Mind Frames & Love, Next Wed. 06/20, 1-3 Ashland

Hello Everyone!

What makes a rock solid foundation for a loving, intimate relationship?  As the title indicates, Mind Frames and Love Relationships is the topic of the upcoming workshop on Wed., June 20, from 1-3 at the Ashland Library (Guanajuato Room.)  This is also the topic of this post.  Whether you have attended the Mind Frames workshop before or not, I am sure you will find this article and workshop highly interesting.  (The workshop is by donation.)

As many of you know, I have recently been teaching Mind Frames through the OLLI program at SOU.  (OLLI stands for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and SOU stands for Southern Oregon University.)

The Mind Frames students at OLLI requested extra time on the topic of Mind Frames and Love Relationships, and hence the upcoming workshop.

Teaching at OLLI was such a wonderful opportunity for me.  It was delightful for me to teach these enthusiastic, wise students.  Also, what a wonderful opportunity to further develop the materials and then place them in a much more comprehensive book!

Also, it was a great learning experience for me.  Joe Timmreck gave me an even deeper understanding of Mind Frames: and one of the OLLI students gave me a very important descriptive word for the main goal of learning Mind Fames: that of tolerance.  That one key word to me that is the main benefit of Mind Frames: learning tolerance: tolerance of each other’s differences, whether it’s with just a casual acquaintance, or with someone you are involved with in a long-term, love relationship.

Join me next Wed., then for an even deeper understanding of this and the main topic, Mind Frames and Love Relationships.

Enjoy the article below!

Marnie Hancock & Joe Timmreck.

Mind Frames and Love Relationships

As a general rule, we are attracted to people who either match our Native Mind Frame, including our native Mode; or in contrast, we are attracted to people who are the opposite of our Native Mind Frame and Mode.  (Mind Frame opposites are easy to define: but by Mode opposite, we mean a different Mode from our Native one.)

Also, we generally have very little resistance to these different Mind Frames and Modes.  It is almost as if it’s an attraction, in that we can see those qualities missing in ourselves, giving ourselves more completeness.

Whether this is actually true or not is incidental.  A long-term relationship with someone who functions primarily from an opposite Mind Frame and Mode is usually the most difficult.

Essentially, each of us tends to impose our own assumptions and expectations of behavior on the other partner based on our own Native Mind Frame and Native Mode.

With regard to pure Mind Frame dynamics, disregarding Modes for the moment, in a relationship where one of the individuals in the relationship is stuck in a Mind Frame, the other partner can be pulled into the stuck mode and become stuck there also; or, they can be thrown into trying to go into the correct Mind Frame (usually the opposite one) to complete the Mind Frame circuit for both.  If this occurs, that partner will react in some fashion.

When anger is present in a relationship, this often indicates the partner who is angry is trying either to not get stuck in the stuck state of their partner, or he or she is trying to get out of their partner’s stuck state.

If the partner simply joins into the stuck state they may start to exhibit their partner’s stuck behavior patterns or they may become ill with that stuck Mind Frame’s illnesses.  (Surprisingly, if a partner is ill in a relationship, it is usually the other partner who is stuck!  What a great out!  If you’re ill in a relationship, you can blame it on your partner!)

But all laughing aside, in a relationship between opposite Mind Frames and Modes, a great discord between the partners will occur over a length of time, as no one chooses to stubbornly stay stuck.

Successful, close, intimate and long-term relationships are usually those which have the highest number of matches in both Mind Frames and Modes.  Essentially, the feeling of love occurs when these matches are very high.

While in most relationships Mind Frames matches are paramount over Modes, in intimate relationships, Modes become equally if not even more paramount, because over time the individuals involved in the relationship need to be able to communicate in a common Mode, in order to keep the energy and dynamics of the relationship moving forward.

Essentially, once in relationship, relationships last when the two people complete the full Mind Frame circuit (Right Internal, Left Internal, Left External and Right External.)  This is what we would term, “a healthy relationship.”

Too, the “Mind Frames Dance” is somewhat of a two-step, in that while a person stays most of the time in their Native Mind Frame, the other Mind Frame the most natural for them is the opposite one.  So this would be the best match in a relationship (a similar Native Mind Frame and its opposite, or visa versa .)

Relatedly, the most successful Mind Frame match is when if one partner gets stuck, the other partner is able to match them and then take them to the opposite Mind Frame.  (For example, someone who worries too much—a stuck Left Internal—would be most successful in a relationship with someone who makes them laugh.  In this way they are being pulled out of Left Internal stuck, and moved over to Right External.)

So, similarities are very important to a long-term, intimate relationship; but some differences are important too.

Ultimately, we are here to learn; hence the differences: but it is good if we can have some enjoyment while doing it; thus the need for similarities.


 See, hear and hug you next Wed. at 1!  Or, send me an email or give me a call.  Marnie Hancock.

Earth Day, Native Views, List Update Class 05/12

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22nd, and I thought I would share with you several interesting videos I encountered when signing up for an on-line Earth Day event from the Native American community.

Both Grandmothers and Grandfathers speak in these videos, and while some of the thoughts and beliefs are not all the same as my own, many of the ideas are similar to what Jann and Joe Timmreck and I have talked about in the past. Too, while some of these ideas seem quite dire, I share them with you because I have always believed that the new and valuable information provided in the Timmreck seminars is a new way to help this Earth to be much more beautiful, prosperous and safe place to live, for all of us.

A side note: keep watching! When you think one talk is over, another speaker comes on. It is well worth the wait.

From The Grandmothers

As some of you know, I attended three Grandmother’s Councils, in Lincoln City, Sedona and Anchorage Alaska. While the Grandmothers are no longer meeting in their formal councils, some of the younger Grandmothers are still very active. I recently received their invitation to their upcoming three-day on-line event, titled Reverence for All Creation, and culminating on Earth Day. The event takes place on April 20, 21 & 22, at 12 PM Pacific Time. I have signed up myself, and watching the video link below gives you an idea of the upcoming topics and presenters, and also how to register yourself if you are interested.

From The Grandfathers

After watching this and other videos relating to this event, I noticed the link below titled (Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1.) This time I listened to Grandfathers speak, and they talk about caring for the Earth, living a spiritual life, and taking personal responsibility for Earth and the future of our world. (This last topic is covered especially by the second Grandfather speaking, in Part 2 of this video, which plays just after Part 1.) I also found these videos very valuable.

List Wordings for Earth Day

From the List perspective, as you may remember, I have written previous articles including List wordings for the Earth. Here they are again, and below them is a link to the original article. Of note is that I have added a wording specifically for the trees. As the first and Hopi Grandfather states, we are linked to trees, and they are very important for us and to our survival.

“…having the air of this Earth healthy, functioning naturally and normally, easily….”

“…having the soils of this Earth where we grow our foods abundant, healthy and safe and secure at all times, functioning naturally and normally, easily….”

“…having the water on this Earth healthy and safe and secure at all times, functioning naturally and normally, easily….”

“…having the trees on this Earth safe and secure at all times….”

“…having the trees on this Earth abundant and healthy, functioning naturally and normally, easily….”

List Update Class, Saturday, May 12, 12-4 PM, Ashland Library

Perhaps you may want to put several of these helpful List wordings and more on your List at our next List Update Class on Saturday, May 12. We will be meeting at the Ashland Library, in the Guanojuato Room, from 12-4 PM. You are welcome to drop in at your convenience, and the fee is by donation.

I look forward to seeing you then! Happy Earth Day!

Lots of Love, Light & Laughter,

Marnie Hancock.

Sedona & Cruisin’ Into Spring With The List

Hello Everyone!

My husband and I just returned from our most recent vacation, to Sedona, Fort Lauderdale, and cruising in Mexico and the Eastern Caribbean.  What fun!  In Sedona, I enjoyed experiencing one of the Earth’s vortexes there for the first time.  Bell Rock vortex felt so positive and wonderful that it practically knocked me off my feet!  Many other happy trails were found, with Sedona now publishing very detailed vortex and hiking maps.  Now it’s back home to beautiful Ashland, and I must say, I am very happy to be back.  While Sedona was wonderful, cruising these days was not the same as it was 31 years ago, when my husband and I went on our first honeymoon.  This vacation was a little more, “prickly pear,” just like these beautiful heart-shaped but spiny cacti we found on our hikes in Sedona.

After a week in Sedona, we flew to Fort Lauderdale, where we boarded two separate cruise ships, one week after another.  Just before we arrived in Jamaica, however, we were told that the US had just recently issued a travel advisory warning for Jamaica, saying that it was no longer safe for tourists.  Once we got home, too, we heard of a similar warning for certain parts of Mexico, places where we had just been.   These were sobering moments.

Security was also very high on and off the ship, something we hadn’t experience in the past.  The level of desperation and poverty that we saw in several places too was quite saddening.  And on the cruise ship, we learned that that many cruise ships are now registered to third world countries.  As such, they don’t have to abide by Western labor and health laws.  Essentially, the employees on these ship were mostly from third world countries, often working seven days a week, 10-12 hours a day, and for many months at a time.  –We did our best to tip well throughout our vacation.

Personally though we were safe and lucky, and I credit much of this to both common sense and having a List.  In Jamaica, despite the travel advisory, we asked a crew member where his favorite place to go was, and he said “The Bamboo Beach Club.”  There, we experienced Reggae music, friendly locals, great dancing, swimming in warm waters, and free Jamaican rum!

The Island of Grand Cayman was also particularly wonderful, as we swam at “Sea Ray City.” Boats form in a circle and sea rays come in to be fed.  We all go a chance to feed the rays ourselves, and we also snorkeled close by and saw a moray eel and many beautiful tropical fish.

But while we had a lovely time, the educational experiences I had made me so glad to be back in the beautiful Rogue Valley, and to have my feet planted firmly on this beautiful and prosperous ground.

The List and Mind Frames at OLLI, April & May

Now the Spring term begins at OLLI at SOU, and I am preparing to teach a List Class there Wednesdays, 1-3 pm, April 4-May 2.  I am also teaching a Mind Frames Class Wednesdays, 1-3 pm, May 9-May 30.  Membership is required to take the classes, for the cost of approximately $125.00, and membership has lots of benefits.  You would be able to attend these and many other evening courses throughout the year.  Please call OLLI at 541-552-6048 if you are interested in attending either class.

List Update Class

Our next List Update Class will be on Saturday, May 12, 12:30-3:3:30 pm., in the Guanajuato Room at The Ashland Library.  (Please just drop in: by donation.)

September Classes 2018

I will also be teaching classes in the fall, after an evening talk at the Ashland Co-Op.  The talk is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 24, from 6-8 pm (class dates, TBA), and the talk is about The List and Your Health.

Mercury Retrograde Soon

FYI, our next Mercury Retrograde begins this Thursday, March 22, and it lasts until April 15.  Know that communications can sometimes be a bit mixed up during these times, be careful in traffic, and check your details twice.

I wish you all a happy, prosperous Spring, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Marnie Hancock.

Vacations, OLLI & List Update Class, Nov. 19, 12-4, Ashland

Hello Everyone.

This fall has been a wonderful one, despite the uncertainty in the outside world.  I hope it has been wonderful for you too.

I have especially enjoyed teaching the List at Southern Oregon University’s OLLI program, and I have enjoyed meeting a number of new and wonderful people.  The class has spanned over 7 weeks, with everyone completing their Lists last week.  It was a delight hearing some of the successes that their Lists had already brought to them.  Like this arch at Bryce Canyon, these students will now be entering a whole new world, filled with whatever adventures they decide to put on their Lists.

This fall we flew down to Las Vegas to visit friends, and then we traveled to both Zion and Bryce National Parks.  They were very beautiful.  Bryce Canyon was particularly unique, with all of the different land formations, from erosion over time.  Here is the List wording I used for this vacation, and it worked very well:

“…having the best possible vacation to, from and in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in and around Bryce and Zion National parks, in Utah, from approximately September 3, 2017, to approximately September 7, 2017, fulfilling the mutual wants, needs and desires of _______” (my husband’s name), “and myself, experiencing the best possible weather conditions for us, easily, enjoyably and comfortably….”

These next two weeks at OLLI students will be learning the Good/Bad Technique, the Trauma Release Visualization, and Jann and Joe’s NLP theory.  Relatedly, with learning the Good/Bad Technique, these new List students will also be able to see the various limiting beliefs that are keeping them from achieving their goals.  Like the monoliths of Bryce Canyon, these limiting beliefs can create barriers to success.

Please consider arranging a Skype video call, if you would like me to help you with a Good/Bad Technique that you would like to complete, on an area in your life that may not be flowing very well.

If you are in the area, our next List Update Class, where you can review your List or complete a Good/Bad Technique, will be on Sunday, November 19th, from 12 to 4 pm, in the Guanajuato Room at the Ashland Library.  Attendance is by donation.

The List and its basic technique, as well as the Good/Bad, gives a person the tools to go deeply and positively into their subconscious mind, remove their limiting beliefs in various areas, and then allowing them to achieve  most anything they desire: such as hiking down deep into Bryce Canyon, despite its steepness!

We are home now, and I think what has also made this autumn so wonderful was all the adventures my husband and I can participate in, as well as the wonderful friends we both have.  We love the outdoors, and the beauty that Nature provides.  We feel so blessed.  Relatedly, here are two List wordings that I believe have really added to our lives.  (I know, you’ve likely seen some of them before, but it’s good to review them.)

“…enjoying experiencing the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory delights of nature….”

“…having an abundance of the best possible friends for me, sharing fun, laughter, enjoyment, common experiences and interesting conversations, fulfilling my wants, needs and desires, easily and enjoyably….”

Going back briefly to the outside world, I recently received a request for help from Grandmother Flordemayo, the Mayan Grandmother from the Grandmother’s Council.  This request came to my email account, and so it wasn’t possible to put that link into this article.  Here is a link to her Facebook page, however, and if you scroll down a bit to her post of Oct. 14, you can see her request for donations.  It would be sad if this temple needed to close.  Please help out with her heirloom seed temple and share with “interested others” if you feel so moved.


Thank you.  See you on Nov. 19th!

Lots of Love & Light,

Marnie Hancock.


Summer 2017 List News: Retro Events, Wordings & OLLI List Class

Mercury Retrograde & Intro.

Hello!  This summer has been full of new energies, surprises, much beauty, and at the same time an interesting look into the past.  A Mercury Retrograde began on Saturday August 12, and the Solar Eclipse occurred on August 21.  Mercury Retrogrades often bring about a review of the past, and I read recently that the Solar Eclipse crossing through the middle of the US is reflective of a review of the past civil war in America.  But Mercury Retrogrades are also about getting extremes in new information about past events.  This Retrograde ends on Tuesday, September 5, and hopefully the new insights gained about race relations in the US can lead to more informed implementation where needed.   At the end of this email, I have reprinted some helpful List wordings for Race Relations, Humanity, and also Nuclear Energy.

Summer Beaches

Personally this summer started out wonderfully, with the discovery of a new swimming hole up in the local mountains.  The first pictures is from that beach.  Many fun days have been spent there, with a healthy, 20 minute walk in, and then a gradual, sweet entry into the water on smooth, flat lava stone.  This was very reminiscent of swimming on my favorite beach in Naramata, on the Okanagan Lake where I grew up.  This lake, named Howard Prairie Lake, is mostly clear and warmed by the sun, barely populated, and with only rare visits by pelicans, eagles, families of deer and the occasional bumble bee!  (I just love this picture of this bee, and I had to put him in!)

Bee PCP Trail 2017 ResizedSmoke and fires have started up now, though, and while I am reminiscent of how smudging smokes from fires are protective, I look forward to clear skies and breathing clean air again.

World Events

Certainly world events have become a concern, too, and I have felt this quite strongly.  Yes, I admit, I have made sure I have a good supply of Potassium Iodide on hand.  I remember buying a supply of this product when Fukushima happened, and when I relocated this supply, I also found instructions about how you can take up to 130 mgs a day, to protect the thyroid from radiation.  I have found out too that more can be purchased locally at health food stores and Army and Navy supply stores.  Sigh.  We don’t like to think about these things, but I think it is wise to be prepared.  Other helpful tips can be found in this previous post about Fukushima, and here is the link to it.


Solar Eclipse

On a lighter note, the solar eclipse here in Oregon was a wonderful event.  Having procured the appropriate glasses, my husband and I enjoyed the beautiful eclipse from high up on Mount Ashland, with other happy revelers, and then we shared a wonderful lunch at Callahan’s Restaurant close by.  From what I have been reading from Astrologers, this event is significant in terms of new learning.  While I haven’t quite figured it all out, I was pleased to note how everyone felt a sense of awe and appreciation at nature’s beauty.  I hope and dream that this sense of awe and appreciation will continue, towards all aspects of nature, and also towards each other.

Solar Eclipse 2017 M & J

An Upcoming List Class, Sept. 12-Oct. 24 at OLLI at SOU

For my part, in terms of beautifying the world, I continue to offer The List or Reality Dynamics Class, in the hopes that people can improve their lives and the world around them.  This fall I am offering a List Class at Southern Oregon University’s OLLI program.  OLLI stands for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which I believe is similar to a Continuing Education Program often held at Colleges and Universities.  If you live in the Ashland area and you know someone who would be interested in attending, please call OLLI at 541-552-6048 to register.  They would need to become a member, for a fee of $125.00, which entitles you to take many other interesting OLLI courses throughout the year.  I am selling the List book separately, for $40, and purchase of the book is optional.  While most members are 55 years of age and older, younger people can become members and attend classes.  This class begins Sept. 12 and runs to Oct. 24.  The days and hours are seven Tuesdays from 11:00 to 12:30.  Also, if your area has Continuing Education Programs at local Colleges and Universities, and you are interested in seeing the List taught there, please contact me.

Helpful List Wordings

Searching through previous posts, I found wordings that fit race relations and humanity’s “oneness” and commonality.  I also created a new wording about nuclear energy.  Here they are below.

“…having the best possible resolution to race relations in the United States of America, easily and comfortably….”

“…having humanity have the best possible common values, easily….”

“…having humanity know and share their best possible common values, easily….”

“…having human beings love and accept each other, on any level, easily….”

“…having humanity function from its highest consciousness, functioning with truth, wisdom and knowledge, on any level, easily….”

“…having any of the nuclear energy on the Earth safe and secure at all times for any living beings on the Earth and the Earth itself, functioning in the best possible form and manner, to the mutual benefit of all, easily….”

My best to you all, and I hope to see and hear from you very soon. I hope you enjoy the beauty of these wild flowers, now in bloom along the Pacific Crest Trail up at Mt. Ashland.

Wild Flowers Mt Ashland 2017Lots of Love, Light and Laughter,

Marnie Hancock

Sat. June 3, 1-5, List Update Class, Ashland; & Birds & Decision Making!

Hello everyone.  On Sat. June 3, from 1-5, you are invited to bring your List for some valuable personal  time to update your List.  We will be in the Guanajuato Room downstairs at the Ashland Library.  The fee is by donation, and we look forward to seeing you!

When I sat down to write this article, I began writing about decision making, as friend had recently asked me about how to use their Lists in that way.  So, the second half this post is about decision making with your List. What happened next, however, was very interesting.

For the Birds!

Driving along Highway 66, suddenly a blue jay landed in front of my car, and there was just no way to avoid it: “Thunk,” and the blue jay was gone.  Two days later, the same thing happened with a sparrow.  –Not to mention a beautiful peacock that arrived on our doorstep, “out of the blue,” about four weeks ago, and sandpipers arrived in our yard just yesterday, when we usually only see them on the Coast.  The reason for all these events is still unclear to me; however, when such “coincidences” happen, especially 3 times or more, you don’t need to know the exact reasons why, you just need to act.  So, here is a new List wording that I am adding to my List.

“…having birds safe and secure at all times….”

In asking why this might be happening, a good friend told me that often birds are very good environmental indicators.  Perhaps this is the case.  Below is a link to an article explaining this situation.  Below that is a link to relevant environmental wordings that I have shared previously on my website.



IMG_2644 McCaw Resized

These images of birds are actually from our trip to Hawaii, and the Hilo’s Panaewa Zoo, the only Rain Forest Zoo in the US: a wonderful place to visit!


And Now, Helpful Hints about Decision Making

IMG_2640 Toucan Resized

One of the great things about the List is that you can use it to help you make decisions, large and small.  I thought I’d take some time to review how this works with the List, and perhaps you can use some of these wordings and techniques during our List Update Class or on your own.

The time-honoured wording to help with decision making is the following:

“…making the best possible decisions and actions for me….”

Call me a grammar stickler, but over the years, I have personally changed this wording to two separate wordings, shown below:

“…making the best possible decision for me….”

“…taking the best possible actions for me….”

(Grammatically speaking, the verb “making” doesn’t work properly with verb and object “taking actions.”)

Also, while we sometimes combine concepts in a List statement, the List works best when wordings are kept simple, containing only one main idea, and when wordings are clear and concise so that even a young child can understand them.

Another way to use the List to help make decision, besides having the general statements above, is to address your situations specifically.

First of all, you can address the situation a bit more specifically than above, but also generally.  For example, say you want to move.  You know you want a new place to live, and you have several options.

First of all, you should have the statement on your List,

“…living in the best possible location for me….”

Next, if you need to sell your home before you move, you would want to add this statement:

“…knowing that I sell my home at ___________(address) for the highest best possible price for me….”  (This wording has been very successful for List Alumni.)


“…owning the best possible home for me, for the lowest, best possible price for me, fulfilling my wants, needs and desires….”

Then, as you begin your search, when trying to decide between two specific items, you can put both items on your List, and then see which flows more easily into your life.

For example,

 “I am owning the property at _______________(address 1)….”  And,

“I am owning the property at _______________(address 2)….”


Once these two statements are on your List, watch what comes in to you.  If people are talking with you or approaching you about one alternative over the other, this is most likely the best direction for you: this, especially if it happens more than once, and ideally three times.  (This three time factor is also the reason why I felt moved to add wordings to my List about bird safety.)

You may also need to take actions towards these decisions.  Most likely, one will flow, and one will not.

Lastly, trust your feelings.  If the direction you are going in is uncomfortable, it is very likely not be the one for you.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on the 3rd of June!  Remember, too, to refer your friends to our next List Class, being held on Nov. 4th and 5th.

Yours gratefully,

Marnie Hancock

IMG_2504 Yellow Birds Resized

Hawaii, Inauguration, Women’s March & 2017 “Retros” & Classes

Hawaii, Inauguration, Women’s March & 2017 “Retros” & Classes

Aloha everyone!  Much has happened since I last wrote.  An inauguration, a women’s march on Washington, and on a personal level, an unexpected trip to Upstate New York to visit family, and a long-planned trip to Hawaii.

All these are my excuses for not being in touch for so long!  Too, I have not had time for that New Year’s List Overhaul, which I usually do and write about in January.  I have just had time to add List wordings as new situations  occur.  These though have most definitely helped to make my  travels to take place more  enjoyably!

“…having the best possible vacation to, from and in_____….”


We are just back from the big Island of Hawaii!  I have long had the intuition to go there, but I have not really known exactly why.  (That is a part of the discovery process with intuitions!)  On faith, though, my husband and I followed through.  Not long after arriving,  the answers became increasingly clear.

First of all, the peace and relaxation you feel there is incredible: the winds feel as warm and welcoming as the sunshine and the water.  The ground seems to rise up to meet you, alive with the buzz of positive and loving energy.

Too, it seems that in Hawaii, all types of new thought spirituality (or is it so new?) flourishes.  On the first day of being here, a friend and long-time “Listian,” invited Jack and I to an interesting talk about Shamanism, at a local New Thought Center: http://www.newthoughtcenterofhawaii.com/ .  That afternoon, I attended my first fun and enjoyable drumming circle, led by Stephanie and Matt, who you can read about on their website, at  http://www.earthrhythmshealing.com/ .  Too, the drumming circle was held at the interesting Dragonfly Ranch B&B, a retreat center on the beautiful Hawaiian coast.  Check it out at  http://www.dragonflyranch.com/ .

Drumming 2 Resized

Later that week, we attended another drumming event at one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen.  Elizabeth Theriault, at http://www.blessingways.net/ , held her 12th anniversary drumming event at the beautiful “pyramid house,” with open space roofs, water features in the floor, and sunset views over the ocean. Both drumming events touched on subjects of interest to me.  Stephanie talked about how drumming integrates both left and right brain, and how it can heal in this way, eventually taking you to a high theta and right brain state (List Teachings.)  Elizabeth talked about how drumming can help you get in touch with your ancestors, on a meditative level, and she led and shared the drumming circle in this direction (Teachings from our Theta Mastery Visualizations 1, 2 & 3 Classes.)

As I participated in and marveled  at all these  activities here, I began to realize that there may be a powerful place here for the List and further Timmreck Theta Mastery Seminars.  Especially, The List would provide a safety and protection of these wonderful and generous Right Brain people.  So, I then went so far as to research different retreat centers there, of which there are many.

Hawaii, Mt. Shasta & Lemuria

In this exploration, I found this really interesting website that draws a connection between Hawaii, Mount Shasta, and the positive energy in both places, and also the lost city of Lemuria.  These are all places that I have been interested in and drawn to in the past.  Mt. Shasta is just South of Ashland, and Jack and I visit there often.  Here is the website: http://www.sacredvoyages.com/about-us/  I hope you enjoy looking through it.

Election List Wordings

Experiencing Hawaii is a far cry from the inauguration of Donald Trump.  On inauguration day,  I took my own advice, and I finally put on my List these two new wordings.  I wrote that Donald John Trump was, “functioning to the mutual benefit of all,” and I added that his wife, Melania Trump, was doing the same.

Woman’s March in Ashland

The next day, I attended the Woman’s March in Ashland, and that was a real treat.  It turned out the march had a much broader agenda than solely women’s issues, as shown in the photo below.  I include here one of my favorites.  It was so Ashland!  Ashland people are so participatory in Human Rights and Spiritual activities.

Activation Earth Sign Web

This brings up a whole other subject; Mind Frames: in particular, how much Donald Trump reminds me of the Left External Mind Frame.  In November last year, my planned List Class morphed into a Mind Frames Class, which was fun and enjoyable.  These reminders came from teaching that class.

Mind Frames: Donald Trump as Left External

Many of you will remember how Jann Timmreck used to talk about Donald Trump as a classic Left External personality type.  For those of you who never met Jann, or who have not yet taken that class, here is a brief overview of the Left External Mind Frame.

Typically a Left External is very wealthy, in the extreme.  They will win big and loose big; and when they lose big they don’t really care, because they always know they can use their skills to win big again.  They say what they think, and they don’t really care what others think.  They have very thick skins.  They are strong authorities, but they need other people to get things done for them.  Typically, Left Externals are very good at setting a structure and maintaining it.  Jann used to say, “You don’t always like them, but you need them!”  They also like beautiful, youthful women as wives, who are good mothers to their children.  Sound like someone we know?

This is a description of a “flowing” Left External personality type.  On the negative side, Left external “stuck” personality types will likely have no money.  They will push their own agenda, to the point where they may even cause wars.  I think this last part is likely the concern many people have about Donald Trump.  But, he does have money: so, let’s hope he is a flowing Left External!

Too, let us hope that the and that the waves of change that Donald Trump brings are ultimately to the mutual benefit of all, and in healthy and positive ways!  (This picture is from East Pahoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii.)

Hawaii Waves Resized 2017: Mercury Retrogrades

2017 is now well upon us, and Spring is here.  We have already been through the tail end of one Mercury Retrograde (December 19, 2016 – January 8, 2017), and here are the dates for the next three: April 9 – May 3 (starting soon!), August 12 – September 5, and December 2 – 22.  During these times, communications can be disrupted, traffic can be slow, and try not to sign any contracts.  The positive aspect is  you can get all extremes of any situation, so talk, talk, talk!

2017: List Update Class & List Class

Our next List Update Class will be held on Saturday, June 3, at the Ashland Library, The Guanajuato Room, from 1-5 pm.  I hope you can join us then.  If you are not in the area, and you need any assistance with your List, please email me or give me a call. I  will  be teaching a List Class on Nov. 4th and 5th of this year.  If you are interested in private classes and consultations in any of our Theta Master Classes, visit https://therealitydynamicslist.com/theta-mastery-seminars/ and please be in touch.

Aloha all!  Yours gratefully, Marnie Hancock.


Peace, & As Above, So Below: Classes Nov. 12, 19 & 20

Peace, & As Above, So Below: Classes Nov. 12, 19 & 20

Hello Everyone:

November is here, and the List theme of this month is Peace: hard to believe, with the turmoil of the US Election, soon to be determined. What better theme than peace though, for before, during and after this election.

One popular saying is that peace always begins within, and that is what I would like to talk about in this article, titled, “As Above, So Below.”


To me, there is no better way to align oneself with higher consciousness than to complete and maintain one’s own List. A bit of review here, but this is because doing so removes limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind, which have been keeping us from fulfilling our own life plan.  Our life plan is stored in our higher consciousness, and our guides and angels have been trying to help us fulfill our life plan throughout our lifetime.  Contrary to popular belief, though, limiting beliefs in the subconscious can block the fulfillment of our life plan, and also block the special, beneficial work that our loved ones on the other side are trying to do for us.  The List removes those limiting beliefs, and creates a much clearer path for our guides and angels to help us fulfill our life plan.  Thus we experience the joy that results.  That is key here.  When we figure out what our life plan is and live it, we experience much more joy (and thus, more peace.)

 “Peaceful” List Wordings

An additional way to achieve even more peace in your life is to have very specific wordings on your List about that quality.  Here are classic List wording about inner peace from Jann Timmreck’s earlier years:

 “…experiencing inner peace, feeling physically relaxed and comfortable, knowing I function from my highest consciousness, for my benefit and the benefit of others, spontaneously and appropriately in any situation…”

“knowing that peace, harmony and positive, loving and beneficial energies are expressed by and through all living beings, for the mutual benefit of all….”

“…having awareness of universal truths, wisdom and knowledge, using this information with conscious awareness, spontaneously and appropriately, for myself and others….”

BTW, Need a Reading from Higher Consciousness?

Here is an enjoyable wording that I first used on my List, I believe, in 1986.

“…a master psychic using my talents and abilities wisely when I choose for my benefit and the benefit of others….”

Sound Peace Bookstore here in Ashland has a directory of local psychics, and they are doing short introductory videos for free.  Here is a link to my first video with them, unrehearsed as it is!


While we can connect to higher consciousness ourselves, aided by the fact that we have our Lists, listening to messages from higher consciousness can sometimes take practice.  I am so grateful for having learned many intuitive tools from Jann and Joe Timmreck, and I would be happy to share your own personalized insights from higher consciousness.  Give me a call!

Michael Meade, The Mosaic Foundation, & Your Own Personal Genius

Lastly, I would like to share an interesting insight and message from Michael Meade, who came to Ashland recently to speak at SOU, sponsored by The Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library.  He is a popular author and speaker, and he is the founder of the Mosaic Foundation out of Seattle.

His inspirational message was this.  There has always been conflict and change; whatever institution takes form will always have influences arise to take it apart.  He believes that it is our genius, however, that ultimately informs us and makes these institutions evolve into something better and new.  Such was his view of our current government and election situations.  He also said that we are all looking for our genius, and we really need to listen and figure out what we really want to do in this world.  He said that it is our unique genius and the insights we find from this that will inform and help us create our new society and paradigm.

For me this boiled down to connecting with higher consciousness and the insights and joys that lie within it for us, our life plan and as he termed it, and finding our own personal genius, or our own personal, “golden” gifts.


One of his main insights too, from his own personal genius so to speak, was that he saw that mentorship in our society needs to be brought back and promoted much, much more.  He feels that for example rather than marginalizing our elders, promoting their connection to our youth was really important, and he believed that their mentorship would lead to a much healthier and better functioning society today.  I have often had this thought too, about many of our institutions, and I believe he is correct.

Here are links to the full version of his talk and his books and foundation if you would like to check them out.



Mentorship & The List

Let us remember how important mentorship is, in its many forms, and help to share what we have learned with others.  For ourselves, as List Alumni, let’s bring our List and a friend to the Talent Library on Sat., Nov. 12, from 10-12, and lets share one of the things that we know creates a much better and more peaceful life and world, The List aka Reality Dynamics.  The List Class follows the next weekend, Sat. and Sun., Nov. 19 and 20, from 10-4 both days.  The Info. Talk and Update Class are free, and the fee for the List Class pre-registered is $150.00.


To Peace, The List, Mentorship and Higher Consciousness!

Cheers, & yours gratefully,

Marnie Hancock.

List Update Class This Fri., 10-3, Talent L., & Race Relations in America

List Update Class This Fri., 10-3, & Race Relations in America

My recent post talked about the List wording, “…the best possible resolution to________..,” any problem situation, but I didn’t tell you that this wording arose out of a discussion about race relations in America at our July List Update Class.  This turned out to be the most common social concern amongst List Alumni, so, a number of us added this wording to our Lists:

“…having the best possible resolution to race relations in the United States of America, easily and comfortably….”

Black Lives Matter In Ashland, Oregon

In this reminder email about this Friday, I thought I would talk more about race relations, specifically the, “Black Lives Matter” movement, and tell you about what has be happening relating to it here in Ashland, Oregon.  I find this such an interesting town to live in, because generally people here are quite liberal, positive, inclusive, intelligent and forward thinking.

Recently the town was abuzz though with a racist occurrence.  A beautiful young African American actress is in town, along with many other African American actors and actresses.  She is doing a great job of playing the Lion in “The Wiz.”  Recently, though, she was approached by a young man on a bike, telling her, “You know, the KKK is still alive and well here in Ashland.”  She was traumatized, as was the rest of Ashland once they heard about it.

The Rally On The Bricks

So, soon afterwards, a rally was held on “The Bricks,” just outside of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, in support of her and all black people, and many Ashland people attended (me included.)  Beside the stage, a “Black Lives Matter” poster went up, and on a close-by tree, red ribbons were tied, and a whole pad of chart paper was posted.

The rally went well, with the Chief of Police in attendance, and many representatives from Ashland’s many social groups.  (Many Soroptimists were there too!)

As it turned out, though, this young man really wasn’t representative of the Ashland community at all (or was he?)  It turned out, the police suspect, that he is a young homeless man, who lives in the Ashland area, and who is mentally ill.  –Sigh, just another of two social issues, that maybe we can talk about wordings for this Friday.

Poster Comments, Rally Response

IMG_2070 Black Lives Matter + Comments Resized

But what I really wanted to share with you was something related that I discovered just last night.  In the culturally inclusive tradition of Ashland, last night on The Bricks at the Green Show, Ashland’s Taiko Drummers gave a rousing half hour show.  It just so happened, though, that the friend we were to meet, sat right beside that tree with the “Black Lives Matter” poster beside it and attached chart.  They were still sitting there weeks later, and I got to read the many interesting and varied comments.

I know it’s politically incorrect to say this, but it was so interesting and enjoyable to read the comments.  Believe it or not, just the first page was written on: but the comments were so representative of Ashland’s great thinkers, as well as the discussion of the issues around the rest of the US, that I took the time to photograph and then write out some of the comments, for your reading pleasure.  (Some of the punctuation and several words have changed, for clarity, and I wasn’t able to include all of the pictures, because the print was too light.*)  Enjoy!

Yes, Yes, Black Lives Matter Equally.

You bet they do!

Police lives matter too!

Freedom rings through unbanned books.

Let Freedom Ring!  Let Equality Ring!

All Lives Matter—Protect The Unborn!

(And then below that:)  Not the issue here!

Palestine Justice Supporting Black Lives Matter.

Thank you.

Yes we are ALL Family.  When we hurt one, we hurt ALL!

Let the words of Malcolm X fuel our inclusive care for one another, and challenge the power structure.

High time all people in America end the horrible remains of discrimination and degradation against black people, brought to this country against their will, that slavery hath bequeathed to them.*  Too many continue the onslaught.  Capital follows cheap labor.  Let us begin anew and create a society with really equal opportunities for jobs, housing and sharing the wealth of capitalism through a social democratic means for a just and free world.

Black lives matter!  We focus on our family members who need the most protection, while acknowledging that everyone is valuable.

It is the – artists – writers, poets, actors, playwrights – those who create a world that will move us all forward in a better way to the oneness we all seek.

Black Lives Matter!

All Lives Matter!

Blue & Pink Lives Matter! 

(Women Matter)  But that’s another “matter.”

But there is an issue here.

Black Lives MATTER!!!

Thank you all.  I hope you found this as interesting as I did.

IMG_2084 BLM Unborn Comment Resized

List Update Class This Fri., 10-3, Talent Library, Welcome!

What will the topic of our next List Update Class be, this Fri., Aug. 26th?  –Well, likely a continuation of the same, also with lots of time to spend on our own Lists: time to focus on our own needs and “resolutions,” as well as to socialize and talk about what is happening in the world.

Please come and join us, from 10 am to 3 pm.  If you want to bring a drink, I’ve learned that closed containers are fine in the room.  We will break for lunch at 1 pm.   Apparently the Pizza Grotto is very good, with gluten free pizza and a salad bar.  Also, there is the Talent Café to choose from, or we could head out to the Downtowne Coffeehouse on Talent Avenue.  Please RSVP soon, however, as space truly is limited.  (Fee, by donation.)

Yours gratefully, Marnie Hancock @ marnie@therealitydynamicslist.com.

List Update Class Fri., Aug. 26, Talent OR: Problem Solving Tools

Hello Everyone:

Fri., Aug. 26 is fast approaching, and I needed to share that Aug. 12 changed to Aug. 26 for our next List Update Class.

Presently we are meeting from 10 am to 5 pm at the Talent Library Study Room.  Please contact me ASAP if you are able to attend, and when, as space is limited.  The fee is by donation.

Problem Solving, or having, “…the best possible resolution to…” any situation will be our topic of choice.

Just like the crags at Crater Lake, problems do arrise in our lives, and I am so grateful to have The List as my helpful problem solving tool.

Oftentimes I add that simple wording above, about a concern I have, and the worry and stress go away.  Suddenly I am more comfortable and confident that the situation will be resolved for my benefit and to the mutual benefit of all.

List wordings remove limiting beliefs that cause the stress and worry in the first place, and when I add the above statement to my List, suddenly I feel much more calm.

This simple wording can be applied to any type of problem, be it personal, interpersonal, local or global.

Other helpful and more specific List wordings can be applied to challenging situations, so come and join us on Aug. 26th to take the time to apply these helpful solution/resolution tools.

Yours gratefully,

Marnie Hancock