Hawaii, Inauguration, Women’s March & 2017 “Retros” & Classes

Hawaii, Inauguration, Women’s March & 2017 “Retros” & Classes

Aloha everyone!  Much has happened since I last wrote.  An inauguration, a women’s march on Washington, and on a personal level, an unexpected trip to Upstate New York to visit family, and a long-planned trip to Hawaii.

All these are my excuses for not being in touch for so long!  Too, I have not had time for that New Year’s List Overhaul, which I usually do and write about in January.  I have just had time to add List wordings as new situations  occur.  These though have most definitely helped to make my  travels to take place more  enjoyably!

“…having the best possible vacation to, from and in_____….”


We are just back from the big Island of Hawaii!  I have long had the intuition to go there, but I have not really known exactly why.  (That is a part of the discovery process with intuitions!)  On faith, though, my husband and I followed through.  Not long after arriving,  the answers became increasingly clear.

First of all, the peace and relaxation you feel there is incredible: the winds feel as warm and welcoming as the sunshine and the water.  The ground seems to rise up to meet you, alive with the buzz of positive and loving energy.

Too, it seems that in Hawaii, all types of new thought spirituality (or is it so new?) flourishes.  On the first day of being here, a friend and long-time “Listian,” invited Jack and I to an interesting talk about Shamanism, at a local New Thought Center: http://www.newthoughtcenterofhawaii.com/ .  That afternoon, I attended my first fun and enjoyable drumming circle, led by Stephanie and Matt, who you can read about on their website, at  http://www.earthrhythmshealing.com/ .  Too, the drumming circle was held at the interesting Dragonfly Ranch B&B, a retreat center on the beautiful Hawaiian coast.  Check it out at  http://www.dragonflyranch.com/ .

Drumming 2 Resized

Later that week, we attended another drumming event at one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen.  Elizabeth Theriault, at http://www.blessingways.net/ , held her 12th anniversary drumming event at the beautiful “pyramid house,” with open space roofs, water features in the floor, and sunset views over the ocean. Both drumming events touched on subjects of interest to me.  Stephanie talked about how drumming integrates both left and right brain, and how it can heal in this way, eventually taking you to a high theta and right brain state (List Teachings.)  Elizabeth talked about how drumming can help you get in touch with your ancestors, on a meditative level, and she led and shared the drumming circle in this direction (Teachings from our Theta Mastery Visualizations 1, 2 & 3 Classes.)

As I participated in and marveled  at all these  activities here, I began to realize that there may be a powerful place here for the List and further Timmreck Theta Mastery Seminars.  Especially, The List would provide a safety and protection of these wonderful and generous Right Brain people.  So, I then went so far as to research different retreat centers there, of which there are many.

Hawaii, Mt. Shasta & Lemuria

In this exploration, I found this really interesting website that draws a connection between Hawaii, Mount Shasta, and the positive energy in both places, and also the lost city of Lemuria.  These are all places that I have been interested in and drawn to in the past.  Mt. Shasta is just South of Ashland, and Jack and I visit there often.  Here is the website: http://www.sacredvoyages.com/about-us/  I hope you enjoy looking through it.

Election List Wordings

Experiencing Hawaii is a far cry from the inauguration of Donald Trump.  On inauguration day,  I took my own advice, and I finally put on my List these two new wordings.  I wrote that Donald John Trump was, “functioning to the mutual benefit of all,” and I added that his wife, Melania Trump, was doing the same.

Woman’s March in Ashland

The next day, I attended the Woman’s March in Ashland, and that was a real treat.  It turned out the march had a much broader agenda than solely women’s issues, as shown in the photo below.  I include here one of my favorites.  It was so Ashland!  Ashland people are so participatory in Human Rights and Spiritual activities.

Activation Earth Sign Web

This brings up a whole other subject; Mind Frames: in particular, how much Donald Trump reminds me of the Left External Mind Frame.  In November last year, my planned List Class morphed into a Mind Frames Class, which was fun and enjoyable.  These reminders came from teaching that class.

Mind Frames: Donald Trump as Left External

Many of you will remember how Jann Timmreck used to talk about Donald Trump as a classic Left External personality type.  For those of you who never met Jann, or who have not yet taken that class, here is a brief overview of the Left External Mind Frame.

Typically a Left External is very wealthy, in the extreme.  They will win big and loose big; and when they lose big they don’t really care, because they always know they can use their skills to win big again.  They say what they think, and they don’t really care what others think.  They have very thick skins.  They are strong authorities, but they need other people to get things done for them.  Typically, Left Externals are very good at setting a structure and maintaining it.  Jann used to say, “You don’t always like them, but you need them!”  They also like beautiful, youthful women as wives, who are good mothers to their children.  Sound like someone we know?

This is a description of a “flowing” Left External personality type.  On the negative side, Left external “stuck” personality types will likely have no money.  They will push their own agenda, to the point where they may even cause wars.  I think this last part is likely the concern many people have about Donald Trump.  But, he does have money: so, let’s hope he is a flowing Left External!

Too, let us hope that the and that the waves of change that Donald Trump brings are ultimately to the mutual benefit of all, and in healthy and positive ways!  (This picture is from East Pahoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii.)

Hawaii Waves Resized 2017: Mercury Retrogrades

2017 is now well upon us, and Spring is here.  We have already been through the tail end of one Mercury Retrograde (December 19, 2016 – January 8, 2017), and here are the dates for the next three: April 9 – May 3 (starting soon!), August 12 – September 5, and December 2 – 22.  During these times, communications can be disrupted, traffic can be slow, and try not to sign any contracts.  The positive aspect is  you can get all extremes of any situation, so talk, talk, talk!

2017: List Update Class & List Class

Our next List Update Class will be held on Saturday, June 3, at the Ashland Library, The Guanajuato Room, from 1-5 pm.  I hope you can join us then.  If you are not in the area, and you need any assistance with your List, please email me or give me a call. I  will  be teaching a List Class on Nov. 4th and 5th of this year.  If you are interested in private classes and consultations in any of our Theta Master Classes, visit https://therealitydynamicslist.com/theta-mastery-seminars/ and please be in touch.

Aloha all!  Yours gratefully, Marnie Hancock.