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The List

An Article by Silvia Wilson,
Founder of The Vancouver Goddess Gift Gathering Events

Imagine having a tool that you use everyday -24/7! That’s what I’ve found that The List is. For years I had been struggling with limiting beliefs. Often not even conscious that’s what was holding me back from receiving and doing what I wanted.

Since doing my own List in July 2004, I’ve already seen some very positive shifts in my life. My relationship with my partner has become more loving and enjoyable. I’ve been accomplishing and completing goals more easily and enjoyably. Whenever I’m in a car driving or as a passenger I feel safe, easily, enjoyably and comfortably. Compared to what I’ve spent on all kinds of workshops I found the value of this workshop & process immense.

The List is based on the concept that our sub-conscious ‘runs’ us and our lives 24/7 whether we’re asleep or awake. It’s because of this that it’s such a powerful tool. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who’s tried many different methods to improve/change their lives with little success. It’s important that you take the time to apply the theory and actually work with The List. You need to adjust and change it so it evolves throughout your life just as you wants, needs and desires evolve.