Vacations, OLLI & List Update Class, Nov. 19, 12-4, Ashland

Hello Everyone.

This fall has been a wonderful one, despite the uncertainty in the outside world.  I hope it has been wonderful for you too.

I have especially enjoyed teaching the List at Southern Oregon University’s OLLI program, and I have enjoyed meeting a number of new and wonderful people.  The class has spanned over 7 weeks, with everyone completing their Lists last week.  It was a delight hearing some of the successes that their Lists had already brought to them.  Like this arch at Bryce Canyon, these students will now be entering a whole new world, filled with whatever adventures they decide to put on their Lists.

This fall we flew down to Las Vegas to visit friends, and then we traveled to both Zion and Bryce National Parks.  They were very beautiful.  Bryce Canyon was particularly unique, with all of the different land formations, from erosion over time.  Here is the List wording I used for this vacation, and it worked very well:

“…having the best possible vacation to, from and in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in and around Bryce and Zion National parks, in Utah, from approximately September 3, 2017, to approximately September 7, 2017, fulfilling the mutual wants, needs and desires of _______” (my husband’s name), “and myself, experiencing the best possible weather conditions for us, easily, enjoyably and comfortably….”

These next two weeks at OLLI students will be learning the Good/Bad Technique, the Trauma Release Visualization, and Jann and Joe’s NLP theory.  Relatedly, with learning the Good/Bad Technique, these new List students will also be able to see the various limiting beliefs that are keeping them from achieving their goals.  Like the monoliths of Bryce Canyon, these limiting beliefs can create barriers to success.

Please consider arranging a Skype video call, if you would like me to help you with a Good/Bad Technique that you would like to complete, on an area in your life that may not be flowing very well.

If you are in the area, our next List Update Class, where you can review your List or complete a Good/Bad Technique, will be on Sunday, November 19th, from 12 to 4 pm, in the Guanajuato Room at the Ashland Library.  Attendance is by donation.

The List and its basic technique, as well as the Good/Bad, gives a person the tools to go deeply and positively into their subconscious mind, remove their limiting beliefs in various areas, and then allowing them to achieve  most anything they desire: such as hiking down deep into Bryce Canyon, despite its steepness!

We are home now, and I think what has also made this autumn so wonderful was all the adventures my husband and I can participate in, as well as the wonderful friends we both have.  We love the outdoors, and the beauty that Nature provides.  We feel so blessed.  Relatedly, here are two List wordings that I believe have really added to our lives.  (I know, you’ve likely seen some of them before, but it’s good to review them.)

“…enjoying experiencing the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory delights of nature….”

“…having an abundance of the best possible friends for me, sharing fun, laughter, enjoyment, common experiences and interesting conversations, fulfilling my wants, needs and desires, easily and enjoyably….”

Going back briefly to the outside world, I recently received a request for help from Grandmother Flordemayo, the Mayan Grandmother from the Grandmother’s Council.  This request came to my email account, and so it wasn’t possible to put that link into this article.  Here is a link to her Facebook page, however, and if you scroll down a bit to her post of Oct. 14, you can see her request for donations.  It would be sad if this temple needed to close.  Please help out with her heirloom seed temple and share with “interested others” if you feel so moved.

Thank you.  See you on Nov. 19th!

Lots of Love & Light,

Marnie Hancock.