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Positive Words Blossom Like Spring Flowers & Summer Magic

Spring has turned to Summer, and the Post that I was planning for Spring, “Positive Words Blossom Like Spring Flowers,” is no longer current! I would like to share with you these beautiful spring pictures from Lithia Park here in Ashland, Oregon, though, along with a “list” of wonderfully positive wordings we generated at one of our recent List Gatherings.

Lithia Park Ashland OR Multicolored Rhododendrons Spring 2015
“How would you like to describe yourself?” a List Alumni asked.

These were the answers we generated.

“Healthy, strong, physically fit, independent, content, empowering, intelligent, happy, genuine, fun, authentic, wise, a leader, knowledgeable, master, kind, glorious, honourable, ethical, discerning, honest, truthful, accepting, gracious, generous, credible, effective, competent, peaceful, talented, confident, glorious, and beautiful.”

I encourage everyone to choose the words they love from the “list” above, and add them separately to their Lists in the following List statement frame.

“I am knowing and experiencing myself as__________, easily, and in a healthy and positive way.”

Summer Magic!

I can’t believe summer is almost over! Speaking of magic and imagination, I thought I’d share of few of my summer’s favorite photos. Tell me that miracles can’t happen!  After a wonderful day hiking with my husband at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, we stopped at a bridge looking over the headwaters of the Rogue River.  Look what appeared in the sky!

Unicorns at Rogue River Farewell Bend Oregon

Although I continue to believe that miracles and magic are much more likely when you have a List and when you keep it current!

I am planning a List Class soon in the Ashland area, so please contact me if you know of someone who is interested in attending the class.

FYI, this fall’s Mercury Retrograde is from Sept. 17 to Oct. 9, 2015.

Don’t be afraid, like this tree we saw at Jedidiah Smith State Park this summer!  Fears can be turned to magic and calm with one simple List wording!  The I Want to the I Am process eliminates the limiting beliefs that are causing the fear in the first place!

A Scared Tree in Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park Oregon

The List Class will be either before Sept. 17, or just after Oct. 9.  Please encourage your friends and family to attend, and consider reattending for half price.

Also, please be in touch if you need some help with a reading and your List. “List Readings” are the ones that I prefer to give, rather than those predicting the future; because I believe that we can and do create our own reality.  I can give intuitive insights, however, to help you get “unstuck,” and provide helpful List wordings to get your life flowing in a positive direction again, and thus help you to experience your own Paradise on Earth.

Here is one of my final, favorite photos from this summer, at Secret, Paradise Cove on the Oregon Coast.  Enjoy!

Secret or Paradise Cove the Oregon Coast

Gratefully, and with Lots of Love, Light & Laughter,
Marnie Hancock