Summer & Fall Events: Transformative Flow

Hello Everyone! I hope your summer was beautiful and restful: contrary, perhaps, to the astrological influences of the summer, which were those of Mercury and Mars Retrogrades. I’m sure those influences added to the “smoke” and “fires” that so many of us experienced this summer. Mercury is the planet of energy and will, and some would say, the planet of change and transformation by fire, or even through war. Thank goodness we bypassed the war part! This Mars retrograde ended on August 26. Yes! The Mercury retrograde, which governs communications, ended approximately a week ago. Mars and Mercury Retrograde intensities, especially in communications, were definitely felt by me this summer, and I had to remind myself to do the transformative gold Figure 8 infinity visualization with those around me, and to say my color and emotion a lot. Both techniques seem to unblock the communication barriers, and to get those loving relationship feelings flowing once more.

Re-evaluating the Past

Retrogrades also tend to bring up the past, and we are sometimes given opportunities to re-evaluate how we acted previously, and we are given opportunities to learn how to better act moving forward. I think we are seeing these influences on a macro level, and on a micro level too. For myself this summer, I felt like it was a challenge to stay “emotionally disassociated” with intense energies around me. I felt like I was almost playing a waiting game, until these influences calmed down and were going back in a proper direction. (I have been told that patience is an important lesson for me. What!?! Me!?! Oh, hurry up and go away retrogrades!)

Visits from the Animal Kingdom

While waiting, however, I had some amazing visits from the animal kingdom. It seemed like animals were playing a special part in my life this summer, with timely visitations from snake, owl, fox, hawk, rabbit and deer, each with their own special message for me. I will share some of these photos and messages with you, starting with Snake (Transformation.) Fox is next (Stealth, and a waiting game), Owl (Wisdom), Rabbit (Fear) and lastly, Deer (Unconditional Love.) (Sorry, no picture of Rabbit, as he/she got eaten! LOL. –Just a little reminder not to go beta, or too emotional.) If you are interested, the Native American culture talks about messages through animals, and you can research their meanings by purchasing a book or searching on the internet for The Medicine Cards. The overwhelming and practical message for me this summer was all of the above, but especially from Hawk, (Warning), who I share below, the warning message was, “While off on excursions, keep your cat inside!”  (I have placed Deer, Unconditional Love, at the end of this article.)

This summer my husband and I managed to find renewing beauty in nature on several occasions, bypassing the smoke, and my featured, top image is one of my favorite shots. Getting out in nature is definitely a way to renew, and another way to elevate the emotional, beta energies to healthier, happier, and theta ones. The “cross crawl” of hiking (in this case along the Rogue River, up beyond Beckie’s Café), also helps to even things out, and to move from stuck left brain to “right,” getting the flow of positive energy flowing and moving once again.

Reorganizing my List

At first I didn’t notice the retrograde re-evaluating influence consciously, but this summer I did decide to reorganize my List. For the first time in almost two years, I went through my List completely. And what did I learn? Well, for one thing, I relearned how important it is to do this, and more often, because I realized that there was one major area that I hadn’t covered on my List!  Several years ago my left hip was bothering me, and so I put many both general and detailed statements on my List addressing that. Not long afterwards, my left hip was great, “physically comfortable, functioning naturally and normally;” but then my right hip started bothering me! In retrospect, I didn’t have the many statements identifying my different right hip parts as “healthy and strong,” and “the cells, tissues, fluids,” etc., the same, in my right “iliac” bone, my right pelvis, etc., and so it was important for me to add all of these statements. Too, I removed many outdated statements, and I made core statements for about three “old” Good/Bads. Much to my husband’s happiness, my List became much smaller! (He likes to keep a simple, general List, while I tend to get much more specific.) All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend it to you all. As the instructions mention in the List book, once every six months to a year a complete List overhaul is advisable. Personally, I took the full two weeks to go through my List, laying it out on a large table, and reorganizing the various categories. Then I put it all back together the way I wanted it, and then I read it through completely, three times.

List Info. Talk and Classes Sept./Oct.

The Mars Retrograde also influences our will power, and how we apply it to our destiny. After some transformative, renewing and re-evaluation time, with increased energy I am ready to get busy again with classes and writing. This will be my focus this fall. On Sept. 24, at the Ashland Co-op, from 6-8 pm in their classroom, I will be giving a talk titled, “The List And Your Well-Being.” I hope you can attend if you are in the area. A List Class will follow, two Saturdays, Oct. 6 and 13, from 10-4 pm, in the Guanajuato Room at the Ashland Public Library. Please watch for more reminder emails, and if you have people in your life who you feel will benefit from the List Class, please encourage them to attend and/or contact me. Consider attending yourself! I will also be teaching the List Class, Mind Frames and hopefully a Visualizations class at OLLI this spring, with more details to follow in the New Year.  Thank you, and let’s wish for a smoother and more “comfortable” autumn: I won’t say fall! Let’s all just move right on into deer, and unconditional love!

Gratefully, and with Love, Light & Laughter,

Marnie Hancock.