Healing The Water & The Environment, & Upcoming Classes

Water and a lack of it are on many people’s minds these days.

When my husband and I went on a recent hike up to Crater Lake, we made our usual stop at the headwaters of the Rogue River.  In 2009, torrents of water were once flowing over rocks making mini waterfalls (above), and this was just one of many tributaries.  Now, in 2015, the same place is just a tricle, and two full tributaries have been reduced to one (below.)

Rogue River Headwaters Sept 2015 RS
So, it was very timely that we discovered some new List wordings for healing the water and also the environment.  In a very roundabout way, we came up with the following List wording at one of our List gatherings in Ashland.

“…having the water in Southern Oregon abundant, clean, healthy and beneficial to drink, easily….”

This List wording actually started out by a List Alumni to trying to clear smoky skies in Southern Oregon. Tired of the month-long smoke in the valley, she added this wording to her List.

“…having the air in Southern Oregon clean, healthy and beneficial to breath, easily….”

Almost immediately, the smoky skies turned blue. What, you say, the skies were likely going to clear anyways?!? Well, as always, there is no physical “proof” that this change was caused by the List. But, the long-awaited smoke clearing occurred within a 12 hour period, and, very easily. Since then, we have experienced a full month of clear and sunny blue skies, and the smoke has not returned.

Crater Lake Sept 2015 RS

My husband and I enjoyed our second pilgrimage to Crater Lake this summer as soon as the skies cleared. Fortunately, there seems to be little change in the level of the water in the crater.  (No out of control consumption?!?)  But snow packs last winter were very minimal.

So, I thought, why not try a similar wording for the local water, written above, and even for the soils we grow our food in?

“…having the soil in Southern Oregon clean, healthy and beneficial to grow healthy and beneficial food in, easily….”

The Five Elements

In this way, I covered three of the five elements identified as very significant in many Ancient Societies.

The only ones I’m leaving out are fire, and wood, or the ethers, also known as spirit. I think we have seen enough of the element of fire for a while! (But here is a beautiful picture of a fire in its proper place at Crater Lake Lodge.)

Crater Lake Lodge 2015 RS

And I have previously written a complete article about safety for the trees.

Regarding the ethers, and/or spirit, I believe many ancient civilizations believed that this was the source of all the elements, and in part ran through them all.

This Summer’s Conferences, & Care for Water

This brings me to a brief discussion of the two conferences I alerted you to this summer, the visit of the Tibetan Rinpoche from Bhutan, and the World Peace and Prayer Day hosted by Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim Baker and Chief Avrol Looking Horse.

Common to the two conferences was a concern for the environment, and in particular a concern for the element of water. The Tibetan Rinpoche talked about showing a love and respect for the water, through performing the water blessing ceremony here in Ashland. Chief Avrol Looking Horse and Grandmother Agnes talked about respecting and praising the elements through prayers and ceremonies.

Key to all three speakers was the knowledge that each element was alive and a part of the sacred, and as such needed to be honoured, respected and praised. This, in contrast to the elements being bought and sold as commodities, and simply for profit. If not, receding waters and changes in the other sacred elements would be what we could expect.

At Grandmother Agnes’s recent 91st birthday, I received a thank you card for attending, and the inscription read:

“I’d like to get people to start blessing the water and tell them it’s sacred and thank it for what it does for us.”

Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

So, in our own List way, I believe that if we add these wordings to our Lists we will be doing our part to help to heal the waters and other situations involving the environment.

Local or Global: Input from Joe Timmreck

This last List gathering brought about an interesting discussion between Joe Timmreck and myself, about whether we should have our List wordings address local or global situations.  Often I have recommended global wordings, but I have also added the caution that when we do that, we need to make sure that it doesn’t take too much of our own energy.

Joe Timmreck added another perspective to this, and I am grateful. He mentioned that when you add global wordings oftentimes many, many factors come into play, and adding them can even change the outcomes of situations that have been developing for learning. Also, as I have found, the wording may not work as immediately or as well, most likely for those reasons.

So, that is why I am suggesting a more local approach, at least in this case. Joe also recommended that for more global concerns, group visualizations were recommended. I have been reminded of this before, and for this reason, I would love to gather those who are local and interested to attend an afternoon to visualize as a group, for our planet, ourselves, the environment and any other concerns.

Upcoming Classes: Oregon

On Sat., Oct. 24, at 10:30 AM we will gather to work on our Lists, and I will lead a Good/Bad Technique for those who are interested. At 12:30 PM we will be having a Pot lunch. At 1:30 PM, we will gather for a Group Visualization, focused on healing ourselves and the environment. We will gather at a private home, so please call or email to register for either or both sessions, and to confirm the location. Attendance is by donation. A suggested donation is $15.00.

Our next List Class is scheduled for Fri., Nov. Nov. 13, 7 – 10 PM, Sun., Nov. 15, 10 AM – 5 PM, and Tues., Nov. 17, 7 – 10 PM, at the Phoenix Public Library, 510 West 1st Street, Pheonix, Oregon. These dates are subject to change, however, so stay tuned.  Fee, TBA.

Upcoming Classes: San Francisco

On Oct. 24 & 25, a Sat. & Sun., Joe Timmreck will teaching his second San Francisco List Class!  Please call or email Marnie Hancock if you know of any individuals in the San Francisco area who would be interested in attending.  Fee & Location, TBA.

Humanity Transcending Differences

I would like to leave you with one more interesting “element” shared by Chief Avrol Looking Horse. He was very inspired to share this message with the world. According to him and Aboriginal Prophesies, times of great change and reconciliation are upon us.  This is evidenced by the birth of white animals and especially the White Buffalo Calf in 1994. In order to solve the problems of today, he believes we need to transcend our differences and to problem solve as one group of humanity. Differences in religion, race and creed need to be put aside, and we need to work together to resolve negative situations by turning them into positive ones.

Doesn’t that sound like the List? Happy writing, happy “righting,” and I will be in touch again as the fall progresses.

Here is a link to videos of Chief Avrol Looking Horse talking about the importance of these times for those who are interested.


Love, Light & Laughter,
Marnie Hancock.