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Valentine’s Day “List Love” News: Questers Talk

List Love!Yuko's "List Love" Testimonial

Hello everyone!  Feb. 14 was a “golden success,” with many people attending Questers on Tues., Feb. 14. They heard about “List Love” and much, much more.

The symbol of The Rose represented the main theme of the evening, answering the question,“In life and love, how does one go from the beautiful but closed up rosebud, to being an abundant and fully blossomed rose?” The answer presented was The List, with some theory and many “List Love” Testimonials shared.

Thank you again, Maureen and Yuko!

I also shared my own story, in the form of the new song I wrote, “The List Miracle Song.”

I look forward to sharing this song with you very soon!Maureen's List Love Testimonial

Today, though, I am happy to share several of my Valentine’s talk slides and photos with you, and an overview of the many miracles that took place that evening.

Miracles on Feb. 14th!

On Feb. 14th I tried many new things, and miraculously, everything went smoothly!

I had it on my List!  Here is the wording, in case you have a similar event coming up.

“I am having the best possible presentation about the List, or Reality Dynamics, on Tuesday, February 14, 2012, fulfilling my wants, needs and desires, easily, enjoyably and comfortably, and in healthy and positive ways.”

A Power Point First!

Tues. night was a first for me using the program Power Point.    A special thank you to Karilee Orchard, who is my computer and website miracle worker, for teaching me how to use this program!  Several of the pictures in this article are slides from this presentation.  I was so happy and grateful that this being a first, everything went so smoothly.

High Attendance

I believe there were 30-40 people in attendance!   This was a miracle in itself, considering it was Valentine’s evening!

Video Taping

Another first and a miracle for the 14th was that I had the evening videotaped (oh my God!) The videotape is being edited now, and clips from the evening will soon be posted on this site.  According to Danielle Turner, from Velvet Pumpkin Productions, we have some great video footage to share!

The Miraculous List Box!

List Box at QuestersSpeaking of sharing, another fun and “miraculous” event leading up to the event was that 2 days prior, I found this wonderful Valentine’s List Box.  Isn’t this great?  When I was at Staples looking for Valentine’s paper, I found this wonderful example of a List Box for Valentine’s, just sitting on a shelf!  Before, I was worried I couldn’t bring mine, because mine was too big!

Many people in attendance couldn’t believe that I had found this List box, and in such a timely way.  That’s when I shared how with the List, miracles just become ordinary!

Speaking of miracles being ordinary, that is title of one of the 3 songs that I sang during the evening, “Ordinary Miracle!” Other songs included “The List Miracle Song” & “The Rose.”

Miraculous Music

A special thank you to my friend Brian McGibney, who at the last moment came to assist me with the special sound set up that we needed for recording and videotaping this Valentines evening.  For me, not knowing where to put all the cords into a soundboard, or even begin to know how to mix the sound–this was another miracle!

List Consciousness Defined
Levels of Consciousness

The Miraculous List!

Not every moment of the evening was just miracles and song!  I did talk briefly about List Theory, and how when you remove the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind, your dreams “miraculously manifest!”

I talked about how the List also helps to so smoothly integrate all three levels of consciousness.

I look forward to when I have the time to develop this particular Power Point slide into many, and this will become a List presentation that we can utilize over and over again, with many different organizations.

Please let me know if you know of any new organization that might be interested in hearing about our Miraculous List, and also co-sponsoring a List Class!

List Book Sales

Oh, and another wonderful, miraculous first!  On the 14th, I had my first List Book PayPal purchase, from an interested person in Iowa!  She was a friend of a Quester.  When she checked out our website, she decided to buy the List book!  Also on Tues. evening, many people were interested in purchasing The List Book itself.   More and more people are learning the List simply through following the List Book.  You may want to think about purchasing a List book for a friend or family member yourself, or even several!  While we eventually encourage people to attend a full List Class, learning first from a friend or family member is also very effective; especially when you lend them a hand!

The List Book Photo

All in all, Feb. 14th was a wonderful, miraculous Valentine’s evening!  Thank you to those who attended, in the physical or in spirit!  Stay tuned too for the The List Miracle Song!  I look forward to sharing it with you all very soon.

Lots of Love, Light & Laughter!

Marnie Hancock

B.Ed, Author, Singer, Consultant