Teaching The List to Others

List Class Instructor Certification and materials are provided by  The Reality Dynamics List in the United States. You can communicate with us through this site.

Level 1 List Class Instructor

We consider everyone who has their own List to be a Level 1 List Class Instructor. Many people are so enthusiastic about the List technology that they want to begin to teach it right away to friends and family. We heartily encourage people to teach the List to others, because we want everyone to experience the wonderful miracles of the List process.

The List is available in a comprehensive book, including many long-researched List wordings and instructions, List theory, and extra fun techniques and testimonials. We encourage alumni to purchase the List book for their associates ($40), or to have their associates purchase List books themselves ($60.) List books can be ordered through this website. We also encourage List Alumni to assist their friends in completing their Lists, for a mutually agreed upon exchange. We ask alumni to encourage their friends to eventually attend a full List Class.

In The List Class, the List techniques, theory, supplementary techniques and testimonials are presented in a very integrated manner, to give a full understanding of how the List technology works. In the seminar, students are shown in a very step-by-step manner what their limiting subconscious beliefs are, how these beliefs create their everyday life, and how to change them if they choose. Through self study, you just follow the instructions, and they work!

Level II List Class Instructor

Level II List Instructors are those List alumni who have begun to teach the List to others individually and then to small groups. We consider Level II List Instructors to be “Home Teachers,” who teach the List to individuals and then groups, up to a maximum of five students.

Outlines for small, shortened versions of the List Class are available through the corporation, and guidance can be arranged for a nominal fee. Level II List Instructors are also often assisting with organizing List classes and reunions in various locations around the world, and are in the process of attending core and additional Timmreck seminars. These Timmreck seminars are Mind Frames: Behavioral Communications; and Visualizations 1, 2 & 3.  Visualizations 3 requires the full List Class.

Level II List Instructors are often in training to be a Level III List Class Instructor.

Level III List Class Instructor

Level III List Instructors are instructors who teach the full List Class seminar. As mentioned above, Level III Instructors need to complete and understand all of the Timmreck seminars. We also require that they have attended a number of List Reunions and Advancement Seminars, and have completed at least six Good/Bad Techniques. They need to have had their own List for approximately a year, and they need to demonstrate an active understanding of how the List works in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Alumni interesting in becoming a Level III List Instructor should also meet the following ethical guidelines. First and foremost, they need to be compassionate and accepting of others and their individual beliefs systems, and have the ability to demonstrate this “non judgment” when interacting with others. They need to maintain this compassion regardless of other people’s life situation, “Mind Frame” (see below), race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color or creed. They need to understand that all beliefs are relative to one’s childhood, one’s learning, and one’s personality type (again, Mind Frame). They also need to uphold the tradition of teaching the List class in only a very positive, safe and non-judgmental way.

Additionally, List Teacher Training Applicants must also demonstrate time-honored loyalty to the Timmreck techniques, especially the List technology. They must have a deep understanding of the List’s uniqueness, even within the metaphysical community. Also, they need to be able to demonstrate that while personal responsibility for learning is politely encouraged, it is never forced, and information is provided only if asked for. The applicant must also fully understand and adhere to credo of functioning “to the mutual benefit of all,” and “in healthy and positive ways.”

Upon successful completion of the List Class Teacher Training, any List Teacher needs to sign a written agreement stating that they will only purchase their class materials through this site or the corporations named above, and that they will not alter the List information or teach or combine it with any other techniques without written permission, also from the corporations named above.

Lastly, List Teacher Training Applicants need to demonstrate a developing intuitive ability, which assists with learning to teach the List Class in a right brain manner, rather than a left brain one, which was always the ultimate goal of its founders, Jann and Joe Timmreck.


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