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The List & Paradise on Earth

Recently I have been wondering, what can I suggest as List wordings in these times?  There seem to be so many crises going on in the world, and even though I feel personally empowered by my List, it is difficult not to be discouraged when looking at the global scene.

Suddenly, however, an idea popped into my head.  “Rename the Earth!”  What?  At first the idea didn’t make sense.  But when the idea turned into, “Rename the Earth Paradise,” the reasons became clearer.  Certainly this is what we all want, Paradise on Earth.  This may mean different things to different people, but I think generally we all want to be surrounded by and enjoy the delights of this beautiful, natural world, and to live in happiness and at peace with one another.

Secret, Paradise Cove The Oregon Coast 2014
Secret, Paradise Cove The Oregon Coast 2014

The images for this article are from my own Paradise on Earth, Paradise Cove, also known as Secret Cove.  This beach is a secret sunning spot known mostly to locals on the Oregon Coast.  I travel to this cove regularly, to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and ocean water, the majestic rocks, and the wonderful wild life that shows up greet me (the seals above, and more images further on.)  Here, people are so happy to be surrounded by this beauty, that they smile and greet each other easily, and everyone has a wonderful time.

List Tips

The more I thought about it, the more I realized, renaming the Earth Paradise fits with one of the most basic List instructions:

·         go for the end result of what you want, and don’t get stuck in a means to an end.

Here then are the wordings I suggest for our Lists.

… seeing, knowing and experiencing this planet Earth as Paradise, easily, enjoyably and comfortably….

… having the planet Earth named and known as Paradise, easily, enjoyably and comfortably….

Who knows what this will get us!  Let’s watch for the delights!

These Times & Paradise on Earth

I would like to write a bit more about my own personal experiences with Paradise on Earth and these times below.  These times have been getting a lot of attention, with many ancient prophesies seen as coming true.  I remember a whole series on the History Channel, addressing all of these prophesies, from the Hopi, to Christian Revelations, to the prophesies of Nostradamus.

The Metaphysical Community’s Perspective

One prophesy that I have been hearing a lot of lately is one from the metaphysical community.  This prophesy is that in these times, we all have the ability to experience Paradise on Earth, but for those people not living a more spiritual life, their lives will be more difficult.  Those who need to learn this but don’t, will experience a death or challenge of some sort. Too, we may all experience some sort of “ending,” before the New Age or Paradise can manifest.

One of the aboriginal more well-known signs that this time of prophesy and rectification is here was the birth of the White Buffalo Calf.  Further to this, one of the current spiritual teachers for the Lakota Sioux say that all animals will eventually show their true natures, being born white, further signifying the importance of these times.  He adds, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

I would like to tell you about a recent experience that perhaps reflects these aboriginal prophesies.

Back to Paradise Cove

Clifford Camp Campground, Northern California
Clifford Camp Campground, Northern California

One day several months ago, my husband and I made our seasonal journey to the Oregon Coast.  We stopped at several beaches along the way to our final destination, Paradise & Secret Cove.  Popping out from the Redwoods onto the Coast, our first stop was at Clifford Camp, a small but beautiful campground in Northern California.  We raced down to the shoreline, and enjoyed the beautiful waves washing up on the shore.  Soon into our stroll, though, we spied a brown, furry seal, trying to make his way down to the ocean.  This was so unusual, because usually we see them playing and fishing in the waters, rather than stranded up on the shore.  My husband commented, “He looks pretty beat up.”  We decided not to get too close and disturb him, and we turned around and went our own way.  I visualized sending the seal a nice golden ring, hoping this would help him; and, as Jann Timmreck used to teach, help the whole species of seals.

Our next stop was Paradise or Secret Cove.  Down the trail and rocks we scrambled, walking beside beautiful waterfalls, and arriving beside a beautiful creek and sandy shore.  After an hour or so of lounging in the sun and discovering paths over to even more beaches, we returned to our creek to lie down.  Suddenly, looking closer in the creek’s water, I noticed another beautiful seal; but this time, this seal was dead.  His neck was bent back, and he lay pushed up against one of the sandy banks, half in the stream that washed by.  I was shocked.  –This was twice in one day that we had seen seals in distress, and we had never seen this before on the coast.  By then I realized that I was very likely being given a message, from the universe or the seals themselves.  This, too, is an aboriginal teaching.  I made a note to myself, to watch for the third occurrence of finding seals in our vicinity, the details of which might help me understand the meaning of their distress.

Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast
Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast

After getting over the initial shock, I was encouraged then to see several of our seal friends swimming out in the bay, their heads popping up, looking at us curiously, as they took a short break from their fishing adventures.  I remember thinking, OK, then maybe it’s not that serious.  Maybe it was just an unusually high tide or rough sea, which happens sometimes, which threw the seals around and against the rocks.

–I had even almost forgotten completely about the incident, when my husband and I began our usual ascent up the steep cliffs.  Suddenly he said, “What’s that over there?”  It took me a while to see what he was gesturing to, but my eyes soon took in a beautiful, delightful sight.  There on the rocks below, one small cove over, lay a beautiful, whitish seal, with her lovely white pup seal lying beside her.  He poked his small head over her back, she looked towards us, and the pup lifted up its tail, seeming to wave.

IMG_0311 White Seals Original Cropped Resized
White Seals, Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast

In that moment, I knew we had had a very special day.  All in one day, we had seen suffering, death, life and rebirth.  Too, we had seen this rebirth in the form of white seals, this being very unusual and very significant to the aboriginal prophesies of the day.  White to the aboriginal people signifies spirituality emerging on the planet, something I believe we all hope for.

Later, I read that seals have been suffering from some unknown malady, their populations dying off to a very high extent. What is causing this, is only due to speculation: a virus caused by warmer water temperatures, or simply a natural cycle.  In my New Year’s Article of 2013, I suggested several general wordings about the health of the water, air and land.  Here is a link to that article, if you would like to add these wordings to your  List.  If you want to be more specific, you can add a statement for animals or seals themselves.


Whatever the cause, I enjoyed my encounters at my Secret, Paradise Cove, and I wanted to share this beauty with you.  I was encouraged by the seal mother and her pup.  Perhaps they were a sign of better times ahead.  Certainly, the seals in this location seem happier and to have increased in abundance, this final photo coming from a more recent trip to Paradise & Secret Cove.

Many Seals At Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast
Many Seals At Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast

To Paradise on Earth!

Love & Light,

Marnie Hancock.

“On the Edge,” or Safe and Secure at all Times!

Safety for everyone, everywhere, and in any situation?  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?   Safety for your children, your house and your personal possessions?  Safety as a woman, or safety even doing extreme sports?

Yes, all this and much more are possible if you have a List.  Indeed, life for me before having a List was a bit like living “on the edge,” or like hanging from the edge of this cliff on the Oregon Coast!


Jann Timmreck, and My Personal Safety


I remember during my first List Class in 1986, as I sat in awe of Jann Timmreck, listening to all the wonderful things she taught us then.  I remember how shy and quiet I was, and how all of a sudden she just stopped teaching and looked directly at me, saying, “You’re here for safety.  You’re here for the safety that the List can bring to you.”

At the time, I was shocked.   “How could she have known that I feel so vulnerable?” I thought to myself.

“Oh yes,” I answered my own question.  “She’s psychic!”

Indeed, this was just one small part of who Jann Timmreck was.

First and foremost, Jann Timmreck is the original developer and teacher of the List, aka Reality Dynamics.  Whether it was her powerful List goal setting process, her Mind Frames communications class, or her Visualizations techniques, everyone who knew Jann Timmreck loved and respected her.

When Jann first told me I was in the List Class for safety, I understood what she meant on a personal level; but it wasn’t until much, much later that I understood the full extent of what she told me that day.

Indeed, I came to experience that safety was one of the most powerful aspects of the List, potentially giving you safety and freedom in any situation you choose, and a rock solid foundation on which to stand.  (I hope you enjoy these home-made, illustrative pictures.)

Safe and Secure at all Times, A Rock Solid Foundation
Safe and Secure at all Times, The List Builds A Rock Solid Foundation


List Safety Wordings


If you are a List Alumni, you will know that the safety List wordings are the only List wordings that are recommended that everyone put on their Lists.  All other wordings you put on your List are completely by choice.


“… safe and secure at all times, easily, enjoyably and comfortably..,” is the most highly recommended List safety wording.

Many List alumni also make it a priority to place these safety wordings on their List for their children, other their family members and their other loved ones.


 “… safe and secure at all times in any vehicle, easily, enjoyably and comfortably..,” is also recommended, because so many of us travel in vehicles in our daily lives.


You may even want to add the wordings,

“…feeling safe and secure at all times..,” if you are a particularly sensitive person.


Lastly, we also recommend that you put safety wordings on about anything that you do but have concerns about.


“… safe and secure at all times while mountain biking, easily, enjoyably and comfortably..,” for example.


The List as an Anti “Violence Against Women” Tool.


For me, while I didn’t have this wording on my List initially, one of my biggest concerns was being,

“safe and secure at all times as a women….”  Before I had a List, I must admit that I often had experiences of being unsafe around men.

“Unsafe.”  That’s a nice way to put it.

Sexually abused at a young age, and an RCMP call at 21, when a drunken man tried to violently break into my basement suite, are just a few examples of my “unsafe” experiences as a young woman in our society.

Once I had my List, however, I have to say that this kind of experience just completely disappeared.  –My physical boundaries were much, much stronger; and initially I didn’t have to do anything but place the initial safety affirmations on my List.

Indeed, there was one other moment several years later in my life when Jann Timmreck turned to me and surprised me about the subject of safety once again.  I was talking with her about the need for me making sure I chose a safe place to live as a woman, where the roads were well lit at night, and the neighborhood was safe, etc., etc.  Jann looked directly at me again, and she said, “You are safe Marnie.  You don’t need to worry any that more.”

Initially, I really had trouble believing this; having had such challenging experiences earlier in my life.  It took me a while to get used to this idea.  Was it really true?  What a novel idea!  This was when I began to reflect back, and I realized that for a good, long time, those incidents of not being safe around men had virtually gone away.  (This is when I began to think of the List as my Anti “Violence Against Women” Tool.)


Safe and Secure at all Times, Yes With The List!
Safe and Secure at all Times, Yes With The List!

Safety and our Subconscious Beliefs


Ultimately, what I came to believe, and what Jann taught us, is that we are really only as safe and secure as our conscious but especially our subconscious beliefs lead us to be.

This is truly what makes the List such a unique program.  Once you have defined what you want (or what you don’t want), and you have written it in the unique and positive Reality Dynamics List way, you will have made a set of positive conscious and subconscious affirmations, for whatever you want and choose.   Indeed, the unique List process completely rewrites and eliminates your limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs.  This is what makes The List so much more powerful than most just consciously directed goal setting and affirmations programs.


The List as a NEW Safety Tool, Metaphysical & Otherwise!


So, why am I writing this article now, and not for example on International Women’s Day?  Well, life and time gets in the way; and indeed, I really did want to.  I got very busy, however, and I am just getting to it now.  (I need to a Good/Bad Technique on Time!  LOL.)

I am writing this article now, because of an experience I recently had with a friend and long-term List Alumni. In recent conversations, my friend mentioned the word “safe,” in a number of situations.  One of her concerns was that in some of our List Class activities, we don’t include many of the metaphysical traditions that are emerging in metaphysical communities today: invoking the energies of the four directions, smudging, voicing that only positive energies on any level are present before meditations, etc.

Not that these processes have not been important in the past.  Too, not that The List doesn’t have a metaphysical component, if you choose.  By the way, the List wording to ensure your safety on the level of higher consciousness is,


“… safe and secure at all times on any level, easily, enjoyably and comfortably…”


Upon reflection, however, I was able to reaffirm what I already knew.  As I learned from Jann so long ago, and in particular with my safety as a woman, the List itself provides so much safety, and safety on such a new and deep level, that the need for these activities becomes nearly non-existent.  Also, many of these activities take much time, planning and energy.  So, too, do List activities: but in the long run, they do not take nearly as much.

Indeed, once your List affirmations are in place, your List is working for you 24 hours a day, every day, and for the rest of your life if you choose.  All you need to do is to review your List approximately every six months to a year, keeping it up to date.  Too, the safety wordings are some of the wordings that you will leave on your List at all times.


Core Limiting Beliefs & The List Good/Bad Technique


Finally, what is also significant to this story, is that if you have a concern come to your mind, in the form of a specific fear or a repeated word or situation in your life, this is a significant indicator to you that you have additional limiting subconscious beliefs about that particular subject area.

In this situation, you would want to “load up” your List with safety wordings, relating to specific areas of concern.  Too, you may also want to do the List Core Limiting Belief Good/Bad Technique, on that particular subject area.

I remember personally doing so many Good/Bads about the subjects of safety, women, men, mother, father, and more.


Building A Strong & Safe Reality


In conclusion, I know that all of these List Techniques have assisted me in creating a much better, safer life for myself.  Indeed, I believe that I now have a strong foundation of core positive subconscious (and conscious) beliefs, and a much more positive and safe reality, thanks to Jann Timmreck and the List.


Learning The List & Good/Bad Classes


Presently, I am working with Joe Timmreck, co-developer of the List process, on internet marketing and introducing the Good/Bad Classes on-line.  To begin at the beginning, the first word we will begin with is the word “safety,” and we will work through other important subject wordings (mother, father, “time,” etc., over time.)

We are also working on having List Classes on-line, but this will take us a bit more time and effort.

Please remember that you can always order a List book for friends and family here through this website, and also check here for upcoming classes in your area!

Stay tuned for more, and wishing you a happy, safe and prosperous Spring!