Safe and Secure at all Times, Not So Bad!

A Safety Techniques Class 03/04, 10:30-2, Phoenix Library: List Updates, B4 & After, 9-4.

Hello Everyone!

Our New Year’s Goal Setting List Update Classes were a great success!  Thank you to all who attended. 

The Final Step! Burning I Wants & Removed I Ams!

We will be meeting again on Saturday March 4, 9:00-4:00, at the Phoenix Library.

A Safety Techniques Class

At 10:30 am I will be teaching a class in Safety Techniques, using List, Visualizations and Guides Techniques.  In these interesting times, it is more and more important to know how to protect yourself from using all of the techniques available to us, as developed by Jann and Joe Timmreck.  I look forward to sharing and reviewing these techniques with you!  The class length will depend on practice and discussion time, but I believe we will be finished this class by 2 pm at the latest.  Treats (power bars & gluten-free pie) and beverages are provided!  But if you have a special diet, please bring what you desire. The fee is by donation.  If anyone from a different area is interested in this class, please contact me, and we can create a Zoom Class on a different day.

I will be at the library as of 9 am setting up, so if you would like to come and work on your List early, I’ll be available to help as of about 9:15.  When we have completed the Safety class,people can leave or continue to work on their Lists until about 4 pm.

Thank you!  I look forward to seeing you there!  Please RSVP if you are interested in attending this Safety Techniques class.

A New List Technique

I learned an interesting new List Technique at our New Year’s List Update gathering, from another long-term List Alumni.  I learned to work on only the first half of my List, which contained areas in my life that are currently in a state of change.  The other half, I didn’t touch.  This made one of the last steps much.  I only had to read down to where I stopped making changes, the next three, the last two, all three times.  So, I was able to move to the final step much more quickly, which was burning the removed List statements and any new I Wants I had written out.  (As many of you know, the List works best when you complete the Update process within two weeks.)

At the New Year’s List Update Class, everyone worked at their own pace, and a number of people completed their updates within the first two of our three classes.  Not me!  Famous for a very large List, a too large List, I spent all three classes working on the first half of my List.  So my plan for Saturday March 4 when we are updating our Lists is to work on the second half.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy Winter!  I know we are all looking forward to a wonderful spring.

Lots of Love, Light & Laughter!

Marnie Hancock.