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Ukrainian Presidential Family

Happy International Woman’s Day for yesterday! Apologies, I'm learning a new email system. So, here is the same newsletter, with a new title. What better way to celebrate International Woman’s Day than to support the women and children of Ukraine with our Lists. I am also celebrating the men of Ukraine, who are fighting for the safety and security of the Ukrainian people.
Today I am going to add to my List the following wordings:
“…having Olena Zelenska safe and secure at all times, on any level….” She is President Zelensky’s wife.
“…having Aleksandra Zelenskaya safe and secure at all times, on any level….” She is their daughter.
For the men who are protecting them:
“…having the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky safe and secure at all times, on any level….”
“…having Kiril Zelenskaya safe and secure at all times, on any level….” He is their son.
And more globally, for those of you who choose:
“…having the Ukrainian women of safe and secure at all times….”
“…having Ukrainian children safe and secure at all times….”
“…having the men of Ukraine safe and secure at all times….”
“…having the County of Ukraine safe and secure at all times….”
I hope these names and wordings are helpful for you. I have wondered since the conflict in Ukraine started how to address it. Ideas have been coming in, and these are some of them. A caution below, however:
I once put Putin on my List, that he was functioning to the mutual benefit of all. This was a number of years ago. And immediately, I had a major energy drain. So, I took him off my List. So, amongst the wordings above, the ones I feel the most important at this moment are to contribute to the safety and security of Ukraine’s President and wife and children. As to the rest of these wordings, you may want to limit which ones you put on your Lists, if you choose to do so, and pay attention to how you feel afterwards. Sometimes I wish I had left him on my List. But I am not as young as I used to be! Maybe I need to do some Good/Bads about aging. Group visuallizations, however, are better for global events.
Personal and regional safety are also a concern presently, and so I have found a set of advanced safety wordings, including one’s identity, finances, town and more. I will be setting up a number of events over the next month, in person and on the internet. A number of people have told me that they would like to gather to update their Lists. The “Essential List” is a great tool for update classes, which I will share at the time. It is a great reminder of the major areas of one’s life that you can address with your List. Thank goodness our mask mandates are coming off soon! Also, my new computer allows me to use Zoom! Previously, my camera was malfunctioning, and I didn’t realize the hard drive on my previous computer was slowly degrading. Please contact me if you would like to participate in either type of event as I book and announce them.

Yours very gratefully,
Marnie Hancock.
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