Learning The List

The Reality Dynamics ListTM is taught in three formats, and introductory talks are available on request. The three “List” formats are:

The List Book - Reality DynamicsThe List Manual

The List Manual is sold separately, and the manual can be ordered through this website. We encourage alumni to order a List Manual as a gift for a friend or a family member, especially if they are in a difficult situation. We also encourage Alumni to assist their family and friends with making their List, with the eventual goal in mind that they attend the full List Class.

One-On-One Instruction

The second format for learning The Reality Dynamics ListTM is through private, one-on-one instruction. The List Techniques and some List Theory and Supplemental Techniques are taught, and the List Manual is included. Again, the List Manual and two personalized, private two-hour instructional times are included, and some reading is required.

The Full List Class

The most beneficial and comprehensive format for learning The Reality Dynamics ListTM is through the full List Class, again requiring 10 hours of instruction (combining days &/or evenings, over a two week period.) This format includes the full List technique and List theory, the List book, as well as many other supplemental techniques. We highly recommend that all List Alumni eventually attend this full List Class, to obtain a more complete understanding exactly how the powerful List tool works. The List Class is always taught in a safe, fun and non-judgmental learning environment, and only by certified instructors. Plan a full List Class in your area, and your friends and family can attend for a significant discount!

Changing Your List Over Time

We strongly recommend that you keep your List current, and that you go through your List once every six months to a year. Marnie Hancock is available for List consultations at these times, or whenever assistance is needed. “List Reunions” are also held on an ongoing basis, and these are excellent times to review your List and to get new insights for List wordings. In this way you can constantly address any new situations in your now positive and safe, ever changing world.

Download a Printable List Brochure

If you’d like to share some List information with a friend, please download the List Brochure or just tell them about this site. Thanks!