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Goals for 2013

What Do You Want in 2013?

What Do You Want in 2013?

Live List Call, Sat. Jan. 26, 1-3 PM PST.

What Do You Want In 2013I hope you had a wonderful 12-21-12, a Merry Christmas, and a great start to your 2013 New Year!

“So, What Do You Want in 2013?”

On Sat., Jan. 26, from 1-3 pm, Joe Timmreck and I will be co-hosting our first List Update Teleclass asking you, “What Do You Want in 2013?

January is a great time to renew your List and to set new goals for yourself, your loved ones and your world!

Joe Timmreck is co-author and co-developer of the List process, and he has often been listed in “Who’s Who in the World” directories for his unique ability to solve problems that were previously viewed as unsolvable. He and I will enjoy reviewing the List Update process with you, answering your questions for 2013, and helping you with any of your List wordings and techniques.

We Had An Advanced List Gathering On December 30, 2012

Over Christmas, a close List Alumni invited a number of List friends to her home. We were very pleased to have 12 people, and we all enjoyed sharing our goals for 2013.

I love meeting with List Alumni. List Alumni are generally very intelligent, socially responsible and caring individuals. The shooting of children and teachers at a Connecticut Elementary School was on everyone’s minds, as well as other global concerns.

Our subjects ranged from personal responsibility, to oneness, to teaching our children to be nicer to one another.

Throughout the evening, we also shared many theme-based wordings from past Advanced List Classes. Advanced Relationship and Family List Wordings were popular, and many attendees reviewed List wordings from The Essential List.

One of the most popular subjects for the afternoon was the subject of money: money in all of its aspects, including prosperity, abundance, feeling worthy of receiving abundance, etc.

The topic of money will be the subject of our first Good/Bad Teleclass scheduled for Sat., Feb. 2nd, also from 1-3 PM, PST. Speaking of “money, honey,” the fee for that teleclass is just $30.00. You can pay by check or using PayPal through our website.

The Subconscious Mind

At our gathering, I also found myself reviewing how the subconscious mind operates, when helping people word their “I Am” List statements correctly. I found myself reminding people of the following key points:

– The subconscious mind is very literal.

– It does not think or judge.

– Think of the dictionary meaning of the words you are using.

– Words such as “harmony,” “spirit,” “connectedness,” “release,” and “openness” may get you some of the etheric essence of what you mean; but they can also get you the literal meanings of these words:

The King... of HarmonyIn the case of harmony, you may all of a sudden find yourself surrounded by a lot of music.

In the case of spirit, you may be attracting spirits.

In the case of connectedness, you may find that you bump into things a lot!

In the case of release, you may find yourself releasing energies over and over again.

Openness could even refer to physical openness: for example, an “open mind” may lead to brain surgery.

Let’s Continue The Discussion…

What many of us found at the end of our evening was that we had only just begun to talk about and determine our List goals for 2013. Words like “unity” and “oneness,” I even needed to think about, as to how to best word these topics.

If you would like to join with us and continue the discussion, join us on Sat., Jan. 26th at 1 PM Pacific. After a brief overview of how to update your List, we will be able to focus on helping you determine “I Want” and “I Am” List statements for 2013, and we look forward to hearing your personal insights and questions.

Advanced List Teleclasses, 2013

Join us on Sat., January 26th, for our first Advanced List Teleclass. You will be able to call in by phone or via Skype. Join us also for our first Good/Bad Class Teleclass scheduled for Sat., Feb. 2nd, also from 1-3 PM, PST.

We will be sending you more details very soon.

Concern, Praise & The List: A Prayer for Water by Masaru Emoto

Hello everyone:

Recently I received four emails about a call to pray for the ocean, put forth by Masaru Emoto, author of Messages from Water.

As I read his words , I was very appreciative, and yet I also felt a deep sense of concern.

Praying For The Ocean

First of all, let me say that I honor and applaud Masaru Emoto’s book detailing the wonderful influence of words on water. Indeed, I have always thought that his work would be a powerful proof for the workings of the List, especially proving the influence of words in shaping reality.

I also honor the positive intent of his prayer for the waters, his words of love and gratitude for them, and lastly his call for action for the nuclear situation in Japan.

Being Careful Of The Wording

Where I am concerned, however, is with several of his wordings, and his method of prayer.

Specifically, I am concerned about the words, “we are sorry to make you suffer.” Also, I am concerned about his method of having these words said three times and with hands together, especially when so many people are doing this.

Indeed, knowing how the subconscious mind works, I am very concerned that these words will create even more suffering for the oceans than has already been wrought upon them.

Essentially, Mr. Emoto has become aware of powerful ways to pray—but he is unaware of one key fact that is using this power in not so positive a way.

Remember Your List Theory

To review basic List theory, yes, our thoughts and words create our world, especially when they are paired with touch and repeated in sets of three. According to List theory, first of all, touch accesses the subconscious mind; and then the three-time repetition of our words gives our subconscious mind a direct command to do whatever follows!

The key fact, though, that Mr. Ammoto seems to be missing, is this.

Our Subconscious Mind Is Very Literal

List theory also states that the subconscious mind is very literal, and it does not think or judge. Therefore the words, “I am sorry to make you suffer,” repeated three times, and with hands together, can potentially create even more suffering than has already taken place.

Again, this is my deep concern.

So, knowing this, how can we, with our thoughts and words and with our Lists, correct or assist with this situation?

Cancel and Rephrase

First of all, what comes to mind for me, when you think of that particular part of Mr. Emoto’s prayer, is say, “Cancel, cancel, cancel!” –Yes, you can even cancel past events!

Also, I offer you these full and time-tested List wordings, for the waters of the Earth, and the air, and the soil.

Some List Wordings To Try

I am knowing that the waters of the Earth are healthy, clear and clean, in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, and in healthy and positive ways.

I am knowing air of the Earth is healthy and clean, in best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, and in healthy and positive ways.

I am knowing the soil of the Earth is healthy and clean, to the mutual benefit of all, in the best possible form and manner, and in healthy and positive ways.

Please Share With Your Friends

If you would like to share these wordings with your friends, whether they have an actual List or not, please do. (And at the same time, you could mention the List! The more people who have the List, the better place this world will be!)

As Mr. Ammoto says, these intentions, or prayers, or affirmations, whatever you choose to name them, are more powerful when said in sets of three. Share this too with your friends. I believe that they are much safer, however, when they are worded as above; and I believe that they’re also much more powerful when they are put on your Lists!

Take care everyone.

Thank you for listening!

Lots of Love, Light & Laughter,

Marnie Hancock

PS: Any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post them below!

The List

An Article by Silvia Wilson,
Founder of The Vancouver Goddess Gift Gathering Events

Imagine having a tool that you use everyday -24/7! That’s what I’ve found that The List is. For years I had been struggling with limiting beliefs. Often not even conscious that’s what was holding me back from receiving and doing what I wanted.

Since doing my own List in July 2004, I’ve already seen some very positive shifts in my life. My relationship with my partner has become more loving and enjoyable. I’ve been accomplishing and completing goals more easily and enjoyably. Whenever I’m in a car driving or as a passenger I feel safe, easily, enjoyably and comfortably. Compared to what I’ve spent on all kinds of workshops I found the value of this workshop & process immense.

The List is based on the concept that our sub-conscious ‘runs’ us and our lives 24/7 whether we’re asleep or awake. It’s because of this that it’s such a powerful tool. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who’s tried many different methods to improve/change their lives with little success. It’s important that you take the time to apply the theory and actually work with The List. You need to adjust and change it so it evolves throughout your life just as you wants, needs and desires evolve.