Concern, Praise & The List: A Prayer for Water by Masaru Emoto

Hello everyone:

Recently I received four emails about a call to pray for the ocean, put forth by Masaru Emoto, author of Messages from Water.

As I read his words , I was very appreciative, and yet I also felt a deep sense of concern.

Praying For The Ocean

First of all, let me say that I honor and applaud Masaru Emoto’s book detailing the wonderful influence of words on water. Indeed, I have always thought that his work would be a powerful proof for the workings of the List, especially proving the influence of words in shaping reality.

I also honor the positive intent of his prayer for the waters, his words of love and gratitude for them, and lastly his call for action for the nuclear situation in Japan.

Being Careful Of The Wording

Where I am concerned, however, is with several of his wordings, and his method of prayer.

Specifically, I am concerned about the words, “we are sorry to make you suffer.” Also, I am concerned about his method of having these words said three times and with hands together, especially when so many people are doing this.

Indeed, knowing how the subconscious mind works, I am very concerned that these words will create even more suffering for the oceans than has already been wrought upon them.

Essentially, Mr. Emoto has become aware of powerful ways to pray—but he is unaware of one key fact that is using this power in not so positive a way.

Remember Your List Theory

To review basic List theory, yes, our thoughts and words create our world, especially when they are paired with touch and repeated in sets of three. According to List theory, first of all, touch accesses the subconscious mind; and then the three-time repetition of our words gives our subconscious mind a direct command to do whatever follows!

The key fact, though, that Mr. Ammoto seems to be missing, is this.

Our Subconscious Mind Is Very Literal

List theory also states that the subconscious mind is very literal, and it does not think or judge. Therefore the words, “I am sorry to make you suffer,” repeated three times, and with hands together, can potentially create even more suffering than has already taken place.

Again, this is my deep concern.

So, knowing this, how can we, with our thoughts and words and with our Lists, correct or assist with this situation?

Cancel and Rephrase

First of all, what comes to mind for me, when you think of that particular part of Mr. Emoto’s prayer, is say, “Cancel, cancel, cancel!” –Yes, you can even cancel past events!

Also, I offer you these full and time-tested List wordings, for the waters of the Earth, and the air, and the soil.

Some List Wordings To Try

I am knowing that the waters of the Earth are healthy, clear and clean, in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, and in healthy and positive ways.

I am knowing air of the Earth is healthy and clean, in best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, and in healthy and positive ways.

I am knowing the soil of the Earth is healthy and clean, to the mutual benefit of all, in the best possible form and manner, and in healthy and positive ways.

Please Share With Your Friends

If you would like to share these wordings with your friends, whether they have an actual List or not, please do. (And at the same time, you could mention the List! The more people who have the List, the better place this world will be!)

As Mr. Ammoto says, these intentions, or prayers, or affirmations, whatever you choose to name them, are more powerful when said in sets of three. Share this too with your friends. I believe that they are much safer, however, when they are worded as above; and I believe that they’re also much more powerful when they are put on your Lists!

Take care everyone.

Thank you for listening!

Lots of Love, Light & Laughter,

Marnie Hancock

PS: Any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post them below!

5 thoughts on “Concern, Praise & The List: A Prayer for Water by Masaru Emoto

  1. Hi Marnie
    I was wondering how you were going to handle the situation in Japan. I agree with your affirmations above and I appreciate your concerns about how Dr. Emoto verbalizes his desire for the healing of the waters around Fukushima.
    As a staunch supporter of both your work and Dr. Emoto’s I personally feel reluctant to challenge either method both for the amzing power that each process contains.
    Although his wording may be questionable by List standards, I feel he is such an amazing and enlightened person that I will just trust his intuitive abilities and support him.
    Bottom line for me is that no matter how the job gets done, we need to put our energy out to heal what we have created. No matter where the healing is required, it is up to all of us to uplift ourselves and heal.
    Monty Ritchings recently posted..Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster You can help!My Profile

    1. Thank you Monty for your response, concern and support regarding our recent post addressing the situation in Japan. In response, as always, the List works best with only positively worded statements. As you may remember, however, the List does not challenge or require that any user change or modify existing beliefs. How you may personally feel about Dr. Emoto’s statements is how you feel, and we would never expect anyone to challenge or change their existing conscious beliefs. How you personally choose to proceed is totally up to you. The List’s “mutually beneficial” opening paragraph and “healthy and positive way” endings for all wordings have total safety build in, in any eventuality. Too, some of our most powerful and effective statements have actually been “discovered” through experimentation’s. In offering any List statement wordings publicly, however, only those statements which we know for certain are effective are provided. Hopefully, Monty, you’ll also respond back in the near future with whatever effects come to your awareness from your selected wordings, so that our collective lexicon of List statements grows ever larger. Thank you for your participation and support. Marnie Hancock and Joe Timmreck.

  2. Great letter and comments on Masaru Emoto’s prayer! Us “Listees” can change any
    non-positive wordings for the better and make all the difference in the outcome in
    Japan. Thanks for your input, Marnie!

    Love and Light

  3. Hi Marnie, Thanks for these helpful insights and ideas to help in this situation. I am constantly attending to words as I know they are important and it is always wonderful to learn more. Cheers, Victoria Robyn

  4. thanks Marnie for giving these words the upgrade they deserve. I have been sharing Dr. Emoto’s recommendation and feeling a lot of discomfort both in sharing and saying what felt like guilt ridden words. I have been following the prayer with chants for Yemaya, lots of great versions to be found on You Tube with Deva Premal.
    For the following sessions I will adopt some of your more positive intentions.
    love & light & sound
    thanks Ann for sharing Marnie’s newsletter on this

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