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Is There A Buffalo In The Room?

I had a lesson in overcoming fear this summer, complete with photos, that I’d like to share.

I thought you would enjoy this photo of a Buffalo staring me down in Yellowstone National Park this summer.  He certainly caught my attention; as he turned towards my van and then headed straight towards us.  With “Buffalo Danger” signs everywhere, thoughts of “Think fast!” filled my mind.

“Roll up your window! Back up!”  I jabbered quickly to my traveling companion, as the huge buffalo neared our van.  And there sat my friend, just calmly smiling at the buffalo, and not moving an inch, as the rather menacing-looking buffalo moved nearer and nearer to us.  Then the buffalo was right beside us; I was expecting the worst, ready to jump out.

The buffalo gently turned and looked at us, and then calmly walked by.

Buffalo Love, Yellowstone, 2011
Buffalo Love, Yellowstone, 2011

Suddenly, the whole experience was over, and my friend and I just sat there looking and laughing at each other, reveling in the experience.

Onlookers cheered, telling us how lucky we were. Joining in the fun, my friend lifted his arm out the window, yelling out a celebratory “Yes!” of victory.  We then calmly continued our journey over the bridge, enjoying being celebrities of the moment.

Overcoming Fear & The List

Next, I remember thinking, “Whew! That was close;” and then, “I am so lucky I have a List!” I remember thinking, “I should have known that the Buffalo wouldn’t hurt us.  We are both ‘safe and secure at all times….’” What a lesson in “Don’t Go Beta;” or, in other words, not letting your fears get the best of you !  Also, I must say, I am so lucky that I have my traveling companion! (He prefers to stay anonymous.)

I thought I would share this experience with you, and I wanted to make the above the theme of this article.  So often we let our fears get the best of us, in many areas of our lives; and if we had that situation on our List, we would also be so much safer and calmer.

This could be a good time to ensure your list has support for overcoming fear and keeping you safe.

If you need a little help with overcoming fear and feeling safe in the world, I’ll be doing a 3 hour Advanced List Class in North Vancouver in on Sunday, Nov. 20th, in the evening. It’s important that you pre-register as there is limited seating. The cost is only $20, so call me at 778-837-2360 today to reserve your spot.

Advanced List Class

In my next post, I’ll tell you a bit more about how this class might help you deal with health challenges as well.