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Join us for a List Update Class tomorrow, this Sun., Oct. 15, 9:00-2:00 at the Phoenix Library. The Library is located at 510 West 1st Street, Phoenix. All are welcome! Come and go at a comfortable time for you!

I was hoping to include a Zoom meeting, but the Library has just got their new TV, and I will test it Sun. to see if I can connect it to my computer. I hope to include a Zoom meeting at future gatherings. Please contact me though if you would like a private Zoom List Update session.

We will very likely to be continuing our discussions and sharing of suggested wordings to address current events, while updating our Lists. Long-time List Alumni have been developing wordings to address women's rights and health care, gun rights, water concerns for our area, etc. Please RSVP if you haven't already done so via email or by calling me at 541-301-0768. The fee is by donation.
Please bring your Lists and any questions you have.

The new List Update Instructions will be available, as well as the helpful Essential List.

As always, you can choose between:
  • asking a question about a wording or a problem
  • reviewing your List
  • adding new I Wants & I Ams
  • removing List items
  • taking the time to classify, analyze and edit your List, or
  • doing a Good/Bad Technique, in an area that is extensive or blocked on your List.
Marnie at Lithia Creek

I am looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing you soon.

Yours very gratefully, & with love,
Marnie Hancock
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