emotion whenever you think about that situation. A subtlety of the List, I learned too, is that because I know the List works, once I put something on my List, I stopped worrying about it. Too, saying your Color and Emotion activates the subconscious and whatever you have put on your List. Then the solution to whatever you were worrying about manifests much more quickly. Phew! Always Learning!
As always, if you would like a private Zoom session, please contact me. I would love to catch up, and I would love to help out!

I am looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing you if you can make it to our next List Update Classes!

Yours very gratefully, & with love,
Marnie Hancock
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