Summer 2017 List News: Retro Events, Wordings & OLLI List Class

Mercury Retrograde & Intro.

Hello!  This summer has been full of new energies, surprises, much beauty, and at the same time an interesting look into the past.  A Mercury Retrograde began on Saturday August 12, and the Solar Eclipse occurred on August 21.  Mercury Retrogrades often bring about a review of the past, and I read recently that the Solar Eclipse crossing through the middle of the US is reflective of a review of the past civil war in America.  But Mercury Retrogrades are also about getting extremes in new information about past events.  This Retrograde ends on Tuesday, September 5, and hopefully the new insights gained about race relations in the US can lead to more informed implementation where needed.   At the end of this email, I have reprinted some helpful List wordings for Race Relations, Humanity, and also Nuclear Energy.

Summer Beaches

Personally this summer started out wonderfully, with the discovery of a new swimming hole up in the local mountains.  The first pictures is from that beach.  Many fun days have been spent there, with a healthy, 20 minute walk in, and then a gradual, sweet entry into the water on smooth, flat lava stone.  This was very reminiscent of swimming on my favorite beach in Naramata, on the Okanagan Lake where I grew up.  This lake, named Howard Prairie Lake, is mostly clear and warmed by the sun, barely populated, and with only rare visits by pelicans, eagles, families of deer and the occasional bumble bee!  (I just love this picture of this bee, and I had to put him in!)

Bee PCP Trail 2017 ResizedSmoke and fires have started up now, though, and while I am reminiscent of how smudging smokes from fires are protective, I look forward to clear skies and breathing clean air again.

World Events

Certainly world events have become a concern, too, and I have felt this quite strongly.  Yes, I admit, I have made sure I have a good supply of Potassium Iodide on hand.  I remember buying a supply of this product when Fukushima happened, and when I relocated this supply, I also found instructions about how you can take up to 130 mgs a day, to protect the thyroid from radiation.  I have found out too that more can be purchased locally at health food stores and Army and Navy supply stores.  Sigh.  We don’t like to think about these things, but I think it is wise to be prepared.  Other helpful tips can be found in this previous post about Fukushima, and here is the link to it.

Solar Eclipse

On a lighter note, the solar eclipse here in Oregon was a wonderful event.  Having procured the appropriate glasses, my husband and I enjoyed the beautiful eclipse from high up on Mount Ashland, with other happy revelers, and then we shared a wonderful lunch at Callahan’s Restaurant close by.  From what I have been reading from Astrologers, this event is significant in terms of new learning.  While I haven’t quite figured it all out, I was pleased to note how everyone felt a sense of awe and appreciation at nature’s beauty.  I hope and dream that this sense of awe and appreciation will continue, towards all aspects of nature, and also towards each other.

Solar Eclipse 2017 M & J

An Upcoming List Class, Sept. 12-Oct. 24 at OLLI at SOU

For my part, in terms of beautifying the world, I continue to offer The List or Reality Dynamics Class, in the hopes that people can improve their lives and the world around them.  This fall I am offering a List Class at Southern Oregon University’s OLLI program.  OLLI stands for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which I believe is similar to a Continuing Education Program often held at Colleges and Universities.  If you live in the Ashland area and you know someone who would be interested in attending, please call OLLI at 541-552-6048 to register.  They would need to become a member, for a fee of $125.00, which entitles you to take many other interesting OLLI courses throughout the year.  I am selling the List book separately, for $40, and purchase of the book is optional.  While most members are 55 years of age and older, younger people can become members and attend classes.  This class begins Sept. 12 and runs to Oct. 24.  The days and hours are seven Tuesdays from 11:00 to 12:30.  Also, if your area has Continuing Education Programs at local Colleges and Universities, and you are interested in seeing the List taught there, please contact me.

Helpful List Wordings

Searching through previous posts, I found wordings that fit race relations and humanity’s “oneness” and commonality.  I also created a new wording about nuclear energy.  Here they are below.

“…having the best possible resolution to race relations in the United States of America, easily and comfortably….”

“…having humanity have the best possible common values, easily….”

“…having humanity know and share their best possible common values, easily….”

“…having human beings love and accept each other, on any level, easily….”

“…having humanity function from its highest consciousness, functioning with truth, wisdom and knowledge, on any level, easily….”

“…having any of the nuclear energy on the Earth safe and secure at all times for any living beings on the Earth and the Earth itself, functioning in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, easily….”

My best to you all, and I hope to see and hear from you very soon. I hope you enjoy the beauty of these wild flowers, now in bloom along the Pacific Crest Trail up at Mt. Ashland.

Wild Flowers Mt Ashland 2017Lots of Love, Light and Laughter,

Marnie Hancock