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Yes, the Mercury Retrograde is almost over! (04/21-05/14.) But astrologically, many new beginnings are taking place, which also require letting go of the old. I hope you are all doing well: saying your Color and Emotion in sets of three, and adding new wordings to your List as new situations arise (we won't call them challenges! LOL.)
We are having two List Update Classes this month, two Sat.'s, May 13 and May 20, 10-3, at the Phoenix Library, and I hope you can join us! I will be setting up and there at 9 am, but most people like to arrive around 10. Come and go as you please!
Bring your List and enjoy updating your List in the company of like-minded people! We often share ideas and wordings, and it can be helpful to listen to what others are adding to their Lists. Or, just quietly work on your List, as needed.
Snacks and refreshments are provided, and the fee is by donation.
I will have a number of wordings on hand from previous classes, including our most recent Safety Class. If you couldn’t be there but would like a copy of the class outline, I will have them on hand, and I can also provide them via email, if you are elsewhere.
What is on my mind today is Women’s Healthcare.
After watching 60 Minutes last Sunday evening, I would like to share one particular wording:
“…having women have the best possible health care for them, for their best health and benefit….”
This focus is inspired by the fact that since the abortion bans, especially in the South of the US, death rates have soared among women who are pregnant, having miscarriages or who have given birth. Hospitals and doctors are afraid to use any type of health care that is similar to having an abortion, for fear of going to jail and having their licenses removed. Many treatments for those situations are similar to abortion techniques. Who knew! As women emerge from the dark ages of beliefs surrounding their equality, health care and rights, thank goodness these situations are now “coming to light.”
It is a busy time for me, with a move back to the valley coming very soon. The isolation of living up in the mountains has been a blessing, with being able to near complete the writing of the List Book, (I have now started an in-depth review with my editor.) But I am now ready to rejoin society, and hopefully I will be introducing the new List book to you in the fall, with more List Classes! I hope to see and hear from you soon, though, in person or via email, phone or Zoom! Anytime!
Again, Happy Spring!
Love & Light,
Marnie Hancock
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