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List Class, List Update & G/B Classes & Mercury Retrogrades 2014/15

List Class September

I recently send out a notice about the Fall List Class on Sept 17, 21 & 24, 2014. This line should read, “Please have dinner before you arrive Wed.’s.” (Not Tues. & Thurs.) Woops!

Click on this link to download and view the corrected poster:

This information can also be found on the Home Page and Schedule section of our website, at www.therealitydynamicslist.com.

Please help out with marketing by sharing this information with your family and friends. Forwarding this poster would be helpful.

List Books

Sales of List books are increasing, which is wonderful. This is also a quick reminder to call me if you need a List book or two.

Please also remember to encourage the people you teach privately to eventually attend a full List Class. This List Class, Sept. 17, 21 and 24, will cost only $80.00 if people are preregistered by Mon. the 15th and if they already have their own List book. The cost is significantly reduced because we are holding the List Class at a private home. What a great deal! Please call me for the location.

Mercury Retrogrades

The next Mercury Retrograde runs from Oct. 4th to Oct. 25th. This is great time for deep discussions, but contracts and decisions should be finalized and signed only after the retrograde is over.

The Mercury Retrogrades for 2015 are as follows: Jan. 21 – Feb. 11, May 18 – June 11, and Sept. 17 – Oct. 9.

List Update Class in November

I have planned a List Update Class for Sat., Nov. 16, from 12-4 pm, in Ashland at the Guanojuato Room at the Ashland Library. Pot Lucks have worked well, and so we can arrange details closer to the time.

Update: The List Good/Bad Technique and Info. Talk

The List Good/Bad Technique and Info. Talk that I taught using Power Point in June in Ashland was a definitely a learning experience! The Good/Bad Technique Power Point went very well: however, the List Intro. Talk taught this way was a complete flub! Eh hem. Live and learn! As I said to a number of friends, “I gave up my power to Power Point!” When I finally googled, “How to use Power Point,” all 10 key points to avoid, I used them all! LOL.

But, the feedback was, that the Good/Bad Power Point was “very good.” My “point” is, would any of you be interested in an On-Line Good/Bad Class this fall, facilitated through Power Point? Please let me know.

The Benefits of The Good/Bad Technique

I have seen so many people complete the Good/Bad Technique about a block in their lives, and then that one area their lives completely improved and changed. The changes took place so smoothly, however, that the people did not even recognize that it was the Good/Bad Technique that caused it! This Technique is time consuming: it digs deep; but it is well worth the time, removing blocks that have been in place often for a lifetime. Let me know if you are interested!

Photo in Focus

I sent out the featured photo in a brief broadcast email, announcing the upcoming class. When I used a template to send that email, however, the photo went out of focus. Sent as an article, the photo is much clearer. Here is the beautiful photo taken in Lithia Park, Ashland, Fall 2013 this time in focus. Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing and being in contact with you all again soon. Love, Light & Laughter, Marnie Hancock.