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Award Winner Grandmother Agnes & My Nomination Letter

Hello Everyone.  I had the great pleasure of sitting at the luncheon table with Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim and her daughter Nadine,  when this May Grandmother Agnes received the Women Helping Women Award from Soroptimist’s International of Ashland.  Our picture and story even made it onto the front page of The Ashland Daily Tidings!  I am currently a Soroptimist, and I had nominated Grandmother Agnes several months ago for the award.  Below is a copy of the nomination letter I wrote, and at the end of this letter is also a link to the article in the Ashland Daily Tidings.  Many of Grandmother Agnes’s causes are the causes of List Alumni, I hope you enjoy reading about such a shining example of positive leadership in our time.

Nomination Letter for Grandmother Agnes

I would like to nominate Grandmother Agnes Baker-Pilgrim for Soroptimists International of Ashland’s Women Helping Women Award, for her powerful leadership role as a compassionate and yet highly influential woman, both internationally and locally.

Through her efforts, she has shone the light on women’s capacity to influence and lead throughout the world, leading on such important issues as women’s rights, environmental pollution, racial discrimination, the importance of water preservation, anti-bullying, and how to build positive relationships within the family and the community.

I first heard about Grandmother Agnes from Kathy Garrett Canape, last year’s SIA President.  A number of years back, Kathy sent me an email about an upcoming event in Ashland, called a Grandmother’s Council.  I immediately felt this was important, and Kathy did too.  She was even helping to host the event, and to assist I sent out an email to my email list.

This was one of the first Grandmother’s Council gatherings.  Many more have taken place throughout the world, and Grandmothers from many different countries have hosted and participated in these Councils.

In the highly acclaimed book, “Grandmothers Counsel the World,” by Carol Schaefer, many of these grandmother’s stories are shared. Grandmother Agnes is the first Grandmother to be written about, and she is considered to be the leader of the International Grandmother’s Council.

Grandmother's Council 2009 Post Lincoln City

In Aboriginal cultures around the world, this Grandmother’s Council has been prophesized for centuries.  One of the main purposes of this Council, so the prophesy states, is to right the imbalance between men and women, and to place women once again into a position of power and authority in the world.

Grandmother Agnes herself hosted a highly successful International Grandmothers Council in Lincoln City.  I had the honor and pleasure of attending this Council, and one shining example of Grandmother Agnes’s leadership abilities stands out in my mind.

Part way through the conference, Grandmother Aggie brought up one of her beautiful young granddaughters.  In her traditional dress, this young girl danced for everyone at the Council.  Not only was I impressed with her inclusion at such an important and prestigious event, but I was really impressed by the way actions like this were so clearly building confidence and a strong and positive self-concept within this young girl.

When the applause ended, Grandmother Aggie shared with us how this young girl had travelled with the Grandmothers all the way to Rome, where they had gone to request an audience with the former Pope.  I believe their goal was to the removal of a number of ancient Papal Bulls, which had condoned and led to the decimation of many aboriginal cultures around the world.  Also, I believe their goal was to question the status of women within the church, and to talk with the Pope about improving this.

To quote Carol Schaefer’s book again, “In some Native American societies, tribal leaders consulted a council of grandmothers before making any decisions that would affect the whole community.”

But the Pope did not come out to meet them.  Instead, the security came; and these brave grandmothers and this courageous young girl had to strongly stand their ground and reiterate their reasons for coming.  When the Pope refused to meet them, this young girl said, “He’s not a very nice person.”

I understand that the Grandmothers are planning to travel to Rome again and approach the new Pope in Rome, later this year.

Recently Grandmother Agnes was published in an audiobook through Ashland’ own Blackstone Books, titled, “Grandma says: WAKE UP WORLD!”

The back cover reads the following way:

“Agnes Baker Pilgrim, the oldest member of the Takelma Tribe of Oregon, travels tirelessly around the world to keep traditions alive, to help those in need, and to be a voice for the voiceless….  Transcribed from an interview with one of the most important voices of the First Nation and of the world, Grandma Aggies’s stories and advice mesmerize and captivate while providing a blueprint for how inhabitants of the earth can live together in harmony and peace.

AGNES EMMA BAKER PILGRIM is a Native American spiritual elder from Grants Pass, Oregon.  The oldest member of her tribe, the Takelma, she has been honored as a ‘Living Treasure” by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz and as a “Living Cultural Legend: by the Oregon Council of the Arts.”

Soroptimists International of Ashland, let’s honour Grandmother Agnes too.  We are so lucky to have this inspirational, strong and wonderful female role model, right here in our community.

Yours sincerely,

Marnie Hancock.

Grandmother Agnes & Marnie at Awards Luncheon by Chris


As many of you know, I attended three of the many Grandmother’s Councils, and I wrote about my reasons for attending in the following post on this site:  https://therealitydynamicslist.com/better-world/list-class-vancouver-international-womens-day-sedonas-grandmothers-council/

Women’s Rights, Nigerian School Girls, List Wordings and Affirmations


Improving Women’s Rights and Prosperity was the chosen goal of several of our recent List Gatherings in Ashland Oregon.

To include those of you who live elsewhere, I would like to share our many thoughts about this, and the List wordings and affirmations we developed for Improving Women’s Rights and Prosperity.

I feel even more motivated to share these wordings with you, with the recent kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria. I have highlighted and added several List wordings to address this situation.

“…having the school girls from Chibok in Nigeria home with their families, easily….”

“…having the school girls from Chibok in Nigeria safe and secure at all times, easily….”

Below are the wordings we developed for Improving Women’s Rights and Prosperity. Please feel free to add any of these wordings to your List if they are important to you.  These wordings I took mostly from the content of “The Essential List,” a short form version of List wordings for everyone, which I often use at List Reunions as a refresher.

List Wordings For Improving Women’s Rights and Prosperity


“…having women safe and secure at all times….”
“…having women safe and secure at all times on any level….”

“…having women sexually safe and secure and comfortable at all times….”

“…having women and girls have the best possible education for them….”
“…having women and girls have the best possible schools for them….”

“…having women and girls do whatever they want, whenever they want….”

“…having women happy….”
“…having women fulfill their life plans….”
“…having women surrounded by only positive and beneficial energies….”

“…having women have the best possible self-concepts….”
“…having women self-confident….”
“…having women love and accept themselves, on any level….”

“…having women have the best possible homes for them….”
“…having women have the best possible drinking water for them….”
“…having women have the best possible foods and beverages for them….”

“…having women physically healthy and strong, naturally and normally, and in balanced….”
“…having women physically comfortable, naturally and normally, and in balanced.…”

“…having women rich and wealthy, fulfilling their wants, needs and desires….”
“…having women financially independent….”
“…having women abundantly prosperous….”
“…having women have the best possible financial prosperity for them….”

“…having women as the best possible mothers….”
“…having women raise their male children in the best possible form and manner….”

“…having women have approximately equal rights, privileges and power to men….”
“…having men everywhere respect the wants, needs and desires of women and girls….”
“…having men everywhere see, know and experience women as approximately equally powerful, on any level….”
“…having men and women approximately equal, on any level….”

“…having people everywhere have the best possible beliefs about women….”

List Alumni Feedback

List Alumni attending our gathering provided even more wordings for improving Women’s Rights and Prosperity.

“…having the trafficking of women and children exist only to the mutual benefit of all, easily….”
“…having only the best possible rehabilitation programs and support for women and children who are trafficked, easily….”

This term “trafficking” is new, and as this problem goes away, statements with this word need to be removed. In areas where such problems exist, it is also important to target that area with the safety wordings, and as in the case in Nigeria, specifically women and girls.

For example,

“…having girls in Nigeria safe and secure at all times, easily….”
“…having school girls in Nigeria safe and secure at all times, easily….”
“…having girls in Nigeria have the best possible education for them, easily….”

Including Men, Women and Children

Several long-term alumni shared the concern that we should not exclude men and boys. Therefore men are included in several of the List wordings below; and rather than indicating girls and boys, we have used the word children.

“…having men, women and children independent and strong….”
“…having men, women and children make the best possible choices for their best benefit….”
“…having men, women and children have the best possible beliefs about women’s equality….”
“…having men, women and children have the best possible education about women’s equality….”
“…having men, women and children have the best possible education….”
“…having parents raise their children in the best possible form and manner….”
“…having men and women raise their sons with the best possible beliefs about women’s equality….”
“…having men, women and children everywhere have the best possible balanced relationships and interactions….”
“…having the peoples of the Earth easily using the appropriate Mind Frame for the mutual benefit of all….”

Your Feedback Is Valuable!

I hope these List wordings were as helpful and interesting for you as they were for us. As you can tell, we all went in many different directions. What we found as a group was that as we are all so different, different wordings were more relevant to different people. We decided to have people try out at least one of their favorite wordings, and place them on their own Lists. Together we will share changes that we’ve noticed over time.  We value your input, too, and we look forward to hearing from you on this topic.  Please feel free to comment here, on our website, or to write to me personally.

Our Next List Gathering, Info Talks and List Classes

Our next List Gathering is Sat., June 14, 10 AM-2PM, at the Ashland Public Library, downstairs in the Guanajuato Room.

The first half of this List Gathering I plan to include a fun, new List Intro. Talk, so please bring along someone new you think will benefit from the List process, and a fun lunch treat or snack.  The second half of the List Gathering, we can work on updating our Lists, or doing a Good/Bad Technique.

Our next List Class will follow the next two Saturdays, June 21 and June 28, 10 AM – 4PM.

I am also giving a List Intro. Talk in Grants Pass on Thurs., May 22nd, from 3-4 PM, at The Suites Retirement Home, 1301 Southeast Parkdale Drive. Please check our website schedule for more information, at www.therealitydynamicslist.com or give me a call at 541-301-0768.

I have had several requests to share our List Gatherings via Skype, but we find that List Gatherings are often quite personal and private, and so to respect the rights and privacy of people attending, I am presently choosing to send out a written summary of our gatherings.

Wishing you all “the best possible,” of your “wants, needs and desires!”

Yours prosperously!

Marnie M. Hancock