The List

Achieve Your Dreams With The List

Sometimes achieving your childhood dreams and wishes is challenging, and you lose track of them, limit them, or give them up completely to “grow up”. The List will help you rediscover your truest dreams and help you to manifest them in your life.
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The List Can Help You Find Happiness

It’s okay to want, and GET, when your wishes are created with The Reality Dynamics List. Your choices will happen easily, enjoyably and comfortably, and you’ll be amazed at how positively and quickly it all happens. The List changes lives, and you’ll love the results you’ll get.
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“Life after The List? Well, miracles have just become commonplace!”
– Maureen O’Hare


The List has been changing lives for almost four decades. Since 1975,  it’s been a proven tool for creating positive change in many lives.

Like Magic!

The List has been said by many to work “like magic”, but it’s not magic. It’s simply a powerful tool that puts your subconscious mind to work for YOU.

It’s So Simple

There’s nothing complicated to learn, just a series of simple practices that help you get clear on what you want. Then it arrives… You don’t even need to know why.

Use The List In Many Areas

Whether you want to improve relationships, finances, health, work, or just your happiness and that of those you love, The List works.

The List, aka The Reality Dynamics ListTM

The List is, simply put, the most accessible and powerful technique to actively create the life you truly desire.

For almost four decades, The List has transformed the lives of those who learn and practice its simple techniques. Also known as The Reality Dynamics ListTM, The List is a set of actions and practices that anyone can easily learn, which will create clarity and momentum towards your deepest desires.

What is The List?

You may ask, “Why The Reality Dynamics ‘List’?” There are many “lists” in our world: our shopping list, our “To Do” list, or even our goal setting list, for those of us who have been attending many of the recent personal development books, movies and seminars.

The Reality Dynamics ListTM, however, is the only, original, authentic and “true” “List Class,” taught and proven for almost 40 years as the only complete and fully effective technology for changing your reality.

The Genuine Reality Dynamics ListTM

Accept no substitutes! Taught and researched since 1975, to satisfied List Alumni all throughout Canada and the US, The List is a highly effective, wonderful, and powerful combination of theory and practice. Developed by the internationally renowned founders, Jann and Joe Timmreck, The Reality Dynamics ListTM is considered by Alumni to be simply “the best” of any personal development programs ever attended.

What Do You Really Want?

  • Do you want a new partner, easily fulfilling every desire?
  • Do you want much more joy?
  • And more happiness?
  • Or much more money, or material possessions?
  • Or more safety, for yourself and your loved ones?
  • Improved comfort and health?
  • A new career?
  • Your greatest dream?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, The Reality Dynamics ListTM is the list for you!

Check Out The List’s Testimonials

Testimonials from satisfied and long-term List Alumni are available on this site, and many more are included in the complete List Manual. As many of the thousands of List Alumni say, The List is the list “that works!,” for the complete fulfillment of your life.

More About The List

In addition to the many items written above, using your Reality Dynamics ListTM you can also:

  • Greatly reduce feelings of guilt and selfishness
  • Greatly reduce stress, worry and anxiety
  • NEVER be controlled by others ever again
  • Often eliminate judging of yourself and others
  • See, recognize and use your talents and abilities for your highest benefit
  • Increase your confidence
  • Become more organized
  • Lose weight
  • Even overcome an addiction

How The List Works

Essentially, The List Technique is a dynamic and fun program that teaches you in an easy and enjoyable manner exactly how you create your own reality.

The List Program includes many of the most effective psychological, scientific and reality creation techniques of the day. Included within The List are goal setting, visualization, and affirmation techniques, and much, much more.

Also, many of these tools have been well researched, refined, added too, and then improved. Next, they have been combined in the unique Listing Technique, which allows you to create your reality much more powerfully than ever before.

Many theories about human development and fulfillment have also been incorporated, such as information about psychoanalysis, handwriting analysis, and right and left brain theory.

Harness the Unused Power Of Your Mind

Most importantly, however, is the new and powerful information you will learn about the subconscious mind. The List Theory demonstrates to you exactly how the acquired beliefs in your subconscious affect many of the actions and reactions in your life. Then, incorporating this information, powerful Listing Techniques teach you how to effectively change any of those limiting beliefs, and into only positive, mutually beneficial and healthy realities for you!

Essentially, you will learn that the only reason that you do not have the things that you want is because of out-dated, incorrect, or limiting ideas, thoughts and especially, subconscious beliefs!

We create our own reality! That means we can recreate any part of it we choose!

Create Your Fulfilled Life

On the completion of The List Program, you will have your own unique REALITY DYNAMICS LISTTM, creating many immediate, healthy, positive and mutually beneficial changes. Additionally, your List is dynamic. As you change and you experience the beneficial changes that your List brings to you, you can easily add to or take items off or your List.

For many Alumni, the List has become a lifelong tool, to help them fulfill every aspect of their lives, and especially their greatest dreams.

Practical Tool For Change

Results from The Reality Dynamics ListTM have been so profound that often Alumni have referred to The List Class as a Class in Miracles. The Reality Dynamics ListTM Class, however, is completely non-denominational. No special training or beliefs are necessary for The List to begin effecting changes.

You do not even need to believe in the List process in order for it to work for you!

THE REALITY DYNAMICS LISTTM is easy, effective, powerful, and IT WORKS!

Make a List and change your life!

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