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The List and Your Health

I recently taught an Advanced List Class, titled “The List and Your Health.” This is an area that many of us have fears about, especially when we are in a challenging situation involving our health. I think this is a very important topic in these times, and I would like to review and share how to apply your List to health issues in depth.

Interesting enough, this is an area that often people either don’t word correctly, or forget to add to their Lists. Perhaps this is because in a crisis – as I have so aptly demonstrated in my last buffalo post – we don’t always think that clearly!

Advanced List Class

Advanced List Class – Live!

The List And Your Health
Marnie Hancock Teaching The List

The class was very well received, and I would like to teach it again here in North Vancouver on Sunday, Nov. 20th, in the evening. This Advanced List Class will be three hours, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Please pre-register by calling 778-837-2360 as soon as possible, as seating is limited. The fee for this Advanced List Class is only $20.00.

A Recent Testimonial

On this same subject, I would like to share a recent testimonial about health, from a friend and List Alumni by the name of Patti.

“Not long ago I was on oxygen and was told that I would probably be on oxygen the rest of my life, by my Oncologist and Lung Doctor.  I worked on My List Health Issues, however, and in less than two weeks I was off my oxygen completely. We also worked on my eye surgery that was scheduled. I had my surgery and now I have 20 20 vision… amazing. I believe it has been two months now that I have been off oxygen. My Oncologist and Lung Doctor are amazed and I am so grateful for the List. This to me is a miracle and thru “The List” my health is blossoming.  Thank You “The List” and My Angels!”

Love and Light,
Patti. Sept., 2011

Another testimonial from Patti, regarding her health, can be seen in our testimonials section.

While the List can be very helpful with a health concern, we do not see the List as a replacement for consulting your own doctor about any health condition.