Founders and Teachers of The List

Jann Timmreck

Jann TimmreckJann Timmreck, often named “a teacher’s teacher,” was identified as having genius intelligence at an early age, and from the early 1970’s until 1994, she was in the forefront of developing and teaching The List.

In the early 1970’s, Jann Timmreck used the List techniques to overcome several life-threatening illnesses, and she went on to live a full and exciting life for the next 25 years.

Jann and her husband Joe Timmreck became known internationally for their leading edge humanistic theories and techniques, and they taught The List and other classes throughout the world-including Canada, the US, England, Switzerland and Germany. Jann and Joe Timmreck were especially well known and loved in their more long-term homes of Salt Lake City, Utah, Ashland, Oregon, and Point Roberts, Washington.

Jann Timmreck passed on from this Earth on June 1st, 1994, and she is often missed. Jann Timmreck was loved and revered by many, and her wisdom and legacy lives on in the wonderful information that she left behind.

Joe Timmreck

Joe TimmreckJoe Timmreck, Jan’s husband, was also pivotal to the development of The List Class.

Joe Timmreck earned his Bachelors degree in Computer Sciences and Business Administration from Weber State College in Utah, USA. Joe’s computer knowledge contributed greatly to the development of The List technology.

Known internationally for his unique ability to solve difficult problems, from his new home in Hawaii, Joe has continued to work in his field of study, as well as to consult privately and teach The List Class.

Marnie Hancock

Author, Trainer & Coach of The List

Marnie Hancock is a former public education teacher, and since 1986, she has been an alumnus of THE REALITY DYNAMICS LISTTM.

Marnie gratefully credits the many miracles, joys, and empowerment in her life to The List Class and Jann and Joe Timmreck.

After completing her first List 1986, Marnie studied privately with Jann and Joe, and she received her List Training Certification in 1997. The List information was so important to Marnie that she completed writing the full List book in the year 2000. Prior to 1994, only a 30-page outline of the List technique was in print.

Now, a complete List Manual of approximately 150 pages is in print, including The List Technique, Supplementary Techniques, The List Theory, and extensive List Testimonials. In 2001, Marnie left her 15 year Professional Teaching Career to teach and consult about The List technology. Marnie is available to speak about the List Class to any interested audience.

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