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.5 Golden Ring Visualizations Techniques

Visualization Techniques: 5 Golden Ring Visualization Exercises

I’d like to share with you these 5 Gold Ring Visualization Techniques that I use and share almost every day, to help clients and myself solve problems and improve health, safety and relationships.  If you like these visualization techniques or have any favorites yourself, please leave a comment below!

While my main focus is usually sharing Reality Dynamics List affirmations, sometimes you need to solve a problem more quickly.  When pen and paper is not around, we recommend you use a visualization, and these 5 Golden Ring Visualizations are quick, easy to use, versatile, and very beneficial.

Visualization Techniques #1: Healing Shin Splints 

The first visualization I use on an almost daily basis is the golden ring.  Believe it or not, I use this visualization exercise in many different ways, but I use this especially for healing shin splints!  When I run, which is almost daily, I sometimes feel a shin splint coming on, and I quickly visualize a gold ring around my shin.  Almost immediately the pain subsides.  The next thing I know I find myself running up the trail, easily, quickly and comfortably!  This is contrary to the year that I didn’t know this visualization, when I wasn’t able to run at all, and I had to wait almost six months for my shin splints to heal.  What a benefit!

Visualization Techniques #2: Healing Headaches

The next way that I use the gold ring for is for healing headaches!  Sometimes I feel a headache coming on, and I immediately do a guided imagery exercise where I place a gold ring around the top part of my head.  Imagine placing the gold ring in the same position as you would place a crown on your head, but have it out and away from your head about an inch or so.  This visualization technique is often enough to stop a headache immediately!

Visualization Techniques #3: Benefiting Others

The third way that I use the gold ring is to benefit others.  Often when I see someone on the street corner, begging for money, I will visualize drawing a gold ring around them.  I know this mini visualization mediation will benefit them in a positive way, likely even more than giving them money.

Visualization Techniques #4: Protection or Staying Safe, For Yourself & Others

The fourth way that I use the gold ring is for safety.  –I have placed this visualization in position number 4, and yet it really should be number one.  If you are walking down the street, and you don’t feel safe, visualize a gold ring around yourself.  Also, if other cars are getting too close to you when you’re driving in traffic, place a gold ring around your car.  If there have been break-ins in your neighborhood, and you are concerned for the safety of your family or the contents of your home, put a gold ring around family members and around your home.  Immediately you will experience a change.  The stranger will move away, or the car will move back.  You and your loved ones will be safe, and once again you can feel more calm, relaxed and safe and secure.

Visualization Techniques #5: Anger Management, Stress Reduction & Improving Relationships

The last but not least recommended I use of the golden ring visualization technique for anger management and improving relationships.  (I.E., Stress reduction!)  When you are in a situation where you find yourself angry with another person, or if they are interacting with you in an emotional or angry way, visualize a gold ring around them.  Not only will this help to calm them down, but you will feel calmer also.  The interaction will become more positive, or it will just go away.

Stay tuned for more Visualization Techniques and even a Guided Imagery Meditations, as well as Mind Frames Tidbits and Reality Dynamics List wordings!  For more information about all of our classes, please see our Theta Mastery page.

Please note that none of our visualizations techniques are meant to replace medical treatment.  Please consult your own doctor regarding any of your health concerns.

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“On the Edge,” or Safe and Secure at all Times!

Safety for everyone, everywhere, and in any situation?  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?   Safety for your children, your house and your personal possessions?  Safety as a woman, or safety even doing extreme sports?

Yes, all this and much more are possible if you have a List.  Indeed, life for me before having a List was a bit like living “on the edge,” or like hanging from the edge of this cliff on the Oregon Coast!


Jann Timmreck, and My Personal Safety


I remember during my first List Class in 1986, as I sat in awe of Jann Timmreck, listening to all the wonderful things she taught us then.  I remember how shy and quiet I was, and how all of a sudden she just stopped teaching and looked directly at me, saying, “You’re here for safety.  You’re here for the safety that the List can bring to you.”

At the time, I was shocked.   “How could she have known that I feel so vulnerable?” I thought to myself.

“Oh yes,” I answered my own question.  “She’s psychic!”

Indeed, this was just one small part of who Jann Timmreck was.

First and foremost, Jann Timmreck is the original developer and teacher of the List, aka Reality Dynamics.  Whether it was her powerful List goal setting process, her Mind Frames communications class, or her Visualizations techniques, everyone who knew Jann Timmreck loved and respected her.

When Jann first told me I was in the List Class for safety, I understood what she meant on a personal level; but it wasn’t until much, much later that I understood the full extent of what she told me that day.

Indeed, I came to experience that safety was one of the most powerful aspects of the List, potentially giving you safety and freedom in any situation you choose, and a rock solid foundation on which to stand.  (I hope you enjoy these home-made, illustrative pictures.)

Safe and Secure at all Times, A Rock Solid Foundation
Safe and Secure at all Times, The List Builds A Rock Solid Foundation


List Safety Wordings


If you are a List Alumni, you will know that the safety List wordings are the only List wordings that are recommended that everyone put on their Lists.  All other wordings you put on your List are completely by choice.


“… safe and secure at all times, easily, enjoyably and comfortably..,” is the most highly recommended List safety wording.

Many List alumni also make it a priority to place these safety wordings on their List for their children, other their family members and their other loved ones.


 “… safe and secure at all times in any vehicle, easily, enjoyably and comfortably..,” is also recommended, because so many of us travel in vehicles in our daily lives.


You may even want to add the wordings,

“…feeling safe and secure at all times..,” if you are a particularly sensitive person.


Lastly, we also recommend that you put safety wordings on about anything that you do but have concerns about.


“… safe and secure at all times while mountain biking, easily, enjoyably and comfortably..,” for example.


The List as an Anti “Violence Against Women” Tool.


For me, while I didn’t have this wording on my List initially, one of my biggest concerns was being,

“safe and secure at all times as a women….”  Before I had a List, I must admit that I often had experiences of being unsafe around men.

“Unsafe.”  That’s a nice way to put it.

Sexually abused at a young age, and an RCMP call at 21, when a drunken man tried to violently break into my basement suite, are just a few examples of my “unsafe” experiences as a young woman in our society.

Once I had my List, however, I have to say that this kind of experience just completely disappeared.  –My physical boundaries were much, much stronger; and initially I didn’t have to do anything but place the initial safety affirmations on my List.

Indeed, there was one other moment several years later in my life when Jann Timmreck turned to me and surprised me about the subject of safety once again.  I was talking with her about the need for me making sure I chose a safe place to live as a woman, where the roads were well lit at night, and the neighborhood was safe, etc., etc.  Jann looked directly at me again, and she said, “You are safe Marnie.  You don’t need to worry any that more.”

Initially, I really had trouble believing this; having had such challenging experiences earlier in my life.  It took me a while to get used to this idea.  Was it really true?  What a novel idea!  This was when I began to reflect back, and I realized that for a good, long time, those incidents of not being safe around men had virtually gone away.  (This is when I began to think of the List as my Anti “Violence Against Women” Tool.)


Safe and Secure at all Times, Yes With The List!
Safe and Secure at all Times, Yes With The List!

Safety and our Subconscious Beliefs


Ultimately, what I came to believe, and what Jann taught us, is that we are really only as safe and secure as our conscious but especially our subconscious beliefs lead us to be.

This is truly what makes the List such a unique program.  Once you have defined what you want (or what you don’t want), and you have written it in the unique and positive Reality Dynamics List way, you will have made a set of positive conscious and subconscious affirmations, for whatever you want and choose.   Indeed, the unique List process completely rewrites and eliminates your limiting conscious and subconscious beliefs.  This is what makes The List so much more powerful than most just consciously directed goal setting and affirmations programs.


The List as a NEW Safety Tool, Metaphysical & Otherwise!


So, why am I writing this article now, and not for example on International Women’s Day?  Well, life and time gets in the way; and indeed, I really did want to.  I got very busy, however, and I am just getting to it now.  (I need to a Good/Bad Technique on Time!  LOL.)

I am writing this article now, because of an experience I recently had with a friend and long-term List Alumni. In recent conversations, my friend mentioned the word “safe,” in a number of situations.  One of her concerns was that in some of our List Class activities, we don’t include many of the metaphysical traditions that are emerging in metaphysical communities today: invoking the energies of the four directions, smudging, voicing that only positive energies on any level are present before meditations, etc.

Not that these processes have not been important in the past.  Too, not that The List doesn’t have a metaphysical component, if you choose.  By the way, the List wording to ensure your safety on the level of higher consciousness is,


“… safe and secure at all times on any level, easily, enjoyably and comfortably…”


Upon reflection, however, I was able to reaffirm what I already knew.  As I learned from Jann so long ago, and in particular with my safety as a woman, the List itself provides so much safety, and safety on such a new and deep level, that the need for these activities becomes nearly non-existent.  Also, many of these activities take much time, planning and energy.  So, too, do List activities: but in the long run, they do not take nearly as much.

Indeed, once your List affirmations are in place, your List is working for you 24 hours a day, every day, and for the rest of your life if you choose.  All you need to do is to review your List approximately every six months to a year, keeping it up to date.  Too, the safety wordings are some of the wordings that you will leave on your List at all times.


Core Limiting Beliefs & The List Good/Bad Technique


Finally, what is also significant to this story, is that if you have a concern come to your mind, in the form of a specific fear or a repeated word or situation in your life, this is a significant indicator to you that you have additional limiting subconscious beliefs about that particular subject area.

In this situation, you would want to “load up” your List with safety wordings, relating to specific areas of concern.  Too, you may also want to do the List Core Limiting Belief Good/Bad Technique, on that particular subject area.

I remember personally doing so many Good/Bads about the subjects of safety, women, men, mother, father, and more.


Building A Strong & Safe Reality


In conclusion, I know that all of these List Techniques have assisted me in creating a much better, safer life for myself.  Indeed, I believe that I now have a strong foundation of core positive subconscious (and conscious) beliefs, and a much more positive and safe reality, thanks to Jann Timmreck and the List.


Learning The List & Good/Bad Classes


Presently, I am working with Joe Timmreck, co-developer of the List process, on internet marketing and introducing the Good/Bad Classes on-line.  To begin at the beginning, the first word we will begin with is the word “safety,” and we will work through other important subject wordings (mother, father, “time,” etc., over time.)

We are also working on having List Classes on-line, but this will take us a bit more time and effort.

Please remember that you can always order a List book for friends and family here through this website, and also check here for upcoming classes in your area!

Stay tuned for more, and wishing you a happy, safe and prosperous Spring!

Is There A Buffalo In The Room?

I had a lesson in overcoming fear this summer, complete with photos, that I’d like to share.

I thought you would enjoy this photo of a Buffalo staring me down in Yellowstone National Park this summer.  He certainly caught my attention; as he turned towards my van and then headed straight towards us.  With “Buffalo Danger” signs everywhere, thoughts of “Think fast!” filled my mind.

“Roll up your window! Back up!”  I jabbered quickly to my traveling companion, as the huge buffalo neared our van.  And there sat my friend, just calmly smiling at the buffalo, and not moving an inch, as the rather menacing-looking buffalo moved nearer and nearer to us.  Then the buffalo was right beside us; I was expecting the worst, ready to jump out.

The buffalo gently turned and looked at us, and then calmly walked by.

Buffalo Love, Yellowstone, 2011
Buffalo Love, Yellowstone, 2011

Suddenly, the whole experience was over, and my friend and I just sat there looking and laughing at each other, reveling in the experience.

Onlookers cheered, telling us how lucky we were. Joining in the fun, my friend lifted his arm out the window, yelling out a celebratory “Yes!” of victory.  We then calmly continued our journey over the bridge, enjoying being celebrities of the moment.

Overcoming Fear & The List

Next, I remember thinking, “Whew! That was close;” and then, “I am so lucky I have a List!” I remember thinking, “I should have known that the Buffalo wouldn’t hurt us.  We are both ‘safe and secure at all times….’” What a lesson in “Don’t Go Beta;” or, in other words, not letting your fears get the best of you !  Also, I must say, I am so lucky that I have my traveling companion! (He prefers to stay anonymous.)

I thought I would share this experience with you, and I wanted to make the above the theme of this article.  So often we let our fears get the best of us, in many areas of our lives; and if we had that situation on our List, we would also be so much safer and calmer.

This could be a good time to ensure your list has support for overcoming fear and keeping you safe.

If you need a little help with overcoming fear and feeling safe in the world, I’ll be doing a 3 hour Advanced List Class in North Vancouver in on Sunday, Nov. 20th, in the evening. It’s important that you pre-register as there is limited seating. The cost is only $20, so call me at 778-837-2360 today to reserve your spot.

Advanced List Class

In my next post, I’ll tell you a bit more about how this class might help you deal with health challenges as well.

Japan water

Japan, List Wordings, Health Tips & A Visualization

Japan, List Wordings, Health Tips & A Visualization.

Hi Everyone:

For those who choose, I wanted to send out a quick email suggesting some List Wordings and Visualizations for the situation in Japan, as well as some important Health Tips from Julie Ford. (Julie is a former Health Food Store owner, and is very well informed.)

Two days ago I added this wording to my List.

“…having any of the nuclear power plants in Japan safe and secure at all times, functioning in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, easily….”

Discussing with other List Alumni and Joe Timmreck we are also adding this wording,

“…having any of the nuclear power plants in Japan safe and secure at all times, functioning in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all and for the benefit of the Earth, easily….”

Lastly, and, more generally,

“…having any of the nuclear power plants on the Earth safe and secure at all times, functioning in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, easily….”

Joe and I were discussing these wordings together last night, because I was trying to add more wordings to get more specific (rods, core, etc.)  We both finally agreed, however, that it is often better to stay general rather than being too specific, so that we do not limit how the positive outcome can occur (right brain rather than left, and an end result, rather than a means.)

Please let us know, however, if you have any suggestions that you feel strongly about.  Trust your feelings!  Also, if you choose to put these statements on your List, remember to say your Color and Emotion afterwards, whenever you think about these situations.

Health Tips:

Julie tells me that Potassium Iodide can protect you very well from radiation effects.  This can be purchased in tablets at most Health Food Stores.  If they are sold out, sea weed is also high in iodine, and it can be purchased in packages at some Grocery Stores.  Kelp in tablet form is also quite common on the shelves, and it also contains iodine.  Miso for miso soup is also said to be helpful, and it is available at some Health Food and Grocery Stores.


If you would like to visualize, remember that visualizations work best if you are in an alpha/theta brain wave.  Very briefly, take, hold for a count of three, and then slowly release three deep breaths.  On the first breath, look up, and on the rest, close your eyes gently and relax.  Then, to ensure that the visualization is positive and to the mutual benefit of all, visualize a gold ring.  (If you can’t do some of these instructions, just do what you can, and know that your subconscious is doing it all with and for you.)  Next, imagine (see) the end result picture of what you want: perhaps people cheering that the reactors are operating safely, cool, and that the people are safe now.  Hear, for example, related words. “We’re safe now!”  “Yes!”  Feel the positive feelings.  (Positive smells and tastes help too, if you can get them.)  Then, let the gold ring and the whole situation fill with a clear color, the first one that comes to mind.  (My first impression when checking this was that the clear color blue would be beneficial; but use your own first impression.)  Then, end the visualization by imagining something drawing between you and this visualization: golden velvet curtains, for example, or a fan.  Don’t feel like you need to know all the details of how a nuclear system works, because that too is left brain rather than right.  Use those details if it’s easy and feels right, but worrying too much about the details can limit what you are trying to achieve.  Our motto?  Simple and right brain is best!

I hope these tips are very helpful!  I’ll be returning from Vancouver Island very soon (yes, I was in Tofino during the Tsunami Advisement!), and I look forward to hearing from you!  I need to keep this brief due to time constraints, but I will be in touch again soon.  Also, if you have any suggestions or questions, please give me a call.

Love, Light & Laughter,