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Yesterday Joe Timmreck shared with me that he would like to participate in a Meetup group, to discuss and answer questions about Reality Dynamics. I am very happy to facilitate this, and I will keep you posted as to when and how. Joe and Jann developed Reality Dynamic together, equally, to bring this valuable tool to humanity today. Especially I really value Joe Timmreck’s wonderful knowledge and problem-solving abilities, when it comes to the List and many other subjects as well. I am not very familiar with Meetup though: apparently you can combine it with Zoom. So, this will be a learning curve for me. But I believe the end result will be wonderful. I may even have this organized by our next List Update Class, Saturday, November 11, 2023, at the Phoenix Library here in Oregon, and I will “update” you about this as things progress.
I hope you are warm and safe in your homes and communities, being grateful for what we have and where we live. That is what I have been trying to do, despite the world being so disrupted. The other night watching the news on TV I sadly said to my husband, ”There is so much strife in the world.” Then he interjected, “No, there is so much unity in the world!” “You’re right,” I answered. And then my mind went to, “There is so much peace in the world; there is so much love in the world; there is so much respect in the world; there is so much acceptance in the world, and more. So, I have been remembering groups of those words and repeating them. Spoken and repeated, words have power. Words have power in so many ways.

I have also been reflecting on how we are programmed through touch and our repeated thoughts and words, especially in our earlier years: and how we as human beings need to be so conscious of that and how we program our children especially: how we allow them to be educated, and how we should be monitoring how positive or negative the content is that we are educating them with: this is so important. Without being too specific, these are my general thoughts about the world as it is today.

And how do we reprogram ourselves, too? How do we reprogram what was programmed in us at such an early age, ridding ourselves of biases and lack? For me, the answer comes back again to the List. The potential for the List to eliminate existing negative programming in individuals and even in different groups around the world is abundant, consistent, and powerful. For example, given that we create our own reality, if someone feels discriminated against, they can put on their List that they are accepted and respected, in a healthy and positive way; if they want land, they can put it on their Lists; if they want peace, they can add that too; and, of course, the opening paragraph, “To the mutual benefit of all,” guides anything so positively and beneficially that is manifested through the List. Simple. Basic. And yet wonderfully inclusive of what is important.

I find myself including this information about early programming and later “deprogramming” in the newest version of the List book, which is coming along very well. My hope was to be completed this fall and teaching again, but daily living and enjoyment, like hiking, biking, dining out and listening to music, are keeping all that at a slower but reasonable pace.

Back to subject of unity in the world. I don’t really want to add that to my List. I know that that will take a lot of energy, my own energy, so I hesitate. What I really want to do is to go back to my List, and now see what I do have on my List about the world. Then I will decide what to add and what to take off. And I will always continue to promote and share the List process with others, so that we can increase the positive List influences in the world around us and beyond.
I have booked the Phoenix Library for Saturday, November 11, from 10 am to 4 pm for our next List Update Class. Alumni can bring their List and update them in the company of friends, updating their Lists, asking questions and sharing wordings as desired. The fee is by donation and treats and beverages are provided. People come and go at times that work best for them.

As I mentioned earlier, if I have arranged a meetup and/or a Zoom with Joe Timmreck by then, this may be included, early afternoon, approximately at 1 pm.

Thank you for being there, for reading this and for keeping the List technique and information a part of your life! Most importantly in these times, make sure that you have the basic safety statements on your List, for yourself and your loved ones. As I have mentioned before, you may want to extend this and more to your community, and wider still. Just remember that it is your energy going out to manifest these outcomes, and to monitor yourself for how “Far Out” you can go!

Yours gratefully, & With Love, Light & Laughter, Marnie Hancock.
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