Plastic in Paradise

Aloha Everyone!

When we think of Hawaii, especial Kauai the Garden Island, we think of rainbows and the beauties of nature, just like this wonderful picture portrays.  But when my husband and I recently we walked the beaches at a resort just North of Lihue, Kauai, we saw a much more alarming picture.  That is why I title this article, “Plastic In Paradise.”

We arrived in Lihue and drove up to our destination resort, and we were very pleased to arrive on a Tuesday afternoon, when Hawaiian music was shared around the beautiful pool, slightly in and away from ocean beaches.  Our room was wonderful, as we sat on the balcony basking in the warming sun, watching the beautiful waves roll in, and enjoying our wonderful Hawaiian vacation.

This was all in stark contrast, however, to what we discovered on the beaches the next morning.  Bits and pieces of hard blue and white plastic were strewn everywhere on the sand, and plastic bottles were even floating in the waves. 

Too, that evening my husband pointed out to me that the brightly colored bar that we were enjoying our Happy Hour at was actually “decorated” with larger pieces of broken plastic, brightly colored and collected from the beach beyond. 

When we asked the bartender about the debris on the beaches and walls of the beach bar, he said much of the larger debris was originally from the earthquake in Japan.  Fukushima had happened quite a long time ago, however, and the plastic on the beaches and in the waves was “fresh”: freshly washed up and washed in, from the open ocean beyond.

Grandmother Agnes

My thoughts then turned to Grandmother Agnes, of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmother’s.  Grandmother Agnes, who hails from the Ashland area, has always been “a voice for the voiceless.”  Recently at a speaking engagement, I remember Grandmother Agnes talking about the large, ten-mile Island of plastic that was floating in the ocean.  I had not realized that this Island was so big, and I began to pay more attention to it.  Eventually, I even went so far as to add the wordings to my List.

List wordings for the ocean.

“…having the oceans on this Earth disassociated with garbage, including plastic garbage and other kinds of garbage, easily….”

I even researched where this floating Island was in the ocean, and I specified its location on several other wordings.  Well, once these wordings were on my List, related events started occurring, and they were brought to my attention.  Specifically, I remember hearing about plastic showing up on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, and the young man in San Francisco heading out to sea with his “boom” boat, to gather plastics in the ocean.

Upon my husband’s and my return, I began to wonder, what was the likelihood that my husband would have booked such a hotel, the only one our travels around Kauai that had a beach and bar ”decorated” with plastic.  For those of you who have had a List for a long time, and you know what it can do, I think you would have had similar thoughts, and you would have wanted to do even more.  –I find that people who have and utilize their Lists are often highly intelligent individuals, with a strong social conscience. 

More List Wordings About Plastic?  Please Help!

So, as to what to do next, I am asking you for your help.  Does anyone out there have any more ideas for wordings about this plastic situation?  I need to think some more wordings on this: like, “…having plastic exist only to the mutual benefit of all..,” for example: or, “…plastic exists only for the benefit of the Earth, water and land..:” something along those lines.  I am not very familiar with all things to do with plastic and recycling, so this is why I am asking for your help.  Please remember though, if you add global wordings to your List, they can take a lot of energy, so please monitor this, and only take such wordings on if you are feeling healthy and strong. 

Relatedly, and one very positive, practical outcome for myself from this experience is that I now have made a very big commitment myself to recycle everything I can.  Many of you may already know that in Oregon what we can recycle in our red bins has been significantly reduced.  Ashland, however, has its own recycling depot, and they take many items that the red bin will not: like soft plastic for example.

For the Earth

There is a bigger picture too, that I would like to share.  Here is another wording has come to mind about helping the Earth and the environment:

“…having the human race function for the benefit of the Earth, water and land….” 

Perhaps we could all add this wording to our List: yes, this is a request, if you feel so moved: before the Earth decides we are too much of a detriment to her and her creations!  These thoughts, too, were always concerns of Jann Timmreck’s, as well as the concerns of the Grandmother’s Council.  This, indeed, was one of the Grandmother’s main foci, in that they felt and taught that ancient prophecy talks about these times, and how humanity must start to function “to the mutual benefit of all”: even to the benefit of the voiceless: in order to survive.

New Grandmother’s Council, Sedona, April 2019

Speaking of the Grandmother’s Council, I am very excited to announce that there is another grandmother’s council with several key Grandmothers coming up soon, celebrating Earth Day.  The gathering is in Sedona, from April 19 to 22, and here is a link to the details. 

Upcoming List Update, OLLI, & Timmreck Classes

Also, on Saturday, March 24, from 12-4, I will be hosting a List Update Class at the Ashland Library.  I am looking forward to seeing you there!   In April and May, I will also be teaching at OLLI, both the List aka Reality Dynamics and our Visualizations: The Point of Power Classes.  Open Registration for these classes at OLLI run from March 1 (now!) to March 25, and becoming an OLLI member for the Spring term costs only $75.00.  With this membership, you can attend many more Spring term workshops.

Spread the News!

Please inform your friends, and encourage them to become members at OLLI, so they can attend these classes.  Below too is a link to my schedule and OLLI’s and our contact information, which is now on my website schedule page.

Ghosts, Goblins and Guardian Angels: Our Guides Class

Too, on Saturday, June 8, I will be teaching a “Guides Class,” also known as, “Ghosts, Goblins and Guardian Angels.  All of our Timmreck, “Theta Mastery” Classes are meant to be utilized together, at different times, to maximized the effectiveness and joy of your lifetime here on Earth.  In this specific class, we teach how to interact safely with non-physical beings: a point that I will be writing more about, in response to Doreen Virtues recent turn around to a much more conservative and I would say safe stance about interacting with non-physical beings.  Well, on that interesting note!


I love you all, and I wish you all “the best possible,” in these interesting times.  I look forward to hearing your suggestions about List wordings for the environment, and I look forward to seeing many of you soon.  Please call me or OLLI as soon as possible, to sign up for our wonderful, safe, and joy creating classes!


Marnie Hancock