This song was created to give a testimonial about my experiences with The List, a tool to get what you want in your life. As you will hear, it sure worked for me!

Marnie Hancock

Maureen MacDonald shares her recent List Update session with Marnie Hancock. She shares how The List brought her wonderful loving relationship with her husband Bill and her desires of the heart. Maureen thanks Jann and Joe Timmreck and her friends Silvia and Karen for sharing this wonderful process with her.

Maureen Sutton MacDonald
Summer, 2012
“Since taking the course, "The List" in 2005, my whole life has improved dramatically. I believe that "The List" is the foundation for my life. I have a better job, and have completed the Teacher Education course for teaching the English language. My income has increased, some debts are being paid off and the rest of my debts are decreasing. Positive people have come into my life. I have created strong bonds with "The List" alumni.

I recommend this course to improve one's life and start making dreams possible.

The continuing education courses especially the "Good/Bad Santa Techniques" course is very useful in moving your life forward in a positive direction. What I mean is, that the thoughts and beliefs that we learned in childhood and from our family can have a great impact on our thinking in the present. The dialogue that happened daily in our families has a tremendous effect on our lives and we need to believe in ourselves as capable of success and to break old habits of negative thinking and self doubts.

The venue that Marnie chooses to teach is a good environment that makes learning safe, aesthetic, and enjoyable.

Marnie Hancock is an effective teacher because she is a detail oriented person who gives clear instructions and directions to all of her students. She is very personable and has a great sense of humour. She is very dedicated to her students and believes that anyone's life can change for the better. I have found Marnie to be an honourable person that I can trust.”

Dianne Stevens
June 23, 2010
"The List for me has become a transformational and essential tool which I had not heard of before, and it encompasses all areas of life. It makes a big difference when there don't seem to be obvious answers to problems. Solutions have occurred for me when least expected through synchronicities such as chance meetings that altered my life's course. Marnie Hancock is a thorough and dedicated teacher who continually offers follow-up courses after The List. These refresher courses are immensely helpful in reinforcing the Power of The List."

Ann Chatwin
June 30, 2010
"I wanted to say a Big Thank you to you Marnie, a Friend and I have begun The List, finally, and already I wondered what took me so long now, I am absolutely Amazed at just how Powerful this Truly is. It is changing me inside so much, I am so much Happier since starting and have already seen Miraculous 'I Am's' Manifest.”

Nyree Sankey
July 10, 2010
“I've been wanting to let you know that since doing the List my son who wouldn’t speak at all suddenly began talking non stop and reading too, he's just turned 3! It’s absolutely remarkable. Also, I wrote some cards down before his birth that he would be ambidextrous like his great grand-dad was and he is…! I am so grateful to you for this information, it’s truly a blessing to our family.”

Nyree Sankey
August 25, 2010
"LOVE the List, it works! I got results within the first 48 hours. Thank you!"

Monica Holy, Author
The Fringe Dweller
"Life before The List? Well, for me there really was no life before The List. I think I was just moving from one obstacle to another!

And life after The List? Well, miracles have just become commonplace!"


Maureen O'Hare, Educator and Editor
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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