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List Update Class Fri., Aug. 26, Talent OR: Problem Solving Tools

Hello Everyone:

Fri., Aug. 26 is fast approaching, and I needed to share that Aug. 12 changed to Aug. 26 for our next List Update Class.

Presently we are meeting from 10 am to 5 pm at the Talent Library Study Room.  Please contact me ASAP if you are able to attend, and when, as space is limited.  The fee is by donation.

Problem Solving, or having, “…the best possible resolution to…” any situation will be our topic of choice.

Just like the crags at Crater Lake, problems do arrise in our lives, and I am so grateful to have The List as my helpful problem solving tool.

Oftentimes I add that simple wording above, about a concern I have, and the worry and stress go away.  Suddenly I am more comfortable and confident that the situation will be resolved for my benefit and to the mutual benefit of all.

List wordings remove limiting beliefs that cause the stress and worry in the first place, and when I add the above statement to my List, suddenly I feel much more calm.

This simple wording can be applied to any type of problem, be it personal, interpersonal, local or global.

Other helpful and more specific List wordings can be applied to challenging situations, so come and join us on Aug. 26th to take the time to apply these helpful solution/resolution tools.

Yours gratefully,

Marnie Hancock



Summer Travels In Review: Pics, News & Wordings

This summer has started off with lots of fun travel for Jack and I, as we celebrate our (two!) anniversaries.

I thought I’d share some beautiful photos from our travels, and some List wordings that could help with your holidays.

The featured image from this article is of Vernal Falls, in Yosemite National Park.  Believe it or not, we hiked up to the top of the falls off in the distance, on the Mist trail.

Vernal Falls Base Yosemite June 2016 - For Web

Here are the falls, again, from the top and in full view.

Vernal Falls Top Yosemite June 2016 For Web

Jack also showed me a new discovery at the park, hiking along the Toulumne River, behind the Toulumne Lava dome.

Toulumne River Falls Yosemite June 2016 For Web

I used the List wording for this trip and an earlier trip to Upstate New York, and the results were wonderful.

“…having the best possible holiday to, from and in______________________, from approximately __________ __________to approximately ______________________, fulfilling my wants, needs and desires, economically, easily, enjoyably and comfortably, and….”

Are we trying to chase away old age?  Yes!  We want to fit it all in while we still can.  (Cancel, cancel, cancel.)  I think I might need to do a Good/Bad on aging!

Also, we love being out in nature, hiking and enjoying its healing, theta energies.  I think I may have shared this List wording with you before, but it is worth repeating:

“…enjoying experiencing the auditory, visual and kinesthetic delights of nature, fulfilling my wants, needs and desires….”

Earlier this summer, we were with rafting the Rogue River.  Thank goodness Jack forgave me for hitting him across the head with a paddle, twice.  That trip, I didn’t use my List: perhaps I should have!

Rafting the Rogue June 2016 For Web

Not all events have been fun and joy, however, as not long ago we lost our beloved cat, Choochie.  He was 19, and so his passing was expected: but we soon needed the following wording on our Lists, to help us get over the loss.

“…easy and comfortably accepting the most recent transition of the being I know as….”

A long planned 6 hour jet boat trip up the Rogue River was also a good distraction.  I couldn’t take too many pictures, because of the need to hold on in the rapids and during the “doughnuts!”  Here is a link to Jerry’s Jet Boat Trips website in Gold Beach Oregon.  Scroll down the page a bit and watch the included video, and you can share in the great experience!

I hope you have a wonderful summer, filled with fun, relaxation and the “auditory, visual and kinesthetic delights of nature.”

If the wordings and photos have inspired you to take out your List, bravo!  And if you are in the area of Talent, Oregon, on July 15th, we would love to see you.  Summer is a great time to take out your List and see what’s there, what needs to be added or taken away, and even to do a complete overhaul.

July 15 List Update Class: Changes in Time & Location

The venue and time have changed for the List Update Class on July 15, and we are now gathering 12 – 5 pm at the Talent Library.  The address is 101 Home Street, Talent, OR.  Please RSVP if you are planning to attend, as space is limited.  Also, there is no food or drink allowed in the room, so either have an early lunch, or take a break during our gathering, and head out to one of the local enjoyable Talent restaurants.

If you are not in the area and you would like some help by phone, please contact me.

Happy Summer Travels!

Marnie Hancock

Is There A Buffalo In The Room?

I had a lesson in overcoming fear this summer, complete with photos, that I’d like to share.

I thought you would enjoy this photo of a Buffalo staring me down in Yellowstone National Park this summer.  He certainly caught my attention; as he turned towards my van and then headed straight towards us.  With “Buffalo Danger” signs everywhere, thoughts of “Think fast!” filled my mind.

“Roll up your window! Back up!”  I jabbered quickly to my traveling companion, as the huge buffalo neared our van.  And there sat my friend, just calmly smiling at the buffalo, and not moving an inch, as the rather menacing-looking buffalo moved nearer and nearer to us.  Then the buffalo was right beside us; I was expecting the worst, ready to jump out.

The buffalo gently turned and looked at us, and then calmly walked by.

Buffalo Love, Yellowstone, 2011
Buffalo Love, Yellowstone, 2011

Suddenly, the whole experience was over, and my friend and I just sat there looking and laughing at each other, reveling in the experience.

Onlookers cheered, telling us how lucky we were. Joining in the fun, my friend lifted his arm out the window, yelling out a celebratory “Yes!” of victory.  We then calmly continued our journey over the bridge, enjoying being celebrities of the moment.

Overcoming Fear & The List

Next, I remember thinking, “Whew! That was close;” and then, “I am so lucky I have a List!” I remember thinking, “I should have known that the Buffalo wouldn’t hurt us.  We are both ‘safe and secure at all times….’” What a lesson in “Don’t Go Beta;” or, in other words, not letting your fears get the best of you !  Also, I must say, I am so lucky that I have my traveling companion! (He prefers to stay anonymous.)

I thought I would share this experience with you, and I wanted to make the above the theme of this article.  So often we let our fears get the best of us, in many areas of our lives; and if we had that situation on our List, we would also be so much safer and calmer.

This could be a good time to ensure your list has support for overcoming fear and keeping you safe.

If you need a little help with overcoming fear and feeling safe in the world, I’ll be doing a 3 hour Advanced List Class in North Vancouver in on Sunday, Nov. 20th, in the evening. It’s important that you pre-register as there is limited seating. The cost is only $20, so call me at 778-837-2360 today to reserve your spot.

Advanced List Class

In my next post, I’ll tell you a bit more about how this class might help you deal with health challenges as well.