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The List & Paradise on Earth

Recently I have been wondering, what can I suggest as List wordings in these times?  There seem to be so many crises going on in the world, and even though I feel personally empowered by my List, it is difficult not to be discouraged when looking at the global scene.

Suddenly, however, an idea popped into my head.  “Rename the Earth!”  What?  At first the idea didn’t make sense.  But when the idea turned into, “Rename the Earth Paradise,” the reasons became clearer.  Certainly this is what we all want, Paradise on Earth.  This may mean different things to different people, but I think generally we all want to be surrounded by and enjoy the delights of this beautiful, natural world, and to live in happiness and at peace with one another.

Secret, Paradise Cove The Oregon Coast 2014
Secret, Paradise Cove The Oregon Coast 2014

The images for this article are from my own Paradise on Earth, Paradise Cove, also known as Secret Cove.  This beach is a secret sunning spot known mostly to locals on the Oregon Coast.  I travel to this cove regularly, to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and ocean water, the majestic rocks, and the wonderful wild life that shows up greet me (the seals above, and more images further on.)  Here, people are so happy to be surrounded by this beauty, that they smile and greet each other easily, and everyone has a wonderful time.

List Tips

The more I thought about it, the more I realized, renaming the Earth Paradise fits with one of the most basic List instructions:

·         go for the end result of what you want, and don’t get stuck in a means to an end.

Here then are the wordings I suggest for our Lists.

… seeing, knowing and experiencing this planet Earth as Paradise, easily, enjoyably and comfortably….

… having the planet Earth named and known as Paradise, easily, enjoyably and comfortably….

Who knows what this will get us!  Let’s watch for the delights!

These Times & Paradise on Earth

I would like to write a bit more about my own personal experiences with Paradise on Earth and these times below.  These times have been getting a lot of attention, with many ancient prophesies seen as coming true.  I remember a whole series on the History Channel, addressing all of these prophesies, from the Hopi, to Christian Revelations, to the prophesies of Nostradamus.

The Metaphysical Community’s Perspective

One prophesy that I have been hearing a lot of lately is one from the metaphysical community.  This prophesy is that in these times, we all have the ability to experience Paradise on Earth, but for those people not living a more spiritual life, their lives will be more difficult.  Those who need to learn this but don’t, will experience a death or challenge of some sort. Too, we may all experience some sort of “ending,” before the New Age or Paradise can manifest.

One of the aboriginal more well-known signs that this time of prophesy and rectification is here was the birth of the White Buffalo Calf.  Further to this, one of the current spiritual teachers for the Lakota Sioux say that all animals will eventually show their true natures, being born white, further signifying the importance of these times.  He adds, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

I would like to tell you about a recent experience that perhaps reflects these aboriginal prophesies.

Back to Paradise Cove

Clifford Camp Campground, Northern California
Clifford Camp Campground, Northern California

One day several months ago, my husband and I made our seasonal journey to the Oregon Coast.  We stopped at several beaches along the way to our final destination, Paradise & Secret Cove.  Popping out from the Redwoods onto the Coast, our first stop was at Clifford Camp, a small but beautiful campground in Northern California.  We raced down to the shoreline, and enjoyed the beautiful waves washing up on the shore.  Soon into our stroll, though, we spied a brown, furry seal, trying to make his way down to the ocean.  This was so unusual, because usually we see them playing and fishing in the waters, rather than stranded up on the shore.  My husband commented, “He looks pretty beat up.”  We decided not to get too close and disturb him, and we turned around and went our own way.  I visualized sending the seal a nice golden ring, hoping this would help him; and, as Jann Timmreck used to teach, help the whole species of seals.

Our next stop was Paradise or Secret Cove.  Down the trail and rocks we scrambled, walking beside beautiful waterfalls, and arriving beside a beautiful creek and sandy shore.  After an hour or so of lounging in the sun and discovering paths over to even more beaches, we returned to our creek to lie down.  Suddenly, looking closer in the creek’s water, I noticed another beautiful seal; but this time, this seal was dead.  His neck was bent back, and he lay pushed up against one of the sandy banks, half in the stream that washed by.  I was shocked.  –This was twice in one day that we had seen seals in distress, and we had never seen this before on the coast.  By then I realized that I was very likely being given a message, from the universe or the seals themselves.  This, too, is an aboriginal teaching.  I made a note to myself, to watch for the third occurrence of finding seals in our vicinity, the details of which might help me understand the meaning of their distress.

Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast
Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast

After getting over the initial shock, I was encouraged then to see several of our seal friends swimming out in the bay, their heads popping up, looking at us curiously, as they took a short break from their fishing adventures.  I remember thinking, OK, then maybe it’s not that serious.  Maybe it was just an unusually high tide or rough sea, which happens sometimes, which threw the seals around and against the rocks.

–I had even almost forgotten completely about the incident, when my husband and I began our usual ascent up the steep cliffs.  Suddenly he said, “What’s that over there?”  It took me a while to see what he was gesturing to, but my eyes soon took in a beautiful, delightful sight.  There on the rocks below, one small cove over, lay a beautiful, whitish seal, with her lovely white pup seal lying beside her.  He poked his small head over her back, she looked towards us, and the pup lifted up its tail, seeming to wave.

IMG_0311 White Seals Original Cropped Resized
White Seals, Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast

In that moment, I knew we had had a very special day.  All in one day, we had seen suffering, death, life and rebirth.  Too, we had seen this rebirth in the form of white seals, this being very unusual and very significant to the aboriginal prophesies of the day.  White to the aboriginal people signifies spirituality emerging on the planet, something I believe we all hope for.

Later, I read that seals have been suffering from some unknown malady, their populations dying off to a very high extent. What is causing this, is only due to speculation: a virus caused by warmer water temperatures, or simply a natural cycle.  In my New Year’s Article of 2013, I suggested several general wordings about the health of the water, air and land.  Here is a link to that article, if you would like to add these wordings to your  List.  If you want to be more specific, you can add a statement for animals or seals themselves.


Whatever the cause, I enjoyed my encounters at my Secret, Paradise Cove, and I wanted to share this beauty with you.  I was encouraged by the seal mother and her pup.  Perhaps they were a sign of better times ahead.  Certainly, the seals in this location seem happier and to have increased in abundance, this final photo coming from a more recent trip to Paradise & Secret Cove.

Many Seals At Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast
Many Seals At Secret, Paradise Cove, The Oregon Coast

To Paradise on Earth!

Love & Light,

Marnie Hancock.