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Women’s Rights & Current Events & List Wordings

Freedom to hike Secret Beach!

September, 2022, Marnie Hancock & List Alumni

Hello Everyone! It has been quite a while since I sent out a List newsletter, but this article has been in the works for quite some time. I have shared this and the List wordings with long-term List Alumni at our several List Update Classes, and I have really appreciated their input. You will find the wordings mentioned in the title below.

BTW, the next Mercury Retrograde Starts this Friday, 09/09/2022, and continues to Sunday, 10/02/2022.

Our next List Update Class in Phoenix, OR, is on Sunday, Oct. 16, from 9 am -4 pm. I may try to include a Zoom meeting on that same day. Watch for further updates, and please be in contact if you are interested.

Without further preamble, here is my newsletter and suggested List wordings regarding Women’s Rights and Current Events.

*  *  *

With the recent overturn of Roe Vs. Wade in the US Constitution, I have been inspired to revisit my learnings about women’s rights, including reordering every Women’s Rights books that I previously owned. (Please see my previous posted newsletter.) Newsletters & Updates | Give Wings To Your Dreams (

I have also been talking with List Alumni at our List Update Classes about List wordings relating to this subject, and I wanted to share them with you.

First of all, though, in talking with friends, what I realized is that I am most upset about the overturn of Roe Vs. Wade because I feel that this action is a direct violation and affront to a woman’s freedoms in society and the world, indeed a step back that could possibly lead to many, many more, and on many levels. I have long seen women as a discriminated against minority, and because of this I have long sought to educate myself and others about a woman’s right to equality, on every level of society.  Too, I have desired to empower and uplift women on every level of their existence.  This desire and view of women as discriminated against, indeed unequal, was based principally on my own experience: having been born into a culturally “time-locked” set of beliefs about women and their role and rights in society; indeed, having very few.

For some history, my mother and father were born just before 1920, and they married during the second world war.  As such, I remember my mother telling me that she had no choice but to marry, to have any status and even survival within society.  As a teacher, too, once married, and when she first got pregnant, she had to quit her job.  And as a teenager, for wearing pants and going to a movie, she was abducted and severely punished by her own mother’s evangelical church.  She never said what they actually did to her, in the basement of that church that day; but she remembered that trauma in terror, even as she grew into dementia in her early 90’s.

Needless to say, the subconscious programming I received from growing up in a family with such limiting beliefs, it was difficult for me to be successful in the external world. But in 1987, when I found Jann Timmreck, and the List, I was truly able to turn my life around, and become much more successful in anything that I decided I wanted to do; indeed, it was individual liberty and freedom found!

As List Alumni, you know what the List does.  It removes the limiting beliefs about having what you want in your subconscious mind, and then gives your subconscious a new and much more positive belief to your subconscious mind about what you want.  And it does so in a way that makes your subconscious manifest what you want; and much more quickly and fully than ever before.

So, here I give you several new List wordings, for Women’s Liberty and Freedom; long researched with fellow List Alumni.  Please use only those that are appropriate to you, say only one or two favorites for you, and please make any further suggestions that you can think of.

Thank You List Alumni!

List Wordings for Women’s Liberty and Freedom

(Besides encouraging the women you know to make their own Lists!)

Having women safe and secure at all times

Having women healthy and strong

Having women fulfill their life plans

Having women autonomous, on any level, for their best health and benefit

Having women have authority over their own lives

Having women know they are the authority over their own lives

Having everyone respect women’s autonomy, on any level

Having everyone know and accept that women are the authority over their own lives

Having women have the best possible health care for their best health and benefit

Having women easily make their own decisions and actions for their best health and benefit

Having women make their own decisions and actions for their best health and benefit in any situation

Having core belief systems in the world for woman so they make their own decisions and actions, for their best health and benefit

Having abortions legal for women, in the best possible form and manner

Having women easily and safely make their own decisions and actions about pregnancy and reproduction

Having women make their own decisions and take actions for pregnancy and reproduction, for their best health and benefit

Having laws in the world for woman so they make their own decisions and actions about their own bodies, for their best health and benefit

Having women in the United States of America have the best possible legal reproductive methods, for their best health and benefit

Having women in the United States of America have the best possible federal and state legal reproductive autonomy, liberty and freedom, for their best health and benefit

Having health care in the United States of America be for the best possible health and benefit of women, men and children

Having the best possible resolution to women’s equality in relation to men in the United States of America

Having women have the best possible autonomy, liberty and freedoms, for their best health and benefit

Having the best possible leadership for women’s autonomy, liberty freedom and equality in relation to men

Having women everywhere empowered with autonomy, liberty and freedom

Having other people in the world see women as empowered with autonomy, liberty and freedom

Having men and women of the world have the best possible core beliefs about autonomy, liberty and freedom of choice

Having women have the best possible positions of leadership in the world, to the mutual benefit of all

Having the United States Supreme Court that supports and interacts with men, women and children equally, on any level

Having the judges of the Supreme Court in the United States that have the best possible values and morals, functioning from their highest consciousness and to the mutual benefit of all, with truth, wisdom and knowledge

Having the best possible laws and justice system for the State of Oregon

Having the best possible gun laws and justice system for the State of Oregon

Having the best possible law officers and law enforcement for monitoring and addressing drug activity in Jackson County

Having the marijuana industry function to the mutual benefit of all

Having the best possible laws about gun ownership in the United States of America

Having automatic weapons utilized only to the mutual benefit of all

Having Ak47 and ar15 guns utilized only to the mutual benefit of all

Having the best possible abundant water resources in Jackson County

Best List wishes everyone, until the next time!

Marnie Hancock.

Uvalde, Row Vs. Wade & Classes 06/15 & 29, 9-4:30

Hello All.

Much has been happening in the world in these last few months, from Ukraine, to mass shootings in Uvalde, to the possibility of Roe vs. Wade being overturned.

In my world, I continue to edit the new version of the List Book, and it is going very well.  I just wish I was finished!  Then I could get out there and talk about the situations above, in the context of the List.  (If you are interested in these topics too, please see my rant/comments below.)

Also, we have had another very successful List Update Class at the Phoenix Library last two Saturdays.  I have booked two more days there, Wed, June 15, 9-4:30, and Wed., June 29, 9-4:30.  The address is 510 West 1st Street, Phoenix, OR .  We would love to see you there!

I personally used this time to sort and classify my List, and to remove even more items from a certain category that had already happened.  (Yes, that was a miracle!  I can tell you more about it in person.)  I will continue this process of shortening my List on the next two Wed.’s. Regarding the miracles, needless to say, I had on my List a number of wordings to address a housing difficulty my husband and I had, and that has been resolved.

Problem Solving with Your List

Remember that you too can use your List to help you solve problems.  It is just a matter of figuring out what the end result of what you want really is.

So, some people ask, why would I need to update my List; and if it were really working, why would problems arise?  Well, as I have recently addressed in the new version of the List book, nothing is more constant that the constant of change.  And as we change, new situations and even new limiting beliefs about those new situations can activate; thus we experience new problems, or blocks.  Then you need a new I Want and I Am statement to address that new situation/problem, and to eliminate the limiting belief that is keeping you from getting what you want.

Row Vs. Wade & Several Feminist Books

You all know how I feel about Ukraine, and what I have and haven’t been doing about it.  But this new situation with Row Vs. Wade has got me quite upset, and so has the most recent mass shooting in Uvalde.

Regarding Row Vs. Wade, I have many mixed feelings about it.  No one wants to have an abortion I believe, but with the disenfranchisement and mistreatment of women in our world, sometimes it seems that there are no other options.  Now, this right, too, is possibly being taken away from women.  And with broken families all over, leading to broken and unattended children, who needs another unwanted child?  (Men, I understand you can be disenfranchised and mistreated too: but I am still quite “touchy” about this subject.)

So, personally, this situation prompted me to buy many of my important feminist books, that I lost in the fire.  Daughters of Copper Woman, by Anne Cameron, was at the top of my list. 

Why?  Because in that edition, it is actually a woman who creates a man.  Thus the religious right’s seemingly divine right of men telling women what to do, because they created them, is gone.  –The religious right.  And even religion itself: so much that is wrong and is done in the name of “right.”

Another of my favorite books is The Gnostic Gospels, by Elaine PagelsThis book, too, turns many of current Christian beliefs on their heads.  –The resurrection, for example, in these Gnostic texts found in the 40’s and considered more authentic than the King James version of the bible, is recorded as actually Mary Madelaine “seeing” Christ on a higher level.  A joke is made in this book, that Jesus and his disciples were actually just a group of really gifted psychics!  So much, too, for the absolute authority of Christ himself: being able to return from the dead, as no one else has ever done.

So much too for the religious right telling us that soothsaying and psychics are evil.  The one person that they put all of their faith and confidence in likely was a psychic himself.

Uvalde & The List

So, where am I going with this?  Well, now we have Uvalde.  –Where we have a whole religious community wondering why and how this mass murder could happen. 

Not to dis these people.  They have suffered so much.

There are lots of issues that likely led to this mass shooting, but the one that seems the most likely to me is the connection to negativity on the internet, and even violent video games.  –Let along a lack of supervision and structure by this young man’s parent(s). 

Why do I say this?  Well, how this relates to the List, is that through touch, we program our subconscious minds.  And our subconscious minds create our reality.  So, a young man, or person, who is totally fixated on their phones, touching them, and reading negative material, or playing a negative video game on a play station, is actually programming that negative behavior into their subconscious mind.  Thus, without intervention of some sort, similar behavior is likely to occur in that person.

Sad, but true.

Not that these are the only influences.  But I believe they are big ones.

Positive Parenting: that is another subject I would like to broach when I begin to talk publicly about the List again.  It involves so many things!  But the List and Mind Frames, and even Guides and Visualizations, can make the task of parenting so much easier and more effective.

Grandmother Agnes & The Grandmother’s Council

Three more books that I purchased were Grandmother Agnes’s book, “Wake Up World!” and the books of the Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.  (Grandmother’s Council the World, and Grandmother’s Wisdom.)  Grandma Aggie’s book was especially enjoyable to read.

While the gifts in these books are many, what comes to mind today is the need for people to respect each other and all things, as well as to be functioning more from higher consciousness, and on a daily basis.  Too, everything these grandmothers recommend is done with the next seven generations in mind.  –Not just immediate gratification.  I think we would have a better world if we would have these values also.  Somehow, I think society needs a better plan!

As to the next two List Update Classes, I look forward to seeing you and talking with you about your wants, needs and desires, on any subject you choose.  Please contact me too if you would like a private in-person consultation, in person or on Zoom.

Yours gratefully,

Marnie Hancock.

List Update Class, Sat. Mar. 26, 10:30-4:30 Phoenix Library: Zoom Soon!

Sail into Spring with an Updated List!

Good news, the Phoenix OR Library meeting room is booked for a Spring List Update Class, on Sat., March 26, from 10:30-4:30.  All List Alumni are welcome, who would like to ask a question, add new I Wants to their List (maybe it’s time to add a vacation to your List!  Yes, I just got back from a recent vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii), and/or do a complete List overhaul. The fee is by donation.  Masks are optional.  You are welcome to attend morning and/or afternoon. More details as to coffee, tea and possibly a lunch break will be coming soon.

On a more serious note, you may want to add one or more of your global concerns to your List, as mentioned in my recent newsletter.

The Zelensky Family

The address of the Phoenix Library is 510 West 1st Street, Phoenix, OR, and we will be in their main meeting room.  The entrance door to the library will be locked until the library opens from 12 to 4, but I understand that there is a buzzer on the (left? or right) side of the entrance door, to buzz to be let into the meeting room during off hours.  Also, you can always call me at 541-301-0768.

I will have available copies of some advanced safety and global wordings and the Essential List.  The Essential List is a great review of general List wordings, which help you check to see if you need to address any new areas in your life with your List.  Please bring your List and your own List book if you have one for reference.  I will have a copy of the current List book with me for reference too, and some basic supplies: blank paper, pens, and blank List index cards.

I personally need to go through my entire List, and so unless I am busy helping with List wordings, that is what I will be working on.  This will very likely take me the full two weeks allowed for this overhaul to be completed, so if there is enough interest, I have also booked the same Phoenix Library Meeting Room for the same times on the following Saturday, April 2 (10:30-4:30.) 

Please RSVP if you can and are planning to attend on Sat., March 26.  I look forward to seeing you!  Also, if you are interested in both Saturdays, please let me know.

Zoom List Update Classes will be coming soon, for those List Alumni who cannot attend in person.  I hope that with our new Satellite internet and with a newer computer that scheduled Zoom classes will run smoothly.

Yours very gratefully, & Aloha!

Marnie Hancock

PS: This is the best picture of me in Hawaii in a bathing suit; all covered up!  LOL.  –At least the colors all match!

Ready to Swim at Waikiki!

Supporting Ukraine, Int’l Woman’s Day, & Events

The Zelensky Family

Happy International Woman’s Day for yesterday!  Apologies, I’m learning a new email system.  So, here is the same newsletter, with a new title.  What better way to celebrate International Woman’s Day than to support the women and children of Ukraine with our Lists.  I am also celebrating the men of Ukraine, who are fighting for the safety and security of the Ukrainian people.

List Wordings For The Women, Men, Children & Country of Ukraine

Today I am going to add to my List the following wordings:

Continue reading Supporting Ukraine, Int’l Woman’s Day, & Events

Gratitude, OLLI, List & Vis. News, & Plastic in Paradise & The Amazon


Hello everyone! I am so grateful for you all, and for this wonderful spring and summer.  This Spring, I am so thankful for the wonderful people I met at OLLI at SOU, teaching the classes the List aka Reality Dynamics and Visualizations: The Point of Power.  I am also very grateful for the many List Alumni too who have sent me information about the plastic situation. This summer, I am so grateful too for the many beautiful places that my husband and I have been able to visit and hike at.  No smoke!  Yeah! My husband has kept me very busy this summer, with many trips away, so as to avoid–the smoke, which never happened! Yeah again! But if I have seemed somewhat absent, that’s why.

Crater Lake and Wizard Island, at the beginning of the Summer of 2019

OLLI Gratitude

I met so many wonderful people teaching this Spring at OLLI.  Thank you to the members of OLLI who have attended our “Reality Dynamics” classes.  I have really enjoyed teaching at OLLI at SOU, this spring and for the last 3 years.  For those of you who don’t know, OLLI at SOU translates to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Southern Oregon University.  I enjoy OLLI students so much.  They are intelligent, curious, educated and socially responsible individuals.  Several new alumni have joined our List Newsletter, so thank you, and welcome! 

I was grateful too to those List Alumni who re-attended our List Class.  You were able to provide valuable testimonials as to how the List has uniquely benefited your lives.  A special thank you to you too!

Another great benefit of teaching at OLLI is that this compels me to working on all of the Timmreck information, in preparation for publishing all their books on Amazon.  I made great progress on the “Mind Frames” book last year, teaching it at OLLI for the first time.  And this year I made great progress on the book, “Visualizations The Point of Power.”  Joe Timmreck and I are now calling all of this information, “Reality Dynamics,” rather than, “Theta Mastery.” It just seems more appropriate.

As for the List book, for the rest of the year, I am working on its reorganization and putting it in the order of the original List class, and also adding a voice to the book, or a narrator.  This is a project I have longed to get to, and now it’s happening.  I am working with a great editor, and when we are finished, the book will go to a local and professional book designer.

As to the other books, next Spring I plan to teach Mind Frames at OLLI once more, The List, and possibly Visualizations: The Point of Power.  I am not sure if I will have the new version of the List book complete by then, but the current version is still very instructive and valuable.  More and more students at OLLI purchased the List book this year, and I am very pleased with this. Thank you!

Summer Gratitude

Marnie above Secret Beach, just up from Brookings, OR, Summer 2019

This summer I am so grateful for the clear skies and warm temperatures we have all been enjoying.  My husband and I have been taking the time to “smell the flowers,” as you can see from this photo, from our recent hike at “Secret Beach,” just outside of Brookings OR.  We also managed to get over to Bend, and just outside of Bend we hiked up to Tumalo Falls. What a delight: the view and the hike!  I recommend it to everyone!  Also, we got our usual summer treks to Crater Lake (first photo), the Rogue River and Mt. Shasta.  I will share the Tumalo Falls photo with you here, and the rest below. What a wonderful destinations!  I hope you enjoy these summer images!

This Fall and Winter

This fall and winter I plan to concentrate solely on the completion of the latest copy of the List book.  This is exciting and I look forward to sharing the final product with you all.

I may hold a List Update Class in the fall, but as of yet I haven’t booked a time or location.  If you would like a private consultation about your List, though, please give me a call, and I can help you with wordings. 

Plastic in Paradise 2:  More Gratitude!

Thank you to those of you who gave me your input on the Plastic in Paradise situation, which I wrote about in my last newsletter.  Long-time List Alumni friends have replied and weighed in about how to solve the problem of, “Plastic in Paradise.”  There is good news and bad news, so I’ll share with you both, and then I’ll share several suggested List wordings to assist in creating more good news! 

Several List friends have weighed in with alternatives to plastic, such as soy, hemp, cactus and seaweed!  Even several new machines can be made from repurposed plastic.  And instead of Styrofoam containers, I learned that cardboard ones can be used and composted.  Speaking of Styrofoam and cardboard, though, other alumni mentioned the bad part of this subject, that in China people use 60 million take out containers a day.  By the way, why did the Chinese stop recycling our plastic?  One person informed me that it was because it was too dirty.  Yes, we need to clean up our act!

 Other articles I’ve read on the subject say that the majority of the ocean’s plastics come from the 10 major rivers in the world.  Most of them are from countries other than the US and Canada.  I heard too that in some Asian countries, people take their garbage down to the sea, to let it wash out with the tide.  What?  For decades, now, too, ocean going ships, military and cruise ships, have just been dumping their garbage right into the seas.  Now, too, plastic micro-particles are being found in our rivers, even at the headwaters.  Yes, again, we need to clean up our act—and soon! 

Some more good news, though, is that Europe has just banned all single use plastic.  Too, more and more people are getting together to clean up local beaches; and the young man who designed the ship and large boom that gathers plastic from the ocean has fixed his invention and set sail again.

From the helpful List perspective, here are some List wordings that several alumni have suggested.  Only add them if you feel so moved.

“…having human beings use plastic only for their best health and benefit, easily….”

“…having plastic function to the mutual benefit of all, easily….”

Several long time List alumni also really like the wording I shared in the last article, because it is the end result of what we want.

“…having the human race function for the benefit of the Earth, air, water and land, easily….”

Another final suggestion is that “…countries are responsible for the recycling of their plastic, easily….”

If you can think of other suggestions for related List wordings, please email them to me.

The Rogue River, above Natural Bridge.

The Amazon Forest

All the while, reviewing the plastic situation, I kept thinking about the Amazon Forest.  Now, very visibly, people are aware of deforestation in the Amazon.  This is a really important concern, and so, let’s think of some List wordings to address this issue.  What first comes to mind are these wordings:

“…having the trees in the Amazon rain forest safe and secure at all times, easily….”

“…having the trees in the Amazon rain forest abundant, intact, plentiful and healthy and strong, easily….”

“…having members of the Brazilian government function for the benefit of the trees, animals, Earth and land….”

“…having the Amazon rain forest the site of abundant international eco-tourism, easily and quickly….”

Thank You!

Thank you again for your interest in Reality Dynamics, and I wish you much joy and happiness throughout the rest of the year. Please be in touch if you have any new information or you would like some help with your List.

Yours gratefully,

Marnie Hancock.

Mount Shasta, from Heart Lake, up from Castle Lake, CA.

Plastic in Paradise

Aloha Everyone!

When we think of Hawaii, especial Kauai the Garden Island, we think of rainbows and the beauties of nature, just like this wonderful picture portrays.  But when my husband and I recently we walked the beaches at a resort just North of Lihue, Kauai, we saw a much more alarming picture.  That is why I title this article, “Plastic In Paradise.”

We arrived in Lihue and drove up to our destination resort, and we were very pleased to arrive on a Tuesday afternoon, when Hawaiian music was shared around the beautiful pool, slightly in and away from ocean beaches.  Our room was wonderful, as we sat on the balcony basking in the warming sun, watching the beautiful waves roll in, and enjoying our wonderful Hawaiian vacation.

This was all in stark contrast, however, to what we discovered on the beaches the next morning.  Bits and pieces of hard blue and white plastic were strewn everywhere on the sand, and plastic bottles were even floating in the waves. 

Too, that evening my husband pointed out to me that the brightly colored bar that we were enjoying our Happy Hour at was actually “decorated” with larger pieces of broken plastic, brightly colored and collected from the beach beyond. 

When we asked the bartender about the debris on the beaches and walls of the beach bar, he said much of the larger debris was originally from the earthquake in Japan.  Fukushima had happened quite a long time ago, however, and the plastic on the beaches and in the waves was “fresh”: freshly washed up and washed in, from the open ocean beyond.

Grandmother Agnes

My thoughts then turned to Grandmother Agnes, of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmother’s.  Grandmother Agnes, who hails from the Ashland area, has always been “a voice for the voiceless.”  Recently at a speaking engagement, I remember Grandmother Agnes talking about the large, ten-mile Island of plastic that was floating in the ocean.  I had not realized that this Island was so big, and I began to pay more attention to it.  Eventually, I even went so far as to add the wordings to my List.

List wordings for the ocean.

“…having the oceans on this Earth disassociated with garbage, including plastic garbage and other kinds of garbage, easily….”

I even researched where this floating Island was in the ocean, and I specified its location on several other wordings.  Well, once these wordings were on my List, related events started occurring, and they were brought to my attention.  Specifically, I remember hearing about plastic showing up on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, and the young man in San Francisco heading out to sea with his “boom” boat, to gather plastics in the ocean.

Upon my husband’s and my return, I began to wonder, what was the likelihood that my husband would have booked such a hotel, the only one our travels around Kauai that had a beach and bar ”decorated” with plastic.  For those of you who have had a List for a long time, and you know what it can do, I think you would have had similar thoughts, and you would have wanted to do even more.  –I find that people who have and utilize their Lists are often highly intelligent individuals, with a strong social conscience. 

More List Wordings About Plastic?  Please Help!

So, as to what to do next, I am asking you for your help.  Does anyone out there have any more ideas for wordings about this plastic situation?  I need to think some more wordings on this: like, “…having plastic exist only to the mutual benefit of all..,” for example: or, “…plastic exists only for the benefit of the Earth, water and land..:” something along those lines.  I am not very familiar with all things to do with plastic and recycling, so this is why I am asking for your help.  Please remember though, if you add global wordings to your List, they can take a lot of energy, so please monitor this, and only take such wordings on if you are feeling healthy and strong. 

Relatedly, and one very positive, practical outcome for myself from this experience is that I now have made a very big commitment myself to recycle everything I can.  Many of you may already know that in Oregon what we can recycle in our red bins has been significantly reduced.  Ashland, however, has its own recycling depot, and they take many items that the red bin will not: like soft plastic for example.

For the Earth

There is a bigger picture too, that I would like to share.  Here is another wording has come to mind about helping the Earth and the environment:

“…having the human race function for the benefit of the Earth, water and land….” 

Perhaps we could all add this wording to our List: yes, this is a request, if you feel so moved: before the Earth decides we are too much of a detriment to her and her creations!  These thoughts, too, were always concerns of Jann Timmreck’s, as well as the concerns of the Grandmother’s Council.  This, indeed, was one of the Grandmother’s main foci, in that they felt and taught that ancient prophecy talks about these times, and how humanity must start to function “to the mutual benefit of all”: even to the benefit of the voiceless: in order to survive.

New Grandmother’s Council, Sedona, April 2019

Speaking of the Grandmother’s Council, I am very excited to announce that there is another grandmother’s council with several key Grandmothers coming up soon, celebrating Earth Day.  The gathering is in Sedona, from April 19 to 22, and here is a link to the details. 

Upcoming List Update, OLLI, & Timmreck Classes

Also, on Saturday, March 24, from 12-4, I will be hosting a List Update Class at the Ashland Library.  I am looking forward to seeing you there!   In April and May, I will also be teaching at OLLI, both the List aka Reality Dynamics and our Visualizations: The Point of Power Classes.  Open Registration for these classes at OLLI run from March 1 (now!) to March 25, and becoming an OLLI member for the Spring term costs only $75.00.  With this membership, you can attend many more Spring term workshops.

Spread the News!

Please inform your friends, and encourage them to become members at OLLI, so they can attend these classes.  Below too is a link to my schedule and OLLI’s and our contact information, which is now on my website schedule page.

Ghosts, Goblins and Guardian Angels: Our Guides Class

Too, on Saturday, June 8, I will be teaching a “Guides Class,” also known as, “Ghosts, Goblins and Guardian Angels.  All of our Timmreck, “Theta Mastery” Classes are meant to be utilized together, at different times, to maximized the effectiveness and joy of your lifetime here on Earth.  In this specific class, we teach how to interact safely with non-physical beings: a point that I will be writing more about, in response to Doreen Virtues recent turn around to a much more conservative and I would say safe stance about interacting with non-physical beings.  Well, on that interesting note!


I love you all, and I wish you all “the best possible,” in these interesting times.  I look forward to hearing your suggestions about List wordings for the environment, and I look forward to seeing many of you soon.  Please call me or OLLI as soon as possible, to sign up for our wonderful, safe, and joy creating classes!


Marnie Hancock

Mercury Retro., Climbing Off Anger Mountain & “List” Musings

Happy Retrograde!  Yes, a Mercury Retrograde began this Friday, and this aspect will continue until December 16th.  Have you noticed that traffic is “jammin’?”  Or that communications are “twisten?”  That’s OK, just blame it on the retrograde!  That’s what I like to do!  LOL.

Speaking of blame!  I have been thinking a lot about the different forms of that term, and I would like to share them.  –I know, it’s Thanksgiving.  I should be writing about something more positive.  But in the end, you will notice that I am indirectly, and directly at the end, expressing gratitude for my education and educators:  Read on, and I hope you find this “educational.”  Happy Thanksgiving!

Blame: justified or unjustified?  Well, I think the unjustified form of it has other terms, and those are denigration and stereotyping.  (Here, by the way, are some definitions, from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  I learned these terms at university, when studying Sociology and Psychology in the 1980’s, and I am so grateful for having learned these concepts.)

Definition of denigrate 

transitive verb

1 : to attack the reputation of : defame denigrate one’s opponents

2 : to deny the importance or validity of : belittle denigrate their achievements

Definition of stereotype 


a standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced attitude, or uncritical judgment

Hmmm.., too, I see blame as another way of not taking responsibility for one’s actions, which is another “twist” on that term.

And also very importantly, how do we react, when we are falsely blamed, or stereotyped and denigrated?

Well, I think our first reaction is to get emotional, and then to react, likely in hurt, anger and outrage. 

So, what would Jann Timmreck, my favorite educator and List author say about that?  “Ye who goes emotional, looses!”  Another way she would have expressed it, would be, “Don’t go beta!”

Also, there is a lot of research that shows that if a person gets very emotional, they actually don’t think as clearly or as rationally as they would if they were calm.

Thus fear, anger and hate are also intense emotions, that can be manipulated to the manipulator’s advantage (whether they are consciously aware of this or not.) 

Unfortunately, all these emotions can be very intense, beta energies: and another important very important thought or dynamic comes to mind, which I also learned from Jann and Joe Timmreck. 

People almost always “harmonize” with, or go into rapport with, the most intense energies.

IE, anger begets more anger, fear begets more fear: and hate begets more hate.

It spreads,  or generalizes, likely without rational thought, and all of a sudden people are fearing and hating and being angry at whatever it is convenient for them to be angry at: perhaps some childhood beef, or some unjust and historical prejudice.  It may not be what first started the intense emotional energies: but hey, it’s the next best thing.

In the extreme, all of a sudden you have a society where people feel unsafe, people are attacking each other, and conflicts continue to generalize and grow.

OK, I’m rambling a bit, but these are some of my thoughts.

Another interesting piece of psychological research that came to my attention recently is this; men are more likely to form alliances based on bias.  (Well, let’s not get “biased” against men.)

Bias!  There’s another word that can be thrown into the same categories as blame, denigration and stereotyping.

And remember, all this may not be based on the truth.

The truth: what is that, in this day and age?  Well, for me, the most significant truth for people to remember is that all energy flows in a circle (again, Jann and Joe Timmreck and List theory.)  Whatever we do and say, always returns to us in like kind: hence, for me, the validity and power of the List, and it’s focus on positive words and expressions.

Not to say that all anger and fear are always negative.

Some things it’s right to be fearful of: and some things it’s right to be angry about.  It’s just please let’s try to keep it under control.  For example, don’t let it get you to the point that it causes you to do something illegal!  Especially like hitting someone or causing someone’s death.

Also, try to keep it based on truth.  Ask questions.  Research.  Make sure, for example, that the person you are angry with really meant what you are thinking they meant!  Often, from my experience, it is something different.

The positive aspects of fear is that it can protect us from danger: we just need to figure out if the danger is real or not.

And the positive aspect of anger according to Jann and Joe Timmreck’s Mind Frames theory is that anger can be used to get someone or some organization unstuck.  Again, though, it needs to be kept within “controllable limits.”

When I was a teacher, I remember we taught the students not to go too high up anger mountain.  There were strategies to employ before one got up to say 10 out of 10 on the anger scale: breathe, was one of them.  Take a deep breath.

Next, walk away.  Think about it, before you act.  (In List theory terminology, let the Right Brain insights have time to come in: take time to get unstuck from Left, where the beta emotions occur.)

Then, we often taught students, make an I message.  For example, “I don’t like it when you____, and I don’t want you to do it anymore.”

Believe it or not, that works.  (Jann Timmreck always taught that an internal person will always give in to an external person.  And an I message is very external.  In Mind Frame terminology, Left External, to be exact.)

Too, I always taught my students that we needed to stay calm when we were discussing problems, we needed to use nice words, and we needed to use nice body language, including a nice tone of voice.   

Next, when there was a problem or a dispute, I would also often have children act out what happened.  (Somewhere in there, questions were asked, feelings were shared, and empathy was created.)  Usually, doing this, problems were resolved easily, and oftentimes the children came to realize the problems were not caused on purpose: they were usually an accidental bump, say, misunderstood as deliberate.  (IE, understanding the intention was important.)  Next, I encouraged both children to apologize, and in the end, they were often friends again.  –And until I did this?  The battle usually continued.

Very few students were actually bullies–or racists or bigots: whatever you want to call them.  These children were often kids who had been bullied or seen bullying themselves; or they had not been taught the social limits to their behavior.

But I am digressing.  I guess by now you’ve figured out that I’m talking indirectly about the current political and societal situation (and even, comments on the internet.)

While I see some anger as valid, I see a lot of denigration happening; denigration that is not based on truth, on either side, and on some sides more than others.  I guess I’m a little bit afraid that as whole society is heading way too far up anger mountain!  Really, mostly, I am just observing.  I am trying not to judge.

I see problems on both sides of the political spectrum.  I do sometimes see the liberal media twisting leaders’ statements to sensationalize what’s happening.  (What, does this increase ratings?)  On the opposite side, I do see leaders using denigration, or what I used to call “put downs,” to their advantage.  (If I put someone down, others will follow.)  And all this rage and anger that this generates will give me the leverage to get what I want done and weaken my opponents– whether either side is consciously aware of this dynamic or not.)

By the way, in my classroom, I had a rule, “No putdowns!”

Truly, some institutions are stuck, and they do need change.  But doing it this way?  Hmm….

What I see mostly that concerns me is that much of what is said and done is not based on the, or my, personal truth.

I sit back and I wonder, don’t people know that much of this “mud slinging” is wrong?  Why aren’t they acting more intelligently?  Why aren’t they acting more wisely?  Why aren’t they discussing things more intelligently, calmly, positively: just like I taught the children who had a difficulty in the sandbox.  (Then I remember, I actually only learned many of these  problem solving techniques about half way through my teaching career, from a program we used called Second Step and another teacher.  And the Timmreck information, I learned in my late 20’s.  Thank you Second Step, Laura W., and thank you Jann and Joe.)

Well, I guess I am lucky in that I had the education and teachers that I did.  I wish that Psychology and Sociology, and positive parenting and discipline strategies, and yes the List and Mind Frames, were all taught more in schools, and not just left to the educational elite: people who can afford to send their children to college and university, say, to learn the “humanities.”

Because I often think that it’s the uneducated that take out a gun and want to shoot their neighbor, over say a fence dispute.  They don’t take the time to stop themselves, and to not go up that anger mountain.

Humanities: yup, I think we all need to learn to be more human.  To be better at taking care of each other, and our society: and to try the best we can to be more positive, in everything we do and say, so that positivity returns to each one of us in like kind, and thus to our society as a whole.

Let’s crawl back off anger mountain and try to talk more positively, calmly and intelligently to each other. Too, let’s look at the whole picture, and not just one or two of the parts.  And please don’t get angry with me, for trying to talk about politics or what we say on the internet: let’s stay calm, and use positive, respectful words: because it all comes back to each and every one of us in the end, because it really is—our very own society—that we’re talking about.

Thanks for listening.

Marnie Hancock, B. Ed & List Teacher, @


Summer & Fall Events: Transformative Flow

Hello Everyone! I hope your summer was beautiful and restful: contrary, perhaps, to the astrological influences of the summer, which were those of Mercury and Mars Retrogrades. I’m sure those influences added to the “smoke” and “fires” that so many of us experienced this summer. Mercury is the planet of energy and will, and some would say, the planet of change and transformation by fire, or even through war. Thank goodness we bypassed the war part! This Mars retrograde ended on August 26. Yes! The Mercury retrograde, which governs communications, ended approximately a week ago. Mars and Mercury Retrograde intensities, especially in communications, were definitely felt by me this summer, and I had to remind myself to do the transformative gold Figure 8 infinity visualization with those around me, and to say my color and emotion a lot. Both techniques seem to unblock the communication barriers, and to get those loving relationship feelings flowing once more.

Re-evaluating the Past

Retrogrades also tend to bring up the past, and we are sometimes given opportunities to re-evaluate how we acted previously, and we are given opportunities to learn how to better act moving forward. I think we are seeing these influences on a macro level, and on a micro level too. For myself this summer, I felt like it was a challenge to stay “emotionally disassociated” with intense energies around me. I felt like I was almost playing a waiting game, until these influences calmed down and were going back in a proper direction. (I have been told that patience is an important lesson for me. What!?! Me!?! Oh, hurry up and go away retrogrades!)

Visits from the Animal Kingdom

While waiting, however, I had some amazing visits from the animal kingdom. It seemed like animals were playing a special part in my life this summer, with timely visitations from snake, owl, fox, hawk, rabbit and deer, each with their own special message for me. I will share some of these photos and messages with you, starting with Snake (Transformation.) Fox is next (Stealth, and a waiting game), Owl (Wisdom), Rabbit (Fear) and lastly, Deer (Unconditional Love.) (Sorry, no picture of Rabbit, as he/she got eaten! LOL. –Just a little reminder not to go beta, or too emotional.) If you are interested, the Native American culture talks about messages through animals, and you can research their meanings by purchasing a book or searching on the internet for The Medicine Cards. The overwhelming and practical message for me this summer was all of the above, but especially from Hawk, (Warning), who I share below, the warning message was, “While off on excursions, keep your cat inside!”  (I have placed Deer, Unconditional Love, at the end of this article.)

This summer my husband and I managed to find renewing beauty in nature on several occasions, bypassing the smoke, and my featured, top image is one of my favorite shots. Getting out in nature is definitely a way to renew, and another way to elevate the emotional, beta energies to healthier, happier, and theta ones. The “cross crawl” of hiking (in this case along the Rogue River, up beyond Beckie’s Café), also helps to even things out, and to move from stuck left brain to “right,” getting the flow of positive energy flowing and moving once again.

Reorganizing my List

At first I didn’t notice the retrograde re-evaluating influence consciously, but this summer I did decide to reorganize my List. For the first time in almost two years, I went through my List completely. And what did I learn? Well, for one thing, I relearned how important it is to do this, and more often, because I realized that there was one major area that I hadn’t covered on my List!  Several years ago my left hip was bothering me, and so I put many both general and detailed statements on my List addressing that. Not long afterwards, my left hip was great, “physically comfortable, functioning naturally and normally;” but then my right hip started bothering me! In retrospect, I didn’t have the many statements identifying my different right hip parts as “healthy and strong,” and “the cells, tissues, fluids,” etc., the same, in my right “iliac” bone, my right pelvis, etc., and so it was important for me to add all of these statements. Too, I removed many outdated statements, and I made core statements for about three “old” Good/Bads. Much to my husband’s happiness, my List became much smaller! (He likes to keep a simple, general List, while I tend to get much more specific.) All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend it to you all. As the instructions mention in the List book, once every six months to a year a complete List overhaul is advisable. Personally, I took the full two weeks to go through my List, laying it out on a large table, and reorganizing the various categories. Then I put it all back together the way I wanted it, and then I read it through completely, three times.

List Info. Talk and Classes Sept./Oct.

The Mars Retrograde also influences our will power, and how we apply it to our destiny. After some transformative, renewing and re-evaluation time, with increased energy I am ready to get busy again with classes and writing. This will be my focus this fall. On Sept. 24, at the Ashland Co-op, from 6-8 pm in their classroom, I will be giving a talk titled, “The List And Your Well-Being.” I hope you can attend if you are in the area. A List Class will follow, two Saturdays, Oct. 6 and 13, from 10-4 pm, in the Guanajuato Room at the Ashland Public Library. Please watch for more reminder emails, and if you have people in your life who you feel will benefit from the List Class, please encourage them to attend and/or contact me. Consider attending yourself! I will also be teaching the List Class, Mind Frames and hopefully a Visualizations class at OLLI this spring, with more details to follow in the New Year.  Thank you, and let’s wish for a smoother and more “comfortable” autumn: I won’t say fall! Let’s all just move right on into deer, and unconditional love!

Gratefully, and with Love, Light & Laughter,

Marnie Hancock.

Mind Frames & Love, Next Wed. 06/20, 1-3 Ashland

Hello Everyone!

What makes a rock solid foundation for a loving, intimate relationship?  As the title indicates, Mind Frames and Love Relationships is the topic of the upcoming workshop on Wed., June 20, from 1-3 at the Ashland Library (Guanajuato Room.)  This is also the topic of this post.  Whether you have attended the Mind Frames workshop before or not, I am sure you will find this article and workshop highly interesting.  (The workshop is by donation.)

As many of you know, I have recently been teaching Mind Frames through the OLLI program at SOU.  (OLLI stands for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and SOU stands for Southern Oregon University.)

The Mind Frames students at OLLI requested extra time on the topic of Mind Frames and Love Relationships, and hence the upcoming workshop.

Teaching at OLLI was such a wonderful opportunity for me.  It was delightful for me to teach these enthusiastic, wise students.  Also, what a wonderful opportunity to further develop the materials and then place them in a much more comprehensive book!

Also, it was a great learning experience for me.  Joe Timmreck gave me an even deeper understanding of Mind Frames: and one of the OLLI students gave me a very important descriptive word for the main goal of learning Mind Fames: that of tolerance.  That one key word to me that is the main benefit of Mind Frames: learning tolerance: tolerance of each other’s differences, whether it’s with just a casual acquaintance, or with someone you are involved with in a long-term, love relationship.

Join me next Wed., then for an even deeper understanding of this and the main topic, Mind Frames and Love Relationships.

Enjoy the article below!

Marnie Hancock & Joe Timmreck.

Mind Frames and Love Relationships

As a general rule, we are attracted to people who either match our Native Mind Frame, including our native Mode; or in contrast, we are attracted to people who are the opposite of our Native Mind Frame and Mode.  (Mind Frame opposites are easy to define: but by Mode opposite, we mean a different Mode from our Native one.)

Also, we generally have very little resistance to these different Mind Frames and Modes.  It is almost as if it’s an attraction, in that we can see those qualities missing in ourselves, giving ourselves more completeness.

Whether this is actually true or not is incidental.  A long-term relationship with someone who functions primarily from an opposite Mind Frame and Mode is usually the most difficult.

Essentially, each of us tends to impose our own assumptions and expectations of behavior on the other partner based on our own Native Mind Frame and Native Mode.

With regard to pure Mind Frame dynamics, disregarding Modes for the moment, in a relationship where one of the individuals in the relationship is stuck in a Mind Frame, the other partner can be pulled into the stuck mode and become stuck there also; or, they can be thrown into trying to go into the correct Mind Frame (usually the opposite one) to complete the Mind Frame circuit for both.  If this occurs, that partner will react in some fashion.

When anger is present in a relationship, this often indicates the partner who is angry is trying either to not get stuck in the stuck state of their partner, or he or she is trying to get out of their partner’s stuck state.

If the partner simply joins into the stuck state they may start to exhibit their partner’s stuck behavior patterns or they may become ill with that stuck Mind Frame’s illnesses.  (Surprisingly, if a partner is ill in a relationship, it is usually the other partner who is stuck!  What a great out!  If you’re ill in a relationship, you can blame it on your partner!)

But all laughing aside, in a relationship between opposite Mind Frames and Modes, a great discord between the partners will occur over a length of time, as no one chooses to stubbornly stay stuck.

Successful, close, intimate and long-term relationships are usually those which have the highest number of matches in both Mind Frames and Modes.  Essentially, the feeling of love occurs when these matches are very high.

While in most relationships Mind Frames matches are paramount over Modes, in intimate relationships, Modes become equally if not even more paramount, because over time the individuals involved in the relationship need to be able to communicate in a common Mode, in order to keep the energy and dynamics of the relationship moving forward.

Essentially, once in relationship, relationships last when the two people complete the full Mind Frame circuit (Right Internal, Left Internal, Left External and Right External.)  This is what we would term, “a healthy relationship.”

Too, the “Mind Frames Dance” is somewhat of a two-step, in that while a person stays most of the time in their Native Mind Frame, the other Mind Frame the most natural for them is the opposite one.  So this would be the best match in a relationship (a similar Native Mind Frame and its opposite, or visa versa .)

Relatedly, the most successful Mind Frame match is when if one partner gets stuck, the other partner is able to match them and then take them to the opposite Mind Frame.  (For example, someone who worries too much—a stuck Left Internal—would be most successful in a relationship with someone who makes them laugh.  In this way they are being pulled out of Left Internal stuck, and moved over to Right External.)

So, similarities are very important to a long-term, intimate relationship; but some differences are important too.

Ultimately, we are here to learn; hence the differences: but it is good if we can have some enjoyment while doing it; thus the need for similarities.


 See, hear and hug you next Wed. at 1!  Or, send me an email or give me a call.  Marnie Hancock.

Earth Day, Native Views, List Update Class 05/12

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22nd, and I thought I would share with you several interesting videos I encountered when signing up for an on-line Earth Day event from the Native American community.

Both Grandmothers and Grandfathers speak in these videos, and while some of the thoughts and beliefs are not all the same as my own, many of the ideas are similar to what Jann and Joe Timmreck and I have talked about in the past. Too, while some of these ideas seem quite dire, I share them with you because I have always believed that the new and valuable information provided in the Timmreck seminars is a new way to help this Earth to be much more beautiful, prosperous and safe place to live, for all of us.

A side note: keep watching! When you think one talk is over, another speaker comes on. It is well worth the wait.

From The Grandmothers

As some of you know, I attended three Grandmother’s Councils, in Lincoln City, Sedona and Anchorage Alaska. While the Grandmothers are no longer meeting in their formal councils, some of the younger Grandmothers are still very active. I recently received their invitation to their upcoming three-day on-line event, titled Reverence for All Creation, and culminating on Earth Day. The event takes place on April 20, 21 & 22, at 12 PM Pacific Time. I have signed up myself, and watching the video link below gives you an idea of the upcoming topics and presenters, and also how to register yourself if you are interested.

From The Grandfathers

After watching this and other videos relating to this event, I noticed the link below titled (Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1.) This time I listened to Grandfathers speak, and they talk about caring for the Earth, living a spiritual life, and taking personal responsibility for Earth and the future of our world. (This last topic is covered especially by the second Grandfather speaking, in Part 2 of this video, which plays just after Part 1.) I also found these videos very valuable.

List Wordings for Earth Day

From the List perspective, as you may remember, I have written previous articles including List wordings for the Earth. Here they are again, and below them is a link to the original article. Of note is that I have added a wording specifically for the trees. As the first and Hopi Grandfather states, we are linked to trees, and they are very important for us and to our survival.

“…having the air of this Earth healthy, functioning naturally and normally, easily….”

“…having the soils of this Earth where we grow our foods abundant, healthy and safe and secure at all times, functioning naturally and normally, easily….”

“…having the water on this Earth healthy and safe and secure at all times, functioning naturally and normally, easily….”

“…having the trees on this Earth safe and secure at all times….”

“…having the trees on this Earth abundant and healthy, functioning naturally and normally, easily….”

List Update Class, Saturday, May 12, 12-4 PM, Ashland Library

Perhaps you may want to put several of these helpful List wordings and more on your List at our next List Update Class on Saturday, May 12. We will be meeting at the Ashland Library, in the Guanojuato Room, from 12-4 PM. You are welcome to drop in at your convenience, and the fee is by donation.

I look forward to seeing you then! Happy Earth Day!

Lots of Love, Light & Laughter,

Marnie Hancock.