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.5 Golden Ring Visualizations Techniques

Visualization Techniques: 5 Golden Ring Visualization Exercises

I’d like to share with you these 5 Gold Ring Visualization Techniques that I use and share almost every day, to help clients and myself solve problems and improve health, safety and relationships.  If you like these visualization techniques or have any favorites yourself, please leave a comment below!

While my main focus is usually sharing Reality Dynamics List affirmations, sometimes you need to solve a problem more quickly.  When pen and paper is not around, we recommend you use a visualization, and these 5 Golden Ring Visualizations are quick, easy to use, versatile, and very beneficial.

Visualization Techniques #1: Healing Shin Splints 

The first visualization I use on an almost daily basis is the golden ring.  Believe it or not, I use this visualization exercise in many different ways, but I use this especially for healing shin splints!  When I run, which is almost daily, I sometimes feel a shin splint coming on, and I quickly visualize a gold ring around my shin.  Almost immediately the pain subsides.  The next thing I know I find myself running up the trail, easily, quickly and comfortably!  This is contrary to the year that I didn’t know this visualization, when I wasn’t able to run at all, and I had to wait almost six months for my shin splints to heal.  What a benefit!

Visualization Techniques #2: Healing Headaches

The next way that I use the gold ring for is for healing headaches!  Sometimes I feel a headache coming on, and I immediately do a guided imagery exercise where I place a gold ring around the top part of my head.  Imagine placing the gold ring in the same position as you would place a crown on your head, but have it out and away from your head about an inch or so.  This visualization technique is often enough to stop a headache immediately!

Visualization Techniques #3: Benefiting Others

The third way that I use the gold ring is to benefit others.  Often when I see someone on the street corner, begging for money, I will visualize drawing a gold ring around them.  I know this mini visualization mediation will benefit them in a positive way, likely even more than giving them money.

Visualization Techniques #4: Protection or Staying Safe, For Yourself & Others

The fourth way that I use the gold ring is for safety.  –I have placed this visualization in position number 4, and yet it really should be number one.  If you are walking down the street, and you don’t feel safe, visualize a gold ring around yourself.  Also, if other cars are getting too close to you when you’re driving in traffic, place a gold ring around your car.  If there have been break-ins in your neighborhood, and you are concerned for the safety of your family or the contents of your home, put a gold ring around family members and around your home.  Immediately you will experience a change.  The stranger will move away, or the car will move back.  You and your loved ones will be safe, and once again you can feel more calm, relaxed and safe and secure.

Visualization Techniques #5: Anger Management, Stress Reduction & Improving Relationships

The last but not least recommended I use of the golden ring visualization technique for anger management and improving relationships.  (I.E., Stress reduction!)  When you are in a situation where you find yourself angry with another person, or if they are interacting with you in an emotional or angry way, visualize a gold ring around them.  Not only will this help to calm them down, but you will feel calmer also.  The interaction will become more positive, or it will just go away.

Stay tuned for more Visualization Techniques and even a Guided Imagery Meditations, as well as Mind Frames Tidbits and Reality Dynamics List wordings!  For more information about all of our classes, please see our Theta Mastery page.

Please note that none of our visualizations techniques are meant to replace medical treatment.  Please consult your own doctor regarding any of your health concerns.

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Fun in the sun

The List and Your Health

I recently taught an Advanced List Class, titled “The List and Your Health.” This is an area that many of us have fears about, especially when we are in a challenging situation involving our health. I think this is a very important topic in these times, and I would like to review and share how to apply your List to health issues in depth.

Interesting enough, this is an area that often people either don’t word correctly, or forget to add to their Lists. Perhaps this is because in a crisis – as I have so aptly demonstrated in my last buffalo post – we don’t always think that clearly!

Advanced List Class

Advanced List Class – Live!

The List And Your Health
Marnie Hancock Teaching The List

The class was very well received, and I would like to teach it again here in North Vancouver on Sunday, Nov. 20th, in the evening. This Advanced List Class will be three hours, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Please pre-register by calling 778-837-2360 as soon as possible, as seating is limited. The fee for this Advanced List Class is only $20.00.

A Recent Testimonial

On this same subject, I would like to share a recent testimonial about health, from a friend and List Alumni by the name of Patti.

“Not long ago I was on oxygen and was told that I would probably be on oxygen the rest of my life, by my Oncologist and Lung Doctor.  I worked on My List Health Issues, however, and in less than two weeks I was off my oxygen completely. We also worked on my eye surgery that was scheduled. I had my surgery and now I have 20 20 vision… amazing. I believe it has been two months now that I have been off oxygen. My Oncologist and Lung Doctor are amazed and I am so grateful for the List. This to me is a miracle and thru “The List” my health is blossoming.  Thank You “The List” and My Angels!”

Love and Light,
Patti. Sept., 2011

Another testimonial from Patti, regarding her health, can be seen in our testimonials section.

While the List can be very helpful with a health concern, we do not see the List as a replacement for consulting your own doctor about any health condition.

Japan water

Japan, List Wordings, Health Tips & A Visualization

Japan, List Wordings, Health Tips & A Visualization.

Hi Everyone:

For those who choose, I wanted to send out a quick email suggesting some List Wordings and Visualizations for the situation in Japan, as well as some important Health Tips from Julie Ford. (Julie is a former Health Food Store owner, and is very well informed.)

Two days ago I added this wording to my List.

“…having any of the nuclear power plants in Japan safe and secure at all times, functioning in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, easily….”

Discussing with other List Alumni and Joe Timmreck we are also adding this wording,

“…having any of the nuclear power plants in Japan safe and secure at all times, functioning in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all and for the benefit of the Earth, easily….”

Lastly, and, more generally,

“…having any of the nuclear power plants on the Earth safe and secure at all times, functioning in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, easily….”

Joe and I were discussing these wordings together last night, because I was trying to add more wordings to get more specific (rods, core, etc.)  We both finally agreed, however, that it is often better to stay general rather than being too specific, so that we do not limit how the positive outcome can occur (right brain rather than left, and an end result, rather than a means.)

Please let us know, however, if you have any suggestions that you feel strongly about.  Trust your feelings!  Also, if you choose to put these statements on your List, remember to say your Color and Emotion afterwards, whenever you think about these situations.

Health Tips:

Julie tells me that Potassium Iodide can protect you very well from radiation effects.  This can be purchased in tablets at most Health Food Stores.  If they are sold out, sea weed is also high in iodine, and it can be purchased in packages at some Grocery Stores.  Kelp in tablet form is also quite common on the shelves, and it also contains iodine.  Miso for miso soup is also said to be helpful, and it is available at some Health Food and Grocery Stores.


If you would like to visualize, remember that visualizations work best if you are in an alpha/theta brain wave.  Very briefly, take, hold for a count of three, and then slowly release three deep breaths.  On the first breath, look up, and on the rest, close your eyes gently and relax.  Then, to ensure that the visualization is positive and to the mutual benefit of all, visualize a gold ring.  (If you can’t do some of these instructions, just do what you can, and know that your subconscious is doing it all with and for you.)  Next, imagine (see) the end result picture of what you want: perhaps people cheering that the reactors are operating safely, cool, and that the people are safe now.  Hear, for example, related words. “We’re safe now!”  “Yes!”  Feel the positive feelings.  (Positive smells and tastes help too, if you can get them.)  Then, let the gold ring and the whole situation fill with a clear color, the first one that comes to mind.  (My first impression when checking this was that the clear color blue would be beneficial; but use your own first impression.)  Then, end the visualization by imagining something drawing between you and this visualization: golden velvet curtains, for example, or a fan.  Don’t feel like you need to know all the details of how a nuclear system works, because that too is left brain rather than right.  Use those details if it’s easy and feels right, but worrying too much about the details can limit what you are trying to achieve.  Our motto?  Simple and right brain is best!

I hope these tips are very helpful!  I’ll be returning from Vancouver Island very soon (yes, I was in Tofino during the Tsunami Advisement!), and I look forward to hearing from you!  I need to keep this brief due to time constraints, but I will be in touch again soon.  Also, if you have any suggestions or questions, please give me a call.

Love, Light & Laughter,