Gratitude, OLLI, List & Vis. News, & Plastic in Paradise & The Amazon


Hello everyone! I am so grateful for you all, and for this wonderful spring and summer.  This Spring, I am so thankful for the wonderful people I met at OLLI at SOU, teaching the classes the List aka Reality Dynamics and Visualizations: The Point of Power.  I am also very grateful for the many List Alumni too who have sent me information about the plastic situation. This summer, I am so grateful too for the many beautiful places that my husband and I have been able to visit and hike at.  No smoke!  Yeah! My husband has kept me very busy this summer, with many trips away, so as to avoid–the smoke, which never happened! Yeah again! But if I have seemed somewhat absent, that’s why.

Crater Lake and Wizard Island, at the beginning of the Summer of 2019

OLLI Gratitude

I met so many wonderful people teaching this Spring at OLLI.  Thank you to the members of OLLI who have attended our “Reality Dynamics” classes.  I have really enjoyed teaching at OLLI at SOU, this spring and for the last 3 years.  For those of you who don’t know, OLLI at SOU translates to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Southern Oregon University.  I enjoy OLLI students so much.  They are intelligent, curious, educated and socially responsible individuals.  Several new alumni have joined our List Newsletter, so thank you, and welcome! 

I was grateful too to those List Alumni who re-attended our List Class.  You were able to provide valuable testimonials as to how the List has uniquely benefited your lives.  A special thank you to you too!

Another great benefit of teaching at OLLI is that this compels me to working on all of the Timmreck information, in preparation for publishing all their books on Amazon.  I made great progress on the “Mind Frames” book last year, teaching it at OLLI for the first time.  And this year I made great progress on the book, “Visualizations The Point of Power.”  Joe Timmreck and I are now calling all of this information, “Reality Dynamics,” rather than, “Theta Mastery.” It just seems more appropriate.

As for the List book, for the rest of the year, I am working on its reorganization and putting it in the order of the original List class, and also adding a voice to the book, or a narrator.  This is a project I have longed to get to, and now it’s happening.  I am working with a great editor, and when we are finished, the book will go to a local and professional book designer.

As to the other books, next Spring I plan to teach Mind Frames at OLLI once more, The List, and possibly Visualizations: The Point of Power.  I am not sure if I will have the new version of the List book complete by then, but the current version is still very instructive and valuable.  More and more students at OLLI purchased the List book this year, and I am very pleased with this. Thank you!

Summer Gratitude

Marnie above Secret Beach, just up from Brookings, OR, Summer 2019

This summer I am so grateful for the clear skies and warm temperatures we have all been enjoying.  My husband and I have been taking the time to “smell the flowers,” as you can see from this photo, from our recent hike at “Secret Beach,” just outside of Brookings OR.  We also managed to get over to Bend, and just outside of Bend we hiked up to Tumalo Falls. What a delight: the view and the hike!  I recommend it to everyone!  Also, we got our usual summer treks to Crater Lake (first photo), the Rogue River and Mt. Shasta.  I will share the Tumalo Falls photo with you here, and the rest below. What a wonderful destinations!  I hope you enjoy these summer images!

This Fall and Winter

This fall and winter I plan to concentrate solely on the completion of the latest copy of the List book.  This is exciting and I look forward to sharing the final product with you all.

I may hold a List Update Class in the fall, but as of yet I haven’t booked a time or location.  If you would like a private consultation about your List, though, please give me a call, and I can help you with wordings. 

Plastic in Paradise 2:  More Gratitude!

Thank you to those of you who gave me your input on the Plastic in Paradise situation, which I wrote about in my last newsletter.  Long-time List Alumni friends have replied and weighed in about how to solve the problem of, “Plastic in Paradise.”  There is good news and bad news, so I’ll share with you both, and then I’ll share several suggested List wordings to assist in creating more good news! 

Several List friends have weighed in with alternatives to plastic, such as soy, hemp, cactus and seaweed!  Even several new machines can be made from repurposed plastic.  And instead of Styrofoam containers, I learned that cardboard ones can be used and composted.  Speaking of Styrofoam and cardboard, though, other alumni mentioned the bad part of this subject, that in China people use 60 million take out containers a day.  By the way, why did the Chinese stop recycling our plastic?  One person informed me that it was because it was too dirty.  Yes, we need to clean up our act!

 Other articles I’ve read on the subject say that the majority of the ocean’s plastics come from the 10 major rivers in the world.  Most of them are from countries other than the US and Canada.  I heard too that in some Asian countries, people take their garbage down to the sea, to let it wash out with the tide.  What?  For decades, now, too, ocean going ships, military and cruise ships, have just been dumping their garbage right into the seas.  Now, too, plastic micro-particles are being found in our rivers, even at the headwaters.  Yes, again, we need to clean up our act—and soon! 

Some more good news, though, is that Europe has just banned all single use plastic.  Too, more and more people are getting together to clean up local beaches; and the young man who designed the ship and large boom that gathers plastic from the ocean has fixed his invention and set sail again.

From the helpful List perspective, here are some List wordings that several alumni have suggested.  Only add them if you feel so moved.

“…having human beings use plastic only for their best health and benefit, easily….”

“…having plastic function to the mutual benefit of all, easily….”

Several long time List alumni also really like the wording I shared in the last article, because it is the end result of what we want.

“…having the human race function for the benefit of the Earth, air, water and land, easily….”

Another final suggestion is that “…countries are responsible for the recycling of their plastic, easily….”

If you can think of other suggestions for related List wordings, please email them to me.

The Rogue River, above Natural Bridge.

The Amazon Forest

All the while, reviewing the plastic situation, I kept thinking about the Amazon Forest.  Now, very visibly, people are aware of deforestation in the Amazon.  This is a really important concern, and so, let’s think of some List wordings to address this issue.  What first comes to mind are these wordings:

“…having the trees in the Amazon rain forest safe and secure at all times, easily….”

“…having the trees in the Amazon rain forest abundant, intact, plentiful and healthy and strong, easily….”

“…having members of the Brazilian government function for the benefit of the trees, animals, Earth and land….”

“…having the Amazon rain forest the site of abundant international eco-tourism, easily and quickly….”

Thank You!

Thank you again for your interest in Reality Dynamics, and I wish you much joy and happiness throughout the rest of the year. Please be in touch if you have any new information or you would like some help with your List.

Yours gratefully,

Marnie Hancock.

Mount Shasta, from Heart Lake, up from Castle Lake, CA.