Theta Mastery Seminars

THETA MASTERY is the ability to powerfully receive information and create from all levels of consciousness, essentially integrating and mastering them, and resulting in a life filled with abundant miracles, joy and happiness.  The five unique and wonderful seminars that follow comprise the Theta Mastery Series of Seminars.

The first and foundational seminar in the Theta Master Series of Seminars is The List, AKA Reality Dynamics. The List, AKA Reality Dynamics is our most powerful and effective miracle creation tool.  Effectively, The List technique teaches you how to completely master your subconscious mind, assisting you to create your greatest dreams.

The second seminar in our Theta Master Series is titled Mind Frames:  Behavioral Communications.  The Mind Frames class teaches you how to master relationships and communications, and effectively your conscious mind.  Mind Frames:  Behavioral Communications has been taught at Colleges and International Conferences for innovation in Education.

The following three seminars, Theta Mastery Visualizations 1, 2 & 3teach you how to master your all levels of your higher conscious mind.  (Visualizations 2 & 3 Requirement: the full List AKA Reality Dynamics Seminar.)

Each one of these powerful seminars are unique, comprehensive and informative, assisting you to lead a life of personal power, fulfillment, self actualization, joy, happiness and miracles on a daily basis.

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